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Barzola’s Ecuadorian Fish and Shrimp Casserole

Barzola made my best of 2011 list for their Seafood Soup. This time I was walking around my neighborhood. I couldn’t decide what to eat. And by that time, there were places that stopped serving brunch and even any food at all. I said screw it, I’m going to get that Seafood Soup. Instead I got their Ecuadorian Specialty –Mixed Fish and Shrimp Casserole ($13) …It might have been cheaper because I think they only charged me $14 with a beer, but maybe they forgot to charge me the beer.

By this time it was 5pm and it was the first thing I ate all day. No doubt, it was delicious …but I know it was delicious no matter what my circumstance. The gravy was sort of like a Peanut Satay type sauce. Everything tasted really good when I mixed it up with some of the hot sauce on the table and a bite of plantain. Big slices of fish and a good number of shrimps. Enough for two people I think. Maybe split an appetizer if you do that.

I also got an Ecuadorian beer –Cerveza Pilsener …I assume means “pilsner beer.” I didn’t care for the flavor, but the girl on the poster is hot. She kinda looks like Rusty’s old 19 year-old girlfriend.

I gotta try more stuff on the menu. I’m really digging this Ecuadorian food. It makes me realize how much I love New York. I can eat all types of cuisine that I couldn’t ever find unless I lived outside of New York.

Barzola Restaurant – 197 Meserole St (btwn Humboldt and Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11206


Sel de Mer’s Lobster and Fish and Chips

Oh man. Sam was back in town and we grabbed dinner at Sel de Mer. They had steamed lobster on the menu again ($17) with fries. Got that and the Beer Battered Fish & Chips ($15). We split that shit. So dang good. My hands were a mess. I dipped my fries into the lobster head. Green gunk is the new ketchup.

I live so close to this place. I don’t know why I don’t eat here more often.

Sel de Mer – 374 Graham Ave (btwn Conselyea & Skillman) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Frozen Seafood Mix

I’ve never seen anything like this before. You just thaw it and eat? …In your grocer’s freezer.

Muk Eun Ji & Son Ja Jang Restaurant

I didn’t realize this place was two restaurants in one when I ate there. Muk Eun Ji Korean Restaurant and Son Ja Jang Chinese Handpulled Noodles. I picked this place because it wasn’t packed like the other places in K-town. I needed my kimchi.

I wanted another one of those Soju bottles with the hot chick on it, but the waitress suggested I get the Bek Se Ju Korean Ginseng Wine. The waitress said if I drink it, the bottle says I’ll live to 100 years old. I don’t know if that’s what I need, but the wine was pretty tasty with that Ginseng flavor.

I got the Handpulled Noodles with Spicy Seafood Soup lunch special $8.99. Big bowl. I was taking photos of it and the waitress came over to show me how to take a photo …taking my chopsticks and pulling out a giant glob of the noodles from the bowl. Even after four years of food blogging, I still have things to learn.

I liked the broth. The noodles may not have been too impressive, although this long video of how they pull the noodles is. It puts me in a trance like watching my hard drive defragment.

I also got complimentary Kimchi, Onion and Pickled Radish that I dipped into Korean Bean Paste. I couldn’t believe how good the raw onion tasted with that bean paste.

The walls of the restaurant were big advertisements for Jinan Maisan aged kimchi. The restaurant also posted this video on Youtube…

1:08 –Me So Hungry!

They gave me a little Yogurt drink at the end. I think this meal left me with some good stomach bacteria for my probiotic diet.

Muk Eun Ji & Son Ja Jang Restaurant – 34 W 32nd St (btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10001

$1 Oysters at Sel De Mer

Rusty and I went and tried out the $1 Happy Hour Oysters at Sel De Mer (remember that Lobster & Fries?). We were impressed. The oysters were good and didn’t make us sick.

Happy Hour $1 Oysters are available Monday-Friday 4-6pm.

Sel De Mer – 374 Graham Ave (btw Skillman Ave & Conselyea St) New York 11211

Bushwick Block Party 2011

Went to the Bushwick Block Party today in this crazy heat. It was actually enjoyable with mist sprayers and a hydrant cracked open. Some little 5 year old Dominican kid was dancing all thugged out to the heavy rock band, The Netherlands. His dad pulled him aside near me. Me and this other guy were looking at the kid like “yeah, rock on little buddy.” So the guy bends down to pat the kid and the little boy smacks him in the face. We both thought it was fucked up but funny as hell.

It looks like there are a couple of metal heads doing the pledge of allegiance.

FOOD: Free pizza generously provided by Roberta’s, unfortunately with an incredibly long line. A few other vendors selling meatless sloppy joes and ham sandwiches. There was a Arancini (Sicilian Rice Ball) Eating Contest brought to you by Arancini Bros in Bushwick. Some big guy ate 14 balls in 3 minutes. I went to go get a couple myself at the booth. I can’t believe that guy ate so many. One is pretty filling. But they were pretty good, so maybe it was worthwhile. I got Bacon & Broccoli Rabe and Ragu (sauce and cheese).

Ran into a bunch of friends which was cool. But Rusty and I eventually left early. Assholes were getting drunk and about to be stabbed for being a dick. Dang, giving hipsters a bad name. I don’t mess with Bushwick. Stefano took this nice photo of a Bushwick native taking away this dude’s watergun.

And speaking of drunk hipster assholes…

On our way back home to pick up some Grand Seafood, we saw this scary looking dentist office.

…and this flyer on a street pole that I really don’t get, pointing to two Indian restaurants in the area. The flyer’s disgusting. I don’t get it, unless it’s something lost in translation from someone who doesn’t speak English well?

Other photos from the day…

Dining with Dondero: Lake Superior Chubs

American singer-songwriter, David Dondero, is reporting in his meals from his current tour. He’s living my dream of playing music and eating on the road. Here Dave talks about Lake Superior Chubs (smoked fish).

If travelling around Lake Superior you will come across various smoked fish shops.  My favorite Lake Superior smoked fish is the Cisco or Chub.  They are usually really cheap and are around 10 inches in length. I got 2 of them for under 5 bucks.   They are an oily fresh water white fish.  Another Scandinavian favorite.

The last couple times i tried to get them on the North Shore of Lake Superior they were unavailable. I could not find them in Duluth, MN either this time around.   I’m not sure if they were depleted due to overfishing or if they got sick and died off.  Well they are definately still around certain parts of the lake and i found some in northern Wisconsin.  The town is called Bayfield and it’s on the northern peninsula of Wisconsin.  The finger of land which juts out into Lake Superior.

When i get them I usually eat them right away with my hands.  They smell pretty strong so the odor stays with you all day.  It’s wise to throw the left over carcass away and not keep it in the car.  It will smell for a week.

So here they are.  These little golden Lake Superior beauties.  I bought them at Newago’s Fish Market off   Rte 13.. Bayfield, WI  .. delicious.

Newago’s Fish Market – 707 Old Military Rd. Bayfield, WI 54814

David Dondero is one of the hardest working touring folk singers in America. Once named one of the Best Living Songwriters by NPR, alongside Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Paul McCartney. It’s a privilege to have him part of Me So Hungry.

Grand Seafood Feast

Ben and I ran into this guy on the street. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any cupcakes with him.

Then we grabbed some grub at Grand Seafood Fish Market right off the Grand L stop. I’m a big fan of their free steam. I had just gone there a week earlier with Rusty and Dave Dondero for some steamed clams and shrimp. Such a great deal. A dozen clams for $6. A pound of shrimp for $7. You’re literally paying market prices.

Their fried fish sandwiches are good too. We split the flounder and whiting sandwiches. Ben and I both agree, fried whiting sandwiches on white bread kicks ass.

Grand Seafood & Fish Market – 98 Bushwick Ave (@ Grand St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Watch Ben’s show –Hook, Line & Dinner on the Cooking Channel!