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Halal Food Cart 5th Ave and 21st St

It’s a beautiful day to get skin cancer. I grabbed a platter of Fried Fish over Rice from the Halal Cart on 5th Ave (between 21st & 20th St). They had three different rices. A brown one, a light yellow one and a bright saffron yellow one. The light yellow had some vegetables and the rice had big granules.

Overall a decent plate of fish and rice. The guy also tossed on some chicken. Same thing happened with the two people ordering fish ahead of me. Isn’t that a little¬†presumptuous? ¬†Maybe it’s just the company I keep, but usually I assume most fish eaters are pescatarian (vegetarian except for fish/seafood). Most of my friends would have freaked if someone threw chicken on their fish/vegetarian platter.

I took it back to Madison Square Park and sat with all the young folk on the lawn, where they have the new Echo sculpture. It’s surreal sitting next to it. A lot of people taking photos and everyone else acting like it doesn’t exist.

I took a Fatbooth photo of Echo.


Resto’s Pig Face Sandwich in the Park

The U.S. Open is being screened at Madison Square Park right now and I went to check out the food vendors. There’s some good options like banh mi sandwiches, fancy wings and beer, but my eyes stopped at “Pig Face Sandwich” from Resto. Mostly cheek meat with pickled onions on ciabatto ($8). I can’t remember if I’ve ever had pig face. At least I remember really wanting to.

My first bite was all bread and it was chewy. The meat was a light spread and had a bit of a cooked alcohol aroma to it. Right around the middle of it, it started getting real good when the pig face juice started soaking in the bread. I didn’t realize how much pig face juice there was. I got it all over my pants. I found a few pieces of meat after I finished the sandwich, which tasted kinda like liver and I likee. It made me think how the bread was just in the way. If I had to do it again, I’d open face it. They also have a Sloppy Goat Sandwich that sounds good. I love sloppy meats.

Resto @ Madison Square Park, NYC 10010 …until Sept 12th