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Soho Halal Cart in front of H&M

I always like the smell of the Halal Cart when I go to Soho after work. This time I was in the area during lunch and there were many carts out. I was trying to find the one I smell at night, but there were three carts parked next to each other. I went with the strongest smelling one, directly in front of H&M (Broadway between Prince & Spring).

Got the Lamb & Chicken over Rice $6. Not so bad. Pretty solid. Nice level spiciness. Great first few bites. But couldn’t really finish it.

I’m not sure if it’s worth me trying the other carts. Although I’ve read good things on Yelp about the one on the corner of Houston and Broadway.


Lahore Deli

Lunch break in Soho at Internet Week. It’s hard to find a cheap hole in the wall. Lahore is one of the few places –tiny unassuming Pakistani deli on a short off-shoot block.

The group in front of me was interesting. A guy brought his out-of-town female friends and he was so proud to them them this place, like he knew this was a great hidden gem in NY. I helped explain to one of the girls what Snapple was. I’m not sure she spoke English though.

I went with the Curry Chicken, Lentils and Eggplant $7 –forgoing the rice. I’m slow-carbing it. That and cutting back my drinking to two-thirds of the week. I’m so skinny now. I now have a jawl line.

I waited for them to microwave the food and received a container of slop with everything mixed up together. It was actually a really tasty container of slop. I’m sure the rice would have kept everything separate, but I enjoyed the mixture. Every now and then I spat out pieces of bone. That makes me feel cool while sitting on a bench outside of a boutique and watching the Soho girls walk by. I think I saw the T-Mobile girl.

I love the sweet Chai Tea!

Lahore Deli – 132 Crosby St (btwn Houston & Jersey St) New York, NY 10012

Oh, I also got front row seats to see Deepak Chopra at the Internet Week conference. He was wearing some slick red shoes. I wish I had a photo of them.

San Gennaro Festival NYC 2010

Every year this festival creeps up on me and reminds me how long I’ve been in New York. It was the first thing I saw when I stepped foot onto the island. And here it is again, when I went to send off our buddy Kevin to San Francisco last night.

I saw the corner spot where I shared a stuffed eggplant with my first NYC crush. I revisited it and it was just as inedible, bland and unmanageable as I remembered. I’ve learned a lot of things about girls since that very first stuffed eggplant.

I took a photo of some stupid game. Then three guys came up to me and told me I didn’t ask for their permission and tried to make me play the game. It went on for a few minutes and I know I should’ve just walked away at the start, but I kind of wanted to see how it would play out. In the end, I pet the short guy and told him to have a good night. I had to go get a beer.

San Gennaro Festival – September 16-26, 2010 Soho/Little Italy NYC

Pinche Taqueria – Taqueria Time

Ruchi (Shonali’s sister) and Francis came in to town. We had a bite at Pinche Taqueria. The guy there says it’s Citysearch’s #1 fish taco. Usually I don’t trust Citysearch awards, but they did good. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Then after, Christy, Jody and I headed over the bridge to the Richardson for pickles and upside down Budweisers. The waitress said I was special.

Pinche Taqueria – 227 Mott St (btw Prince & Spring St) New York 10012
The Richardson – 451 Graham Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11222

Alright, everyone is probably sick of my karaoke by now, but I was inspired by American Idol last night.