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Waverly Diner’s Corned Beef Hash w/ Eggs and Shredded Hash Browns

The other night I went a single event for people who are into morbid stuff like death and taxidermy. It was at Morbid Anatomy in Gowanus, Brooklyn. They have taxidermy classes, a library, bookstore and museum. I didn’t know what quite to expect. Most people seemed pretty normal. However when I said out loud and pointing to the stuffed squirrel, “Wow, that’s crazy how that doesn’t decay.” —it apparently triggered something in this older guy who got really weird and creepy on me. He was telling me all the things he could do to my body like stuffing it and preserving the skin …in detail. He wanted me sign a contract that will let him have my body once I die. He reminded me of the main evil Nazi guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I bought him a wine so he wouldn’t kill me. Then he proceeded to give me dating advice.

Anyway, afterwards, I tried to go the new Dinosaur BBQ that opened up down the street, but the kitchen was closed …even though the sign said “Kitchen Opens Late.” Then I went to the 24 hour diner on the corner and that was closed too. It was only 11pm.

I got on the slow train back into the city and ended up at Waverly Diner near the West 4th stop. I’ve been wanting to come here lately because I saw that they have shredded hash browns. You know how hard it is to find that in NYC? Everyone serves home fries. I don’t want home fries. I want hash browns. Not like McDonald’s or Burger King, but like Denny’s or Waffle House.

So I ordered Corned Beef Hash with Eggs, hash browns, toast and extra breakfast sausage ($14.90 total). It’s funny that on the menu, it took me a while to figure out why one Corned Beef Hash with Eggs cost more than the other. It looks like it’s listed twice but with different price. But actually, one has two eggs and the other has one.

It was perfect. Just like I wanted it. Corned Beef Hash that probably came from a can. Hash Browns that were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. Buttery Toast. Plump Breakfast Sausage. Just what I needed at the time …breakfast in the middle of the night. It made me appreciate my life.

Waverly Diner – 385 Sixth Ave (between Waverly and W 8th St) New York, NY 10014


All You Can Eat Crabs at Fish Restaurant

Oh man, this is a good NYC deal –All You Can Eat Steamed Maryland-style Blue Crabs for $21.95 in the West Village. That’s everyday 12-4pm. Dang, that’s a prime time lunch deal, even on weekends.

I came by myself and thought they were going to start me off with a couple of crabs and see how I do, but no… They brought me a whole tray load and dumped them on me. It took up almost the whole table. I think there were around 11-12 crabs. Dang.

They were decent size and good lumps of meat in there. I worked on them slowly and methodically, getting better disassembling each crab as I went along. My back was hurting by the end. Got stuffed and left five crabs on the table.

I like this deal. I gotta bring Rusty there. $2.50 draft PBR and $4 Stella. That’s cheap, especially for the location. I’ll remember to put on the bib next time.

Fish Restaurant – 280 Bleecker St (btwn Jones & Commerce St) New York, NY 10014

Afterwards, I watched some guys play b-ball in the Cage at the West Fourth Street Courts. Thirty percent of the time, they were just arguing. I thought someone was going to pull out a gun a couple times.

The Spotted Pig

My sister took me to The Spotted Pig. My first time. Was thinking about getting the Burger, but I kinda don’t like shoestring fries. We got a bunch of other shit though –Bacon-wrapped Dates, Deviled Eggs, Chicken Liver Toast, Sheep’s Milk Ricotta Gnudi, and the special –Milk Braised Pork Shoulder, which was too salty …but the small plates/appetizers ruled. The Chicken Liver Toast is the best dang thing. Ended it with the Banoffee Pie (Banana/Coffee). Too much food.

Next time, Chicken Liver Toast party …or maybe trying the burger.

The Spotted Pig – 314 W 11th St (between Hudson & Greenwich) New York, NY 10014