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A.1. Sauce Memories

I remember when I was a kid, home alone, I’d put some A.1. Sauce on a small plate, dilute it with a little water and eat it with a fork. A tasty¬†pungent, yet light, treat. That’s a lot of commas there.

I tried it again recently when I cooked up a big steak. Sauce is still good. Then I stayed up late to download Mad Men.

A1 Steak Sauce A.1. Sauce Memories

Anyone else love Megan Draper?


Golden Krust’s New Bottled Sauces

Jason Lam Golden Krust Jamaican Consulate NYC Golden Krusts New Bottled Sauces

I love sauce. Sauce makes dry food wet and bad food taste good. When I was a kid, I used to put a little A1 sauce on a plate, add a little water, then eat the sauce with a fork. Sauce is good.

Golden Krust kicked off their new line of bottled sauces with a party at the Jamaican Consulate in New York. That sounded weird to me. But they have a strong relationship with the Jamaican/West Indian community and are one of the biggest Jamaican businesses in the U.S.

There were steel drum musicians playing what I thought was the Publix supermarket theme song (that I used to hear on their commercials). Someone corrected me as it was a Bob Marley song.

The new line of sauces consist of Jerk Sauce, Honey Barbecue Jerk, Island Flavored Ketchup and Hot Pepper Sauce. All a little on the sweet side of Caribbean flavors. My favorite was the Hot Pepper Sauce made with scotch bonnet peppers. The bright red color kinda freaks me out, but the flavor is mad tasty. Not super hot like this other scotch bonnet sauce I recently got, but a good medium tolerable heat. (Correction: Just tried some more now and it is pretty spicy –good heat)

The sauces will be sold at local Golden Krust bakeries and in supermarkets in the near future.


Almost forgot Chimichurri

I meant to bring home cilantro, but instead mistakenly got parsley.¬† I was thinking dang, only thing we can use it for now is garnish like at Denny’s. Then Rusty reminded me about chimichurri sauce. Not sure it was as good as the last time I made it, but it worked well with the Krasdale instant stuffing, interestingly enough. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

01 Chimichurri sauce Almost forgot Chimichurri