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Red Castle Beef Patties

We tried out these Red Castle Beef Patties we got at the supermarket. I never understood the pricing of beef patties. They seem to cost more than it would if you bought one at a bodega or NY pizzeria. Just like those frozen White Castle burgers at the supermarket. They cost more than fresh ones at a real White Castle. I guess not everyone lives next to one like I do.

Anyway, these were pretty good. Flaky crust. Nice filling …although, it had the tendency to slide to one side of the patty.


Battery Harris

We went out to hang out at Battery Harris. I forget the occasion. Anyway, this place used to be the Williamsburg Loreley. They kept the same cool outdoor patio.

Instead of German fare, they had Caribbean food. Interesting for the location. Got some Jerked Chicken, Coconut Cornbread, Braised Kale, Burgers, Catfish Sandwich, Rum Raisin Pudding.

It was fun. Not sure I think of it as a Caribbean restaurant though. It’s a cool outdoor bar.

Battery Harris – 64 Frost St (@ Meeker Ave) Williamsburg, NY 11211

Jamaican Dutchy’s Cow Foot Stew

The Jamaican Dutchy food truck has been parking in the Flatiron district lately (21st St and Broadway). I ordered the Cow Foot stew (special on Thursdays). The young server didn’t even know what I was talking about. He had to ask the boss man what I was talking about. I guess not too many people order it.

The small ($9) was huge in the big container. If that’s the small, what’s the large ($11)? I thought I was going to get it in the tiny box, but I guess that’s for the mini meals.

To be fair, the cow feet was a lot of bone. Everything else is mostly gelatinous gloopy gloppy tendon and skin. Barely a trace of meat if there was any. It was good. Flavorful and melted in my mouth.

The piece of fried plantain is some of the best I’ve had in a long time. And the hot sauce I asked for had a nice scotch bonnet flavor. I’d do this meal again.

Listen to how it sounds before I put this foot in my mouth.

Christie’s Jamaican Patties

I’ve always been on the lookout for a great Jamaican meat patty in New York. I’ve loved the patties and coco bread at Caribbean Spice when I went to school down in Gainesville, FL. I’ve found nothing close since I’ve moved 8 years ago.

I’ve heard of Christie’s Jamaican Patties and finally got my chance to try them the other night (when I was in the area to say goodbye to Albertina at Sharlene’s Bar). Christie’s came out with a fresh batch of beef patties when I walked in. 1 Beef Patty and 1 Coco Bread was $3 total. The Coco Bread looked good and homemade as they pulled it off the baking tray. I’ve come to be disappointed with the store-bought Coco Bread that comes out of a bag whenever I see it in NY.

Well, I don’t know. The patty and coco bread were no Caribbean Spice. I suppose it’s good for NY compared to Golden Krust, pizza spots and bodegas. But their coco bread (along with all the other places) is just bread. Not the buttery layered warm bread found at Caribbean Spice. Maybe I have it all wrong. Perhaps all these mediocre patties and breads are authentic-style and Caribbean Spice is just a different beast of its own. Surely I haven’t found anything close to it. :(

Christie’s Jamaican Patties – 387 Flatbush Ave (btwn Sterling Pl & Carlton Ave) Brooklyn 11238