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Midtownlunch.com: Chinese Mirch

Clay wrote about the time we ate a dish of cheese and gravy at Chinese Mirch. This is the same day I ate White Castle Sweet Potato Fries …and then a can of green peas for dessert.

–>review link
01 Ultra Clay at Chinese Mirch Midtownlunch.com: Chinese Mirch


Midtownlunch.com: Chennai Garden

Filled in this past week for UltraClay

$6.95 Vegetarian Indian Buffet Lunch To Go at Chennai Garden! –>link4686094676 acbe3c54d3 b Midtownlunch.com: Chennai Garden

Midtownlunch.com: Street Meat Palooza 3

Zach came back into town recently and organized the 3rd Annual Street Meat Palooza of Midtown street carts. Lamb & Chicken over rice with hot sauce and white sauce. I think I did better at judging this time and did end up enjoying the better carts. I never thought my palate would be so distinguished for street meat.

Street Meat Palooza 3 Midtownlunch.com: Street Meat Palooza 3

Midtownlunch.com: Bann Next Door

I got to try all this food with Amy Blogs Chow for her Midtownlunch review at Bann Next Door. I liked the fatty part of the rib the best. White sauce flew all over her feet. Don’t you know can’t take me anywhere?

Midtownlunch.com: Taste Good Chinese Restaurant

I wrote about my favorite go-to lunch spot of all time –>link

4521852915 eebbae7830 Midtownlunch.com: Taste Good Chinese Restaurant

Midtownlunch.com: Jess Bakery

I ate this Corn bun and raved about the Bacon & Mayo bun –link

4501201601 a9da7ae132 Midtownlunch.com: Jess Bakery

Midtownlunch.com: A&A Coffee Shop

My latest review at this tiny lunch counter. Nice vignette, right? –link

4481045627 1868796956 Midtownlunch.com: A&A Coffee Shop

Oyster Bar Take-out Window

I joined the Midtown Lunch team to try everything under $10 from the Oyster Bar take-out window. Yummy meal and a good value for the quality.┬áIt was my first lunch ever in Grand Central Station. That’s one fancy food court. Next time, I’m going to stake out one of those fancy looking hard brown chairs. –read Brownie’s review on Midtownlunch

ML Oyster Bar takeout lunch Oyster Bar Take out Window