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Coffee Jelly

Grabbed these Coffee Jelly packs from Jasmart Japanese grocery. When you peel the lid off, it squirts you with juice on the top. I asked my roommate Bonnie how she was able to peel it off without getting any juice on her. She said she didn’t. It did get all over her. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell her. The juice is what makes it taste like coffee. The gelatin is bland. It comes with a little cup of cream, which puts it over the edge. I could only eat two bites. I don’t know how to describe it other than eating bland jello with sweet coffee flavored juice and strong instant coffee creamer.


Chocolate Dipped Homemade Marshmallows

Susy made these delicious homemade chocolate dipped marshmallows for Anthony’s birthday stache bash. I didn’t even know you could make marshmallows at home. Now I know. Much better texture, springy-ness and elastic stickiness than the supermarket kind. Here’s a recipe from Alton Brown.

Every Burger Chocolate Biscuits

Got these tiny cheeseburger-shaped chocolate biscuit/cookies at Jasmart. Taste like sesame cookies with chocolate …duh. But what if it did taste like a cheeseburger?

Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan Treats

Sam Shady got me some birthday treats from the fancy Manhattan Japanese treat store, Minamoto Kitchoan. I’ve been there a couple of times and it’s like going to a fancy jewelry store. One time I felt like I was being carefully monitored as if I was going to steal something. Maybe I looked hungry.

Sam gave me a Hakuto Jelly (Peach) that came in a pretty container. It tasted like a juicy peach-flavored canned-pear. It was the firmness of the jelly that reminded me of the canned-pear. Not so much candy sweet like I expected, but it was canned-fruit syrupy sweet.

I also got to try the Green Tea White Chocolate Mochi. Sam shared these around the office and wondered if the people that liked them tended to have an Asian taste for things. Perhaps. Maybe it’s also an adult flavor too. I don’t think I would like these as much if I was five-years old chinolam that was growing up on Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs and Skittles.

Thanks Sam for the birthday treats.

Kamakura Minamoto Kitchoan – 608 5th Ave (btw 48th & 49th St) New York, NY 10020

Famous Sichuan / Quickly / Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

A Yoshie/Ramen & Friends get-together at Famous Sichuan, the place across the street from the people waiting outside to get into Joe’s Shanghai. We did it up family style. I got to eat the tail from the Camphor Tea Smoked Duck. It was fatty and delicious. Melted in my mouth. Duck Tails – A Whoo Hoo!

Later in the meal, I saw one of the girls wearing the very mustache I was looking for all day. “Hey, that’s the mustache I was looking today!” “Why were you looking for a mustache?’ “For a Spinal Tap Sing-along I’m hosting. Why do you have that mustache?” “I’m going to a mustache fundraiser party.” She gave me the mustache. Bless her heart. Four people have asked me if I used the Secret to get this mustache. I can’t really say …it’s a secret.

I was planning on going to the mustache party that Matt was also going to. But somehow we all got lost in the shuffle, when Rob and I snuck off across the street to Quickly for a bag of Fried Squid Balls. They were spicy, spongy, delicious snacks.

We met back up with the rest of the crew that were still around and headed off for dessert at Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. I wanted to try Durian flavored ice cream, just like at the time I was in Sunset Park at No.1 Ice Cream. But like them, they didn’t have any. I wonder if they run out or they just don’t make too much of it. Adam says Durian smells like garbage, but it’s good because of the texture. I ended up with Zen Butter (toasted sesame seeds with peanut butter) and it was heavenly. I did get a taste of what Durian might be like as we walked past a garbage truck on our way to the subway station.

Famous Sichuan – 10 Pell St (btw Bowery & Doyers St) New York, NY 10013
Quickly – 11 Pell St. (btw Bowery & Doyers St) New York, NY 10013
Chinatown Ice Cream Factory – 65 Bayard St (btw Elizabeth & Mott St) New York, NY 10013
Ramen and Friends cross post review

No.1 Ice Cream / H858 Corp Handpulled Noodles

On a whim, I headed out with Jimmy to Sunset Park to go karaoke with his friends. We stopped over at No.1 Ice Cream because I liked the name. We chatted up the ice cream chef. Turns out she makes the ice cream there herself and some of the recipes she’s still tweaking. It’s cool to see real homemade ice cream and it’s real cool to eat. bhwahawaappa! I liked the Taro ice cream the best after a few different tastings. I can’t really explain what it taste like. I guess like Taro, but it’s better than it sounds.

Then over to H858 Corp for Handpulled Noodle takeout. This place opens till midnight and looks like it attracts the youthful crowd around that time. I got the Pork Bone Handpulled noodle soup, which probably doesn’t execute so well for take out. The noodles took on the form of the styrofoam container. The pork bones didn’t have too much meat on them, but Cathy’s dog sure enjoyed it. Jimmy got some kind of ground meat with noodles from a picture he pointed at on the menu. That was pretty good. I liked the fried dumplings the best. Delicious. Got a little soggy from the to-go container though. All-in-all, probably better to have this food to-stay at the restaurant.

One of the friends had brought over a few chicken tacos from the a taco cart a few blocks away. Those were really tasty. The chicken was super salty, but it makes for good late night drunk snack.

Then we went to 100 Fun – super high-tech Neon lit Asian karaoke bar. It was like Tron meets Don Johnson meets Sammo Hung meets Wham! We got a private room while the crowded bar area was singing Asian songs. The system had a lot of old and really new songs (with corresponding official music videos). You can turn the real vocals off and on. Pretty impressive. I must’ve been there for a few hours and tried to leave what I thought was appropriate, but they were trying to say my cut would only be around $12, even with my beer. I couldn’t believe it and I couldn’t believe my new song is that Aerosmith song from Armageddon.

No.1 Ice Cream – 808 59th St (btw 8th & 9th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11220
H858 Corp – 5924 8th Ave (btw 59th & 60th St) Brooklyn, NY 11220
Sunset Park Taco Cart – corner of 4th Ave and 60th St. Brooklyn, NY 11220
100 Fun – 932 60th St (btw 9th Ave & Fort Hamilton Pky) Brooklyn, NY 11219

Szechuan Chef & Bluebird Ice Cream

My sister’s good friend Hillel of took me out to Szechuan Chef to taste their Chong Qing Chicken –fried pieces of chicken cooked with spicy Szechuan peppercorns that are supposed to make your mouth numb. It was a spicy flavor explosion when biting down into one of the pieces, juices squirting. My roof of my mouth went raw from the heat and fried crunchiness.

We then went to Bluebird to cool off with some ice cream, where they have a monster themed store (SnowMonkey’s House of Monsters) with a lot of Miyazaki characters. Maple Hickory ice cream on waffle cone did its job.

…I just had to go back and re-spell all the “Szechuans” in the post. I’ve been so used to spelling it “Szechwan” since my first band was called Szechwan Pork years ago. We didn’t have wikipedia back then and I always wondered what the correct spelling was. I think at that time Szechwan and Szechuan maybe had two hits each on the Yahoo search engine. Looks like they’re both correct, along with Sichuan. Cool.

Szechuan Chef – 15015 Main St. Bellevue, WA 98007
Bluebird – 1205 E. Pike Street Suite 1A (btw 12th & 13th Ave) Seattle, WA 98122

Hapa Kitchen Whole Roast Pig Luau / Sweet Tooth of the Tiger / El Diablo Tacos

Last night started off with the Whole Roast Pig Luau at the Brooklyn Yard by Mean Red and Finger on the Pulse. FOTP has put been putting on some interesting DJ/backyard BBQs this summer (w/ chefs from Marlow & Sons, Calexico, Egg, and Sam Mason; DJs Les Savy Fav, The Harlem Shakes). Pretty impressive events and reasonably affordable. Entry was free last night and food was $10 a plate which comes with a free Sixpoint beer. The roast pig and sides were prepared by Hapa Kitchen, which I’m now Googling and I see that Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in NY is part of this group. I swear I’ve never heard a name more in conversation after I listened to this SXSW food blog panel a few months back. Everyone keeps asking me if I know Cathy Erway. I must’ve met half of her friends by now.

Back to the food. I liked the pig. Although for some reason, the days leading up to this I was imagining sitting at the whole pig with a fork and pulling scraps right off it and into my mouth. It was cool they had a vegetarian option with roast eggplant, which tasted like Spaceship Earth at Epcot. It sounds like I’m being a weirdo as usual, but Rob got me. It tasted like that fog machine in one of the early age scenes of the ride. I suppose from the smoker or however they cooked it.

I ran into a couple of Facebook friends which are all into the Brooklyn hipster food scene (I know no one likes to be called a hipster, but I mean that in a good way). They asked me if I know Cathy Erway.

Omar took us over to the Glasslands for the Brooklyn Skillshare benefit, which is a pretty cool idea. Everyone offers to teach a skill of theirs to the group. I guess my skill would be Flowbeeing my hair? They had Sweet Tooth of the Tiger set up selling baked goods with Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins, Lemon Whoopie Pies, Vegan cookies and Red Velvet Cupcake Lollipops. Sweet Tooth of the Tiger also seems to have a good cause according to their About page …more importantly making my mouth happy.

We then went over to Union Pool for some tacos at the El Diablo Taco Truck in the backyard. It helped fill our stomachs up with more solids. I had a a really good bite right in the middle of my pork taco. It was a taste explosion. I think it was a really juicy fatty piece right there. We tried to be wingmen to each other throughout the night, but of course we should always leave any winging to the women in our group. Yoshie did well. Then there was a dance party fueled by all the pig, sugar and beer. When I woke up this morning, I felt like I was whacked upside my head with a 2×4. I’m trying to remember if that happened.