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Prospect Bar & Grill

We went to Prospect Bar & Grill in Park Slope for Shonali’s birthday. I ordered the Prospect Pot Pie –a whole lamb shank (bone and all) with a puff pastry sitting on top. I usually don’t like pot pies that aren’t true pies, but this was pretty awesome. I love whole lamb shanks. $15.

Prospect Bar & Grill – 545 5th Ave (btwn 7th Ave & 8th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Here’s Shonali interviewed by Bloomberg.


V Spot’s Vegan Empanadas

I came back to the Littlefield show after my awesome Fried Clam Sandwich from Littleneck. I wanted to see Summer Twins from California. They had cute girls in the band. I thought I got there just in time for them to start, but it turned out to be the last note in their set. So nothing to do but drink until we play. I remembered rambling on about Tebow with the Summer Twins. I’m not sure they knew he was.

Park Slope’s Vegan restaurant, The V Spot, set up an empanada stand. Shonali gave me a Black Bean Empanada. It was really good. Jasper went to get one and almost got the Philly Cheesesteak , but then realized they were vegan. He felt they should give you more warning first. I likened that to a guy making out with a girl who has a pee-pee. It might be awesome, but full disclosure, right?

I tried the Philly Cheesteak Vegan Empanada at the end of the night when they gave the last few away. It wasn’t so bad. It was stuffed with Seitan. Not as good as the Black Bean one though.

V Spot – 156 5th Ave (btwn St. John’s & Lincoln) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Then this band, Madam Trashy, rocked it like Soundgarden/Alice in Chains.

Jeff noticed that I was the only guy to play less than five strings on the bass all night.

Littleneck’s Fried Clam Roll

We were playing a show at Littlefield in Park Slope/Gowanus. Sound check was so early, I had six hours to kill. So I went to check out my friend’s newish restaurant, Littleneck, nearby. Said friend suggested the Fried Clam Roll (Full Belly Ipswich Clam Roll with Tartar and Shredded Romaine — $16).

Dang, this is seriously the best thing I’ve eaten in a long time to my recollection. I’m not saying this because I know one of the owners. I’m saying this as a food blogger.

I was seriously expecting clam strips like from Captain D’s on a hotdog roll. But these clams were huge and creamy. Not chewy or rubbery like when I think of clams –as I told a girl at the show when I was trying to think of the words to describe normal clams. And I was proud, because you don’t realize how long it took me to think of those words when I was talking to her. …Nah, these clams were creamy like eating foie gras. I don’t think I’ve had anything like this before. Delicious!

Brendan came and met me at the restaurant. He also got the same sandwich. It looked the same as mine. So I don’t think I got any special treatment, like I usually like to think I get. But I guess if I did, that’d be silly to intentionally make everyone else’s dish worse because they’re not food blogging. Anyway, Brendan loved it too. He said it was such a good deal compared to a lobster roll, because you get so much more food. It was overflowing with clams.

This dang thing already makes my Best of List 2012. Their logo even looks like “LIN”.

Littleneck – 288 3rd Ave (btwn President & Carroll) Brooklyn, NY 11215

…Oh yeah. I forgot to mention how good the pickles were on the side.

Union Hall’s Floyd Burger

The other night we had a show with King Charles the Martyr and St. Lucia at Union Hall. The place gave us half off our food, which led to the Floyd Burger (A 9 oz Burger topped with spicy Floyd Beercheese, bourbon caramelized onions, smoked bacon, fig & currant compote and served on a fresh sesame roll). Very nice. My patty had a little pocket inside. So when I squeezed the burger like a squeeze toy, it gushed out the juices & cheese and then sucked it back in. It was like Pizza the Hut.

Union Hall – 702 Union St (btwn 4th & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

01 Floyd Burger Union Hall Union Halls Floyd Burger

The Rock Shop

We played at the Rock Shop in Park Slope this past Sunday. They generously gave us 50% off the food bill. I didn’t know what to expect for a sports/rock bar, but we were surprised that the food was pretty good. I was so stuffed on burgers, fries and wings. Thank you.

After we played with our friends The Bam Bams (Baltimore) and Jenny & the Holzers, we got some beers upstairs and put extensions in my hair. I think Shonali forgot that I fucked up and didn’t play for a whole song.

The Rock Shop – 249 4th Ave (btwn President St & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

David Byrne at Prospect Park

All of my Facebook was talking about David Byrne at Prospect Park. I figure if I go, I’ll run into someone. The line was super long so I walked around to get some food. I’ve been thinking of Five Guys ever since Obama, but walked in and out because I thought it looked too fattening. Then ended up at Purity Diner and ordered a Mexican Burger (topped with chili and jalapenos) and fries to go. Dumb! They were nice and let me drink beers while I waited. I’m not sure what the rule is when someone asks you how you want your burger. I did say medium rare out of habit, but I’m glad they cooked it at least medium now that I think about it. I’ll save the steak tartare for the fancier places.

So like I say, I ran into friends and shared some wine and fries. Had a fun time watching the jumbotron outside of the bandshell. David Byrne was cool. He still had it in him. The crowd got wild with the Talking Heads hits. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t make the rest of the set so hot. Just write new hit songs yo. At some points I was wondering who the asshole was that choreographed the dancing, but it did make sense when they all wore tutus and I was watching the real non-jumbotron from afar. Anyway the D.B. rocked. Had fun.

Then went to Barbès bar down the street. There was a real cool Latino band, Chicha Libre, playing in the back. One guy looked like my friend Anthony and another like Joey Fatone. That equals Dance party!

Over to Smiling Pizza for the guys. We try to put Jill’s bike into a car service, but it broke the trunk door. Luckily one of the Swedish guys knew how to use a wretch. Well done.

Purity Diner – 289 7th Ave (btw 4th Ave & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215
Celebrate Brooklyn @ Prospect Park bandshell
Barbès bar – 376 9th St (btw 6th Ave & 7th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215
Smiling Pizza – 323 7th Avenue (btw 4th Ave & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Chicha Libre at Barbès

Roast Chicken and Honky Tonk Jamboree

Back to where I once lived in South Park Slope or Windsor Terrace. I had dinner at the Dominican restaurant right off the Prospect Ave stop. Had the roast chicken with rice and beans while watching Latino soap operas. Don’t worry if you start spilling beans and sauce all over the table …it’s happened to me before. I went to the Country Honky Tonk Jamboree at Buttermilk bar fronted by Alex Battles. My friend Dan plays his home-made gas-tank upright bass with the group. It was packed and anyone can go up and jam or sing. I’m practicing my Conway Twitty right now. Thank you, Youtube.

El Nuevo Sabor Latino Restaurant – 620 4th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215
CasHank Hootenanny Jamboree – the last Thursday of every month at Buttermilk

The Bell House

Tigers and Monkeys at the Bell House w/ Scarce and Babe the Blue Ox. The venue is awesome. The DUB pies they have there are good. Had a fun time. Brought a crew back to the apt for some Papa John’s and Semi Pro.