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The Best Sign I’ve Seen

I forgot that I saw this sign for “All You Can Eat Buttermilk Pancakes” for $2.00 –Monday through Friday 6am to 7pm. That’s incredible. I need to find out more.

…This was on my way to Cheburechnaya in Rego Park, Queens where we ate Lamb Testicles.

Rego Park Cafe – 94-14 63rd Dr. Rego Park, NY 11374


Cheburechnaya’s Lamb Testicles, Heart and Fried Beef Brains

Yoshie’s Ramen and Friends adventure took us to Cheburechnaya (Kosher Russian) in Rego Park, Queens. This is where we ate Lamb Testicles, Heart and Fried Beef Brains…

It was pretty confusing ordering these. I couldn’t tell how many came in an order. We almost got five orders of Testicles, which would have been 25 balls. That would have been too way many balls. We just got one.

They had other stuff too …like this huge bowl shaped bread, called Noni Toki. It was almost like matzoh. Their Uzbeki style bread was good for the Hummus and Babaganoush.

They served many different types of Chebureki and Samcy patties. We had the ones with pumpkin and ribs. There were real ribs with bones. I liked those a lot.

I recommend the Whole Grilled Chicken. That was really good for sounding so tame (unlike the testicles). I would have been interested in the Lamb Fat and Veal Sweetbread Shish Kebabs if we were to order more.

Really cool restaurant. I enjoyed pretty much everything, even the balls. They even played Sade via Youtube on the TVs the whole night.

Cheburechnaya – 9209 63rd Dr. Rego Park, NY 11374
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Eating Lamb Testicles

I ate Lamb Testicles with Ramen and Friends …along with Fried Beef Brains and Lamb Heart. This restaurant serves other things too.

Here’s the post of other stuff we ate.

Tito Rad’s Filipino Spicy Laing

Oh dang. I love a good bowl of slop. I saw a Yelp photo of this Spicy Laing (taro leaves cooked with shrimp, pork in coconut milk served with spicy green peppers) at Tito Rad’s, a Filipino restaurant in Sunnyside Queens. I thought how good that bowl of slop looked …and dang, it was good.

Imagine a bowl of spicy creamed spinach, with bits of shrimp and tender fatty pork, mixed with a coconut curry sauce. I loved it. Just enough food for one and went well with rice.

I also saw some good looking dishes to the table next to me. They had Bean Sprout Fritters and Grilled Tuna Belly. What’s the etiquette of taking photos of the family and their food next to me?

Tito Rad’s – 49-12 Queens Blvd. Sunnyside, NY 11377

Tangra Masala – Indian Style Chinese Cuisine

This Ramen and Friends outing took us to Tangra Masala in Elmhurst, Queens for Indian Style Chinese, which I guess is the style of Chinese food served in India. The serving staff was Indian. I wonder if there were Chinese in the back cooking. Or Indian-born Chinese? I’m confused.

The menu is a hybrid of Chinese food with Indian flavors. It tasted really good and spicy. My favorites were the Lollypop Chicken appetizers with the chipotle-mayo style dipping sauce, Tangra Masala Goat and Fish with Chili Sauce. A lot of the dishes ask if you want it wet (sauce) or dry. The consensus was that dry was the way to go. More flavorful and not drowned in gravy.

Tangra Masala was filling and made me sweat. Downside is that there is no alcohol and you can’t bring it in. Dang. Just trying to get my Tangra Masala on.

Check out Ramen and Friends and Kika Eats‘ review.

Tangra Masala – 8709 Grand Ave. Queens, NY 11373

Mini Golf in Flushing Meadows

Adam organized a putt-putt outing in Flushing Meadows, Corona Park. First stop was at the Creek and the Cave in Long Island City for tacos and happy hour. My beer-battered fish taco was surprisingly good. I felt bad that the cook had to do all the work of frying my fish for just one taco. I don’t know how the menu works, but the sautéed spinach plate is $9.50 …you can add chicken for $0.95. I thought it would be the other way around. But I did watch Food Inc …so that might be right.

We hit the 7 train and only a short walk from the Mets-Willets Pt stop to the golf center. Concession stand for $10 pitchers of beer and a game of mini golf. There aren’t any windmills or tubes to hit the ball through, but it was still cool. There’s a 2-for-1 coupon special here if you sign up. It was super cool walking around Corona Park late at night. It looked like a Boris Vallejo painting.

The Creek and the Cave – 10-93 Jackson Ave., Queens, NY 11101
Flushing Meadows Golf Center – Corona Park, Queens

Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine

Went out with Ramen and Friends to Elmhurst, Queens to eat Malaysian food at Taste Good …and it tasted really good. One of the best group meals I’ve ever had. We ordered a lot of food and it was only $12 each after tip. Luckily it was BYOB …beers next door at Hong Kong Supermarket. My favorite dish was the one Joe ordered, Indian Rojak Mee, which is described on the menu as “a ‘mamak’ hawker’s special.” The sauce was nice and sweet. The Singapore Kari Laksa was delicious too –one of New York Magazine’s recent Fifty of the City’s Tastiest Soups.

Taste Good Maylasian Cuisine – 8218 45th Ave. Elmhurst, NY 11373
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Jollibee Filipino Fast Food

After my deep fried pork belly at Engeline’s, I headed over to Jollibee –Filipino fast food. The place was packed with people eating  burgers, fried chicken and sweet spaghetti. My understanding is that there is a lot of nostalgia here for their patrons. Imagine if we moved to some strange land and they finally opened their first McDonald’s. We’d probably go there for it’s nostalgia and comfort of what we grew up on. I know I’d eat an Egg McMuffin everyday. I might die young, but I’m doing it for the comfort. –I do remember only eating willingly at KFC when I visited Hong Kong as a child. And McDonald’s when I went to Canada. My older sisters thought I was a spoiled brat, but I think I just didn’t know any better and needed that familiarity, especially being away from home.

At Jollibee, I got a regular hamburger (99cent) and small Chicken Sotanghon Soup ($1.99). The burger was similar to a regular McDonald’s hamburger, except it had a mayo sauce on it. It was decent. I liked the soup a lot. A lot of garlic flavor and notably ethnic/Filipino tasting. Made me think, “Yes, this is a Filipino fast food restaurant.”

My journey to Woodside, Queens was a bit disappointing because I know I had planned to eat a lot more. I only made it through deep fried pork belly, avocado shake, and fast food. It made me realize I need an eating companion to help share in the heart attack.

Jollibee – 62-29 Roosevelt Ave. Woodside, NY 11377