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Jollibee Filipino Fast Food

After my deep fried pork belly at Engeline’s, I headed over to Jollibee –Filipino fast food. The place was packed with people eating  burgers, fried chicken and sweet spaghetti. My understanding is that there is a lot of nostalgia here for their patrons. Imagine if we moved to some strange land and they finally opened their first McDonald’s. We’d probably go there for it’s nostalgia and comfort of what we grew up on. I know I’d eat an Egg McMuffin everyday. I might die young, but I’m doing it for the comfort. –I do remember only eating willingly at KFC when I visited Hong Kong as a child. And McDonald’s when I went to Canada. My older sisters thought I was a spoiled brat, but I think I just didn’t know any better and needed that familiarity, especially being away from home.

At Jollibee, I got a regular hamburger (99cent) and small Chicken Sotanghon Soup ($1.99). The burger was similar to a regular McDonald’s hamburger, except it had a mayo sauce on it. It was decent. I liked the soup a lot. A lot of garlic flavor and notably ethnic/Filipino tasting. Made me think, “Yes, this is a Filipino fast food restaurant.”

My journey to Woodside, Queens was a bit disappointing because I know I had planned to eat a lot more. I only made it through deep fried pork belly, avocado shake, and fast food. It made me realize I need an eating companion to help share in the heart attack.

Jollibee – 62-29 Roosevelt Ave. Woodside, NY 11377

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The Noodle Soup is bigger than my face. My latest –link

La Isla Cuchifritos’ Mondongo Soup

While I picked up some blood sausages for the Sunday Supper, I stopped in at La Isla Cuchifritos for their Mondongo soup that I saw two people at the counter eating. This is the same place I had those boiled pig’s ears. The Mondongo soup had big chunks of pig’s feet with rubbery skin and bones, tripe and plantain. This big bowl (pictured below) was the small at only $2.75. Much of it didn’t seem to be very edible, at least for me. However those two people next to me left with empty bowls. Did they eat the bones and cartilage? Maybe I should have second thoughts on ordering what the locals are eating, especially after I saw one guy order a whole bowl of white boiled tripe. Hm. Now I am curious how that tastes.

La Isla Cuchifritos – 6 Graham Ave (btw Broadway & Debevoise St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Stewed Beef Shin & Ham Hock Soup

I made this a few months back, so don’t think I just ate expired meat if you look at the label. This would be perfect for this crazy cold week. Warm stewed meat soup with ramen noodles. Comforting.

I took my stewed beef shin recipe and added ham hocks …because it was cheap and I was curious. A can of vegetable broth, a nice cut of beef shin with the bone, two cuts of ham hock and a can of collard greens (drained) into a pot. It got really tight and I should have thought this through more. You should use a bigger pot than I did or it will bubble right up through top. Season with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder, Accent (MSG) and balsamic vinegar. I let it cook for about 3 1/2 – 4 hours on low on the stove top.

The meat was super tender. I had a side of ramen noodles which dipped well in the rich broth if you season it right. I couldn’t decide if I liked the beef shin or the ham hock more. Probably the beef shin because of all the meat you get on it. It comes clean off the bone and you get a good amount of marrow (that didn’t boil off this time. I kept it at low from the start).

Yeah, this would be good this chilly week. I’m interested in trying it in the crock pot.

El Brillante Restaurant’s Chicken Soup

Exploring down the Avenue of Puerto Rico in Brooklyn. There’s a colorful little Dominican restaurant with blaring mariachi/polka music. I tried the chicken soup. Thick & chunky. Really tasty. $4 with rice. Bring the ear plugs.

El Brillante Restaurant – 159 Graham Ave (btw Johnson Ave & Meserole St) New York, NY 11206
01 El Brillante Restaurant
02 El Brillante Chicken Soup

M Shanghai

I’ve mostly been here to party downstairs in the dungeon. The food is pretty good. I’ve never had a $8 Hot & Sour soup before though. It was good, but vinegary.

M Shanghai Bistro -129 Havemeyer St (btw 1st St & Grand) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Hambone Stuffing Soup

Hambonin’ some soup with cabbage, potatoes and carrots. I tried out a new recipe of adding Stovetop stuffing to the soup. Dream and it will come true.