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Desy’s Clam Bar

It’s interesting reading the reviews of this place on Yelp. People either love it or hate it. But some people even come from far away to eat here, which is weird because it’s always empty every time I pass. My boss is one of those people who take the trip out to Williamsburg for this restaurant. Weird. But apparently, this place is related to the old popular Little Charlie’s Clam Bar in Little Italy.

Sam and I went to try it out right after I had some dental work. My mouth was numb and drooling. The place was empty. I had very low expectations.

They have relatively cheap beers. $3 Domestic and $4 Imported. Nice.

The waiter asked us what type of sauce we wanted with our bread. I said hot. But he was like, “Um, let me bring out the Medium and Mild first.” Cool, medium was decent, but I still wanted to try hot. Dang. Hot came out and it was basically hot chili oil. Like imagine if you ordered your pasta with that hot chili oil think it would be like spaghetti sauce. Weird. I mean, it’s cool they serve that because I like to dab a little. But no way is it a “sauce.”

The Calamari was pretty good. But that biscuit it comes with was hard as a rock. We couldn’t figure out how to break it. Just know that if you order meat or seafood, you should pay the $3 extra for the pasta. Because otherwise, you get that hard biscuit.

Which brings us to our entrees. Sam ordered the Angel Hair Frutti di Mare (Seafood) $17 and I got the Chicken Eggplant Parmigiana over Linguini $16. Sort of pricey, but it was a ton of food. I ate maybe 1/3 of it and was full.

You know, it really wasn’t that bad. A lot better than I expected. It even got packed. So much that people were waiting for like forty minutes for a table and even bussed the previous tables so they could sit down. Yeah, the one waiter was overwhelmed. He didn’t they’d be so busy. I thought it was weird that people were willing to wait that long even after getting pissed off. But I think they came all the way from Staten Island.

Desy’s Clam Bar – 562 Grand St (btwn Union Ave & Lorimer) Brooklyn, NY 11211

…So coincidentally I had some dental work done and Crest emails me to see if I want to give away some Crest 3D White products that whitens teeth in two days. I was going to a before and after video, but I later realized I’ve been using Crest 3D White Toothpaste for a while now. I’m actually on my second tube in a 2-pack. I didn’t know. I just usually buy what’s on sale. Anyway, I guess it works. The lady who cleaned my teeth said she was surprised I haven’t been to the dentist in six years, because my teeth were pretty white.

Well I know how it important is to take care of your teeth. I was dying of tooth pain. Like ready to smash my head against the wall. So I do have some Crest 3D toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash for you guys that I’m supposed to give away on this food blog. But dang, it’s really not worth my time to walk twenty minutes to the post office, wait in line and pay $3 for you to get it. So if you ever run into me, just ask. I might be carrying. …That toothbrush is surprisingly really good. A lot of brush surface, like using a BBQ grill brush.

Crest 3D White


Los Salsas De Los Muertos Hot Sauces

Rusty’s buddy just started making hot sauces (Los Salsas De Los Muertos) and sent us a sample pack. It was after a late night when we tried it. We took off all the caps that told us the level of spiciness. Then we forgot which one was which. They were all really good tasting. Not so high on the heat, but good on flavor. Really good to dump on some chili or whatever you have that needs some flavor.

I don’t think this product is out yet. But they do have a Facebook page if you want to stay updated.

Ross and Rebecca’s BBQ

It’s Memorial Weekend and it reminds me that people are having backyard BBQ’s. These photos are from Ross & Rebecca’s Kentucky Derby/Cinco De Maya/Hinkle Birthday party.

When I got there, Ross had these pretty awesome ribs out. Although my compliment was rather insulting, when I said there were parts that I liked where it tasted like Beef Jerky.

By the way, my fellow foodie Dan Delaney is getting a lot of press for his upcoming BrisketLab. Pretty cool. Can’t wait. I got my order in for a pound.

Aaron made this pretty tasty hot sauce paste for the R&R BBQ. I like it. Let me see if I can get a recipe to post.

Rebecca made this Pecan Pie. I usually don’t eat sweets, but I had two slices! The next Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America Awards and Dessert Tasting is coming in about a week. I need to prepare.

I made this Men In Black Mashup to celebrate this Memorial Weekend. Here come the MIBs!

Himalayan Yak Restaurant

This Ramen and Friends adventure took us to Himalayan Yak in Jackson Heights, Queens. Got to taste a bunch of things. I liked the Sha Bhaley meat patties and their hot sauces. Different hot sauces that I don’t know how to describe, but they were different and all hot. And the goat Sha Momo Dumplings were right on.

The group seemed to think it was hilarious that the Himalayan Exotic section of the menu had American Cheese in the dishes. I got the Ema-Datsi (The fiery Bhutanese national dish!!! Long green chilly in a american cheese sauce served with rice). It was sure spicy. I had to stuff my mouth with their breads to cool me down.

Himalayan Yak – 72-20 Roosevelt Ave. Jackson Heights, NY 11372

Tropical Storm Habanero Pepper Jam

Bonnie brought this back from Bermuda for be. It’s a hot spicy jam made from habanero, pineapple and mango. It’s like a spicy and sweet Indian chutney. I tried it on some chicken and it added another dimension to it. I’m thinking it could go well with toast or crackers.

Matouk’s Calypso Sauce

Bought this bottle for $6 at De Hot Pot. It’s so good. Caribbean thick hot sauce. Sweet and super spicy. Rusty tried to make something like this before, because his Trini co-worker told him about it. We didn’t have a blender so he cut up the scotch bonnet peppers by hand. I remember telling him that the Internet says he should wear gloves, but he thought his hands were tough enough. They ended up really burning him. He learned his lesson and every time he went to the bathroom, he was careful not to touch any of his parts.

Ryan sent me Hot Sauce and an Alligator

In exchange for an East Met West Chinese Take Out Calendar, Ryan sent me some hot sauces from a Florida flea market. The little Alligator toy scared me when I opened the package. I’ve had Rectal Rocket Fuel before. Very easy pour. Sweet, thick Caribbean flavor. Has been working the best with the now $2.25 Jerk Chicken from 2 Bros Pizza Plus. The Sauce Bitch is nice, thick and sweet with mango, raisins and oranges. Tastes a spicy steak sauce. The Fire Ant Juice is sweet too. Kinda like a sweet, spicy ketchup. I’m sure the honey is sweet too.

Hot Sauce Round Up

We ain’t playing around for our MayDay Danger Party this Saturday. I went out to Kalustyan’s, where they have a pretty amazing selection of hot sauces. They even had the Melinda’s Naga Jolokia sauce about $2 cheaper than the place I bought mine. I stood in the aisle for quite a while, memorized at all the crazy ass labels. Brought four interesting ones back to the office to try. Note that I’ve been running on the Melinda’s ghost pepper sauce, so maybe my tolerance is different –not to sound macho or like Randy Savage. Here are my thoughts as I go…

1) Swamp Gator hot sauce (Gator Hammock, $6.99) – Not too spicy, more easy pour, somewhat cajun flavor with that cayenne peppers and garlic. I remember my friend Ryan had this in his cupboard and thought it was tasty on whatever we were eating. This is more like a dousing sauce. Go Gators!

2) Rectal Rocket Fuel (Sauce Crafters, $5.99) – Not really too spicy on first bite. Slight afterkick, but still not bad. My butt did feel sweaty, but it might have already been that way.

3) Dumb Ass sauce (Southwest Specialty Food, $7.99) – dumb, not spicy. vinegary smelling. wtf? …I guess it’s a standard habanero sauce. Any other day, this could be a good go-to hot sauce on my baked beans.

4) Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce with Jersey Fury (Extreme Food, $12.99) – Made with Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Habanero. Smells kinda like dates. Tastes similar to Melinda’s, but sweet on first taste, then the kick comes swelling in and hotter than Melinda’s. Feeling it now. Alright now, I’m sweating. Staying with me. 5mins later. still sweating, and still feeling the heat in my mouth. Feels good though. Seems to enhance the food more than drown it out with heat. I suppose because this is just a dab. You really gotta do this one dab or droplet at a time. …I think I just got high off this. I wonder if I can get fired for hot sauce.

I’ll be bringing these hot sauces, including Melinda’s, whole dried Ghost Pepper pods & chocolate truffles to the party Saturday for you guys to try. Feel free to bring your own favorite hot sauce to show off or maybe a loaf of bread to soak up the spice.