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Howard’s Crispy Fried Chicken Skins

Todd brought this bag of Crispy Fried Chicken Skins over for football. He found it in a bodega in East New York for $1. He thought he got the white man price.

They were like pork rinds, just as I assumed. Maybe could have used a little more salt to keep me eating the whole bag.

Everything on this plate is chicken.



Trader Joe’s Oriental Rice Crackers

There was a nice spread of Trader Joe’s in the back room at the Littlefield show. I couldn’t tell if this bag of “Oriental Rice Crackers” sounded racist —the Oriental part or the Crackers? I feel like everyone learned that “Oriental” was a racist word from Pam on the third season of The Real World. I always called myself “Oriental” as a kid, but was ashamed when I learned I was racist. I hate racists and hate being called one. Self-hating racist? That’s so meta.

I know these crackers don’t mean any mal-intent. But is it better to call them “Chinese Rice Crackers”? Sounds better to my ear. But they taste more Japanese.

Bigs Bacon Flavored Sunflower Seeds


We are taking our chances with Hurricane Irene, heading to Charleston, S Carolina. We are nibbling on these bacon flavored sunflower seeds that Shonali got at the Shell station. So far the sun is shining.

Ruffles Molten Hot Wings Flavored Chips

My band was playing a party for Tom Tom Magazine and Wayfarers Studio, when we saw this bag of Ruffles Molten Hot Wings Flavored Chips at the nearby bodega. The packaging is awesome and to the point. I was hesitant to get them because I’m watching my figure, so Pat bought them for me. I’m not sure how that helps, but I thank him.

The tasted like buffalo wings. Not bad, but I wish they were even more packed with flavor and spiciness like the picture on the bag looks like. Well, great packaging.

The bands we played with were pretty cool. The Electric Junkyard Gamelon Band played all these handmade instruments made out of junk. I was impressed. And The Suzan was this rad all-girl Japanese band. Their drummer would kick your ass. I like how their business card has the http and their second facebook address scratched out.

Hello Kitty Snack Pack

Sam Shady got me this pack of Hello Kitty snacks, exclusively sold in Japan (at least that’s what the package says). I forgot how he got it. I’ve been sitting on it for a long time. I was waiting until I got my 3D lens. I got the 3D lens, but then realized I needed a macro 3D lens. So I finally got that. The expiration date on the snacks has passed by now by several months. I ate it anyway.

The was a big Cheeto Cheese Puff Tube. That was probably the best thing in there. It sorta had a slight shrimp flavor, like fried prawn crackers at Chinese restaurants. Then there was another bag of Cheese Puffs. These didn’t taste like the big tube. They were more bland. Then there was a small bag of tiny crispy noodles. These tasted the most stale by now. And there was a small pink heart hard candy. That tasted the most kawaii.

Okay, I realized that the 3D shots weren’t going to look good for this when I was shooting. I left one 3D shot in there. You need a parallel 3D stereoscopic viewer.

Japanese Dried Fish Snacks

Shane brought me back these Japanese Dried Fish Snacks from Japan. Actually he didn’t know what they were when he got them and I didn’t know what they were when I ate them. One is Wasabi-Nori, which I assume is wasabi-flavored seaweed. The other had a picture of grilled Eel on the package. Both tasted very similar. Very fishy, sweet and soy sauce flavored. Not brittle like a cracker, but very chewy.

Sam translated the package to me. Both are made from fish. The Wasabi-Nori package has the cartoon saying “Up your nose” (like how wasabi burns up your nose) and “Mmm-chewy-munch-munch”.

It’s kinda like Fish Fruit Roll-Ups.

Buffalo Nickel Wingers Potato Snacks

Football has just started up and now my weekends are ruined. Tied up with Gator football on Saturdays and keeping up with my Kenan is Greedy Smurf Fantasy league on Sundays. I found these potato chip snacks at C-Town, shaped like little chicken wings. They had them a few weeks ago, but wasn’t impressed until I saw this bag with a Heat Index of 3 out of 5 …the Nacho Chimichanga. Previously, only Heat Index 1. For Week 1 of the NFL, this is a must have.

They taste alright, similar to BBQ Pringles. Crispy and hollow on the inside. Two thin shells glued together to create the chicken wing shape. I don’t feel the heat. Bring on the 5! Go Tebow!

Delicious Fattening Spinach Artichoke Dip

Bonnie made her sister’s delicious and fattening Spinach Artichoke Dip for the NFC Championship. That game sure was stressful. Not because of the football, but because a bunch of non-sports fans came over to watch and all they did was talk about relationships, boys and girls while I was trying to get into the game. The kicker was when they proceeded to call Favre a faker when he got hurt. How dare they question Favre’s integrity. This man wears Wranglers. I was about to take the dip and go to my room.

I suppose I wouldn’t have known the dip was fattening if Bonnie didn’t tell me what she put in there. The recipe after the jump. (more…)