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Resto’s Pig Face Sandwich in the Park

The U.S. Open is being screened at Madison Square Park right now and I went to check out the food vendors. There’s some good options like banh mi sandwiches, fancy wings and beer, but my eyes stopped at “Pig Face Sandwich” from Resto. Mostly cheek meat with pickled onions on ciabatto ($8). I can’t remember if I’ve ever had pig face. At least I remember really wanting to.

My first bite was all bread and it was chewy. The meat was a light spread and had a bit of a cooked alcohol aroma to it. Right around the middle of it, it started getting real good when the pig face juice started soaking in the bread. I didn’t realize how much pig face juice there was. I got it all over my pants. I found a few pieces of meat after I finished the sandwich, which tasted kinda like liver and I likee. It made me think how the bread was just in the way. If I had to do it again, I’d open face it. They also have a Sloppy Goat Sandwich that sounds good. I love sloppy meats.

Resto @ Madison Square Park, NYC 10010 …until Sept 12th


Peter’s Since 1969 Brunch

I was wondering why I’ve never seen this restaurant before if it’s been here since 1969. Apparently it hasn’t and just paying homage to the butcher shop that was there before. I walked by with some friends and stopped to stare at the customer’s food. The guy eating in the window went on and on about how good it was and to come for brunch for their pulled pork. That’s when I learned my friends ditched me.

Todd and I came for brunch. We split the Slow Cooked Pork over Old Fashioned Grits ($10.95) and Malawach Yemen Crispy Dough ($11.95). The food looks really good, probably much better than it tastes. It came with orange juice, coffee and a salad. A really good deal and a lot of food for the price. The food unfortunately just tastes okay.

Peter’s Since 1969 – 168 Bedford Ave (btwn N 7th & N 8th St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food’s $2.50 All Day Lunch Special

Found the Wah Fung #1 Fast Food on the Yelp. At first I thought the Fung Wah Chinatown Bus got their own restaurant, but I don’t think they’re related. Everyone was talking about the $2.50 pork or chicken special. I went to check it out during my half day of work Friday. All the Yelpers were right about the line. Seems to move so slow, but I think I see why. The guy chops up the meats to each individual order, then has to walk back and forth each time to spoon up the juices. What’s in those juices? I could even do some juice over rice. That’d make me happy.

The $2.50 tray does look small at first, but the guy packs in the meat. He chops up the meat and puts it on and you’re satisfied. But then he takes another piece out to chop and put on your tray and you’re like what a nice guy! Then another piece and you’re like fuck.

Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food – 79 Chrystie St (btwn Canal & Hester St) New York, NY 10002

Engeline’s Filipino Restaurant

Jumped on the bus in front of my apartment to head north to Woodside, Queens for some Filipino food at Engeline’s. The restaurant has a diner feel to it, with all-male waiters in white polo shirts and a bakery to the side. I almost picked this huge platter of food (Summer Bilao Special) with crab, clams, meats. But sadly I knew I’d get fat if I ate it by myself. So instead I settled with a plate of deep-fried pork belly (Lechon Kawali). It came with liver sauce, which tasted sweet like duck/plum sauce. It was delicious. Without the sauce, the pork belly had that fatty buttery taste. Some of the outer crispy lean parts were a little dry and chewy. But overall, really good.

And I got a Avocado Shake that Chowhounders were recommending. Sweet avocado & milk mixture with crushed ice. Sounds gross, but tastes great. It’s sweet. It’s green. It’s like the Filipino version of the Shamrock Shake.

Engeline’s Restaurant – 5828 Roosevelt Ave. Woodside, NY 11377

Zaragoza Deli Tacos

Popped into this well-known (but at the same time obscure) dirty bodega for their popular tacos. Put in my order, grabbed a beer from the fridge and tried to squeeze in a seat on the few tables. The tacos were yummy at the going rate of $2.50 each. Lengua (tongue) was so tender. Best tongue I’ve ever had. Pork was marginally better. Bits of soft skin in there made it even more moist and flavorful.

They had Pepsi in 12-ounce glass bottles that looked like they have been recycled for decades. It’s not the new Pepsi Throwback I’m talking about, but real old bottles that’s scratched up and looks like it has peeled off sticker residue. I’m surprised someone is still bottling it this way.

The girl sitting behind me asked if I was Alaskan. I said I wasn’t and that was awkwardly the end of the conversation. I wonder if she thought I looked like an Eskimo or like Sarah Palin.

Zaragoza Deli – 215 Ave A (btw 13th and 14th St) New York, NY 10016

Lan Zhou’s Pork Bone Handpulled Noodle Soup

Perfect weather for this big bowl of hand pulled noodles and pork bone soup. I got some good meat off it and plenty of bone marrow. Cheap around $5. I was like “I Am Legend” on them bones.

Lan Zhou Handmade Noodle – 144 East Broadway (btw Allen & Essex) New York, NY
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01 Pork Bone Handpulled Noodle Soup - Lan Zhou02 Bone Marrow - Lan Zhou

La Nueva Rampa

A revisit to the Chinese/Latino restaurant, La Nueva Rampa. This time I dined-in and was able to get a wonton soup with my lunch special. It’s not available with take-out. Much better than the last few wonton soups I’ve had elsewhere. I ordered the big fried pork chop lunch special with plantains after looking at another guy eating it. It’s huge, tough (not tender) to eat, but tasted alright. A pretty good value for all that food at $7.08, plus tip. I like the oxtail stew better from my last visit a year ago.

There was a Chinese waiter speaking in Spanish to a customer. The old manager yelling an order into a mic/intercom at the front to the kitchen. The radio playing Tracy Morgan standup …that is until I realized there were two radio stations going on, the other playing Enrique Iglesias. And then I realized all that Tracy Morgan I heard throughout my meal was a guy eating at the counter. It could’ve been Tracy. He was wearing a hood.

La Nueva Rampa – 149 W 14th St (btw 6th & 7th Ave) New York 10011

Krolewskie Jadlo Polish Restaurant

I had to escape the holiday leftovers, which we’re not even half way into. I was thinking of eating something I usually can’t get because of my daytime job, now that I have the week off. Maybe DiFara’s pizza way out in Brooklyn? I was thinking the lines could be better because its cold outside, but possibly longer with the holiday tourists in town. In the end I decided to drop off my laundry and head over to get some good Polish food in Greenpoint.

I went to my local laundry mat, The Bean & Clean. I was sad to see a flier that said Gloria (the owner of the family business) had recently passed away in a car accident in Aruba. That lady was amazing. She knew everyone’s name (and I never even told her mine), how much your bag would weigh before putting it on the scale, and had the correct change in her hand before I’d even pull out my wallet …to find I only had the bills that would make that change. Sometimes I tried to think of nothing, so she couldn’t read my mind. I was stunned to find out the news. I did have a weird feeling on the way over to the laundry mat. I thought about her mother and wondered why I haven’t seen her in at least a year. The last time, the mother had lost a lot of weight. I thought the worse. But in reality it was Gloria instead. Tragic. Life cut short so unexpectedly. The only happy part is that she was on vacation.

I hopped on the bus over to Greenpoint and went to Krolewskie Jadlo on Manhattan Ave. There’s several great Polish restaurants on that street. I went to the one with the armored knights outside. The restaurant looks sorta like a Polish Medieval Times with swords on the walls and what I assume are paintings of old kings. They played some cool contemporary Polish pop music that a table of hipster kids were making fun of. I was trying to decide if it was offensive. Say if it was Chinese music and they started singing along with “wang chang chui chui, chow chow ding…” I’m sure they didn’t mean to be offensive, just stupid.

I got the weekday $9 lunch special. Pick one of the soups, one of the entrees under $8 and a dessert. They brought out complimentary bread with cucumbers and smalec (pork lard spread …some reports online think it might be chicken). I didn’t know what this spread was when I was eating it. I thought it was some kind of fish and butter thing, but pork and lard makes more sense. This thing was so creamy and buttery. It was rich butter x3. Delicious. Better if you don’t know it’s lard.

The Ukrainian Borscht was awesome. Chunks of vegetables on the bottom. Creamy. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad Polish soup so far. All delicious, like the amazing split pea soup at S & B in Williamsburg.

I was quite satisfied already. Then they bring out my Roasted Hocks in Beer entree. I was expecting tiny 1-inch sliced hocks you get at the supermarket. This was a huge whole hock. I’ve never seen it like this. Even though the hock has a lot of bone, fat and skin, there was a definitely a hefty amount of meat in there. Very tasty. Well seasoned. Some parts tasted like roasted chicken, some like ham, some like pork shoulder …all very tender. It came with mashed potatoes and also a separate plate of sauerkraut and dill cucumber salad.

It’s not over yet. I got the cheesecake for dessert. Not a very big slice, but there is no reason for it to be after all the food I just ate. The cheesecake was a little gritty. I imagine it’s store bought from a local bakery. It’s cool that they give you a dessert at all, but not a must eat. Plenty of food before this. An amazingly huge and delicious Polish meal for only $9. I also got a large beer for $5 (probably 20 oz). I’m pretty happy.

I walked home to burn off a few of the calories. I thought about Gloria. I never knew her name before and she always knew ours. I’m glad the Bean & Clean is still open. Gloria and the family business has provided a great service to the neighborhood. It made me think of what I can do, what is my service, what is my calling in this life while I have it. I did just have a sudden urge a few days ago to work on my solo music once again. Perhaps that would entertain one or two people out there. Maybe that “wang chang chiu chiu” song I just made up is a good start.

Krolewskie Jadlo – 694 Manhattan Ave (@ Norman Ave) Brooklyn 11222