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I was really craving Roti Canai so I went to Laut near Union Square for lunch. Started off with the Roti Canai and a King Fisher beer ($7 each). The beer was kind of nasty. I guess that’s not the restaurants fault. But the Roti Canai wasn’t that good either. It looked cool because it was so big, but it wasn’t flaky or buttery and the curry sauce was just alright. No chunk of chicken in there.

I switched to a Singha beer and bowl of Curry Laska ($12). Big bowl and filling. I always like coconut milk based curry broths. Delicious.

The bill was interesting. I appreciate when they tell me how much I should tip, because I don’t want to do the math. But the numbers were different on the bill and when I got my credit card receipt to sign and add the tip to. I’m assuming one is including tip on the tax and the other not. Anyway, it feels sneaky even if you normally do tip on tax.

10 Laut bill and receipt

I overheard a lot customers having Groupon deals for this place. Which makes more sense. I spent $45 on lunch. I should have had a Groupon.

They gave me some ginger candy at the end. And then I was off to my dentist appointment –a little drunk and just had eaten candy. They told me I needed a root canal. I don’t think it was related to the Roti Canai.

Laut – 15 E 17th St (btwn 5th Ave & Union Square/Broadway) New York, NY 10003


Mexico Blvd Food Truck

Here’s a new food truck that stopped by near Union Square when I was walking around looking for leather gloves. I know it’s unusually warm this time of year, but why is it always hard to find winter stuff in the winter? Everyone is selling Spring stuff now.

Anyway, this monster of a truck was pretty cool and dynamic looking …kinda like a big mechanical bull.

I ordered the Pork Pastor Tortas Sandwich (Pork Tenderloin marinated in their three chiles sauce). It was a nice clean looking and clean tasting sandwich, much to do with the bread and the nicer cut of tenderloin. A non-greasy sandwich that would probably do well with the general office crowd. However, it still had that zing with their authentic style red sauce, which got all over my face and fingers and coat and jeans. That’s a good thing.

It was a decent sandwich that could probably use some stringy white Oaxaca cheese, but did get good when I bit on the jalapeno.

Mexico Blvd Food Truck –


The Cottage – Free Unlimited Wine

I was thinking of chugging a Four Loco before seeing The Social Network, but instead Yasmin and I went to The Cottage for bad Chinese food and free unlimited cheap wine. The food actually ain’t that bad. The restaurant just looks fancy for what the food is. The House Duck dish ($11.25) was okay. The Singapore (Mei Fun) Rice Noodles ($6.95) was fine after some spicy chili sauce. The free wine can get you buzzed.

This the second time I’ve been here. I’m thinking it’s best to stick to a Chinese noodle. Affordable sit-down restaurant near Union Square with unlimited free wine was much wiser than chugging a Four Loco.

The Cottage – 33 Irving Pl (@ 16th St) New York 10003

Rainbow Falafel Sandwich

It was one of those days when I couldn’t decide what to eat. Walked around for an hour. Then I couldn’t believe it. No line when I walked by Rainbow Falafel –1:20pm this sunny Thursday. So I walked right up. Falafel sandwiches are up to $4.50 these days. 8-O It’s been a while since I had one of these. Not very bold in flavor, but great texture. A few people started to line up behind me, but still …only a few.

Rainbow Cafe Falafel – 26 E 17th St (btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10003

Dogmatic – Fancy Hot Dogs and Sausages

I walked around during my lunch all over the place trying to find a Derek Smalls type mustache for the Spinal Tap Sing-a-long I’m hosting in a couple weeks. It was tough. I almost bought an Abe Lincoln beard thinking I could wear it upside down. Instead, I settled on a baby Derek Smalls stache for $20. Better than nothing I suppose. (foreshadowing the next post)

I then passed by Dogmatic, the place with the fancy looking sausage/hot dogs that my friends Liz and Allison told me about a long time ago. It’s in the same place where they used to have another expensive hot dog place, but not as fancy looking as it is now. The baguette style bread is toasted on metal spikes and the sausage inserted into the baguette tube. You get a choice of sausage or asparagus and a sauce like chimichurri, cheddar jalepeno, and sun dried tomato feta. I got the pork sausage with truffle gruyere sauce, a side of mac n cheese and their coconut homemade soda (around $10). Creamy overload there.

The mac n cheese is amazing. It was oozing with creamy bubbling cheese when I pierced it with my fork. The best texture of mac n cheese to memory. A bit more salt on it would have made it rule.

One of the employees was super nice and enthusiastic about her job. She should be on a McDonald’s commercial selling Egg McMuffins. She sure can sell sausages.

Dogmatic Gourmet Sausage System – 120 MacDougal Street, NY NY 10012

Irving Mill’s Burger and Salt & Pepper Ribs

Maybe after you have your free waffle on National Waffle Day for lunch, you can have dinner after work at Irving Mill for their Monday burger and beer $15 special. Ddrek’s suggestion last week. We started off with chicken liver mousse and their happy hour special of $1 salt & pepper pork ribs. These braised & fried ribs are the most tender I’ve ever had. The meat falling off the bone. Sam noticed it was so tender, you can even eat the bone. Well that was by accident, but you get some marrow out of it. The burger was super juicy and worked well with the potato roll. One of my top NY burgers now. I felt like a glutton afterward, but would definitely go back for those happy hour ribs. Might be the best ribs I’ve ever eaten. Sorry Fat Matt’s ATL.

Irving Mill (CLOSED) – 116 E 16th St (btw Union Sq E & Irving Pl) New York 10003
01 Chicken Liver Mousse at Irving Mill02 Salt & Pepper Pork Ribs at Irving Mill03 Irving Mill Burger

To the Republic

After a meet-up at the Limerick for St. Patties, off to Republic to fill our bellies with food. The Salmon coconut milk noodle soup is one of my fav broths. Shake them coconuts.

Republic – 37 Union Sq W (btw 16th & 17th St) New York 10003