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Royal Cuisine’s BBQ Jerk Ribs @ Winter Smorgasburg

I checked out the indoor Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg Winter Market. I walked around and it looked like a lot of good food. I felt bad for the Royal Cuisine booth though. The guy working it looked so lonely. I decided to get three BBQ Jerk Ribs for $5. You can get one for $2.

The guy told me about the hot sauces they had in squirt bottles. One was sweet and the other spicy. I think they were made from scotch bonnet peppers. They were really good. The spicy one was awesome, but really frickin spicy.

The ribs were a little tough, but good flavor. I probably should have gotten one rib, so I had more room to try other stuff.

01 Royal Cuisine - Winter Smorgasburg02 Royal Cuisine BBQ Jerk Ribs - Winter Smorgasburg


Smorgasboat Party Cruise

I got on the Smorgasboat Party Cruise, from the people of Smorgasburg. It was only $45 ($20 of which is tax deductable). So it’s kinda like $25 for all you can eat and drink and vomiting.

Plenty of food for everyone. Most of it was small plates from some of the Smorgasburg vendors –Asia Dog, BK Salsa, NY Naturals, Pig & Egg, Sunday Gravy and some wings, pulled pork sliders, etc. Big rush for the food when we were boarding. I took my time with the drinks and no time later, the lines subsided.

I learned my lesson about boats last year when I went on Jody and Christa’s bachelor/ette deep sea fishing party. I threw up 16 times within 4 sessions. I don’t think those bracelet things work. I made sure to prepare and took 2 Dramamines an hour before the boat. I rather be drowsy on a party boat than sick out of my mind. It did well. I didn’t get sleepy until way after when I passed out from all the drinks when I got home.

Luckily I ran into some friends to keep me company. Also made some new friends and got invited to a birthday party tomorrow night. I forgot their names though. The after party rooftop was pretty. All in all, this party cruise was awesome. The tickets sold out quick. So know that next time. They said they are planning to have more.

Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut @ Smorgasburg

I went back Smorgasburg (foodie flea market) after being stuffed at Rosarito Fish Shack. A pretty big crowd of young folks soaking up the beautiful day on the East River Waterfront. It’s pretty funny. I heard several people around me throw around that dirty word, “hipster”. …”So many fuckin hipsters here!” Then I’d turn around and they looked exactly like everyone else. Same thing happened at the table next to me at Rosarito …hipster girl acting like she hated hipsters. Even if they don’t think they’re hipsters themselves, don’t they realize that they’re at a crowded foodie flea market in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn? They didn’t realize hipsters were going to be there?

Hipster is a good thing. Hip, young, cool looking. People should want to be like that. Let’s be proud of ourselves.

Anyway, I met up with Mar in line at Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut. First, I was hesitant about most of these food vendors, because some seemed overpriced or under-portioned, like Dumont’s $6 puny little burger slider. I love Dumont, but I couldn’t believe what Mar’s friend’s Smorgasburg slider looked like (see photo below). However, there were some big portioned food, like the Cemita sandwich stand and Handsome Hank’s Fish Hut. $10 for a big thing of fried fish and fries. I was thinking people would get maybe 1 filet for that price at a thing like this. I was impressed. That looked to be one of the better deals I saw. I had some of it. Well seasoned and fried.

The biggest line I saw was for Mighty Quinn’s BBQ Pulled Pork sandwich. Never heard of it and can’t find too much info on them, but that line went almost half the length of the market.

Now that I’ve finally experienced Smorgasburg, the lines still scare me, but not the hipsters. A great place to watch people. It’s also good to have your friends give you their food that they waited so long for.

Smorgasburg – East River Waterfront (btwn N 6th & 7th St) Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11211 (Saturdays/seasonal)