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Carb Full Roti

I decided it would be the day of the week I would eat starchy carbs. Then walked around for an hour because I couldn’t decide what to eat. So then I decided not to eat carbs and get a quarter Jerk Chicken and Steamed Broccoli from 2 Brothers Pizza Plus. That line was too damn long. So I went to Terry’s Gourmet Deli to get a Goat Roti (big flour wrap stuffed with potatoes). There’s the carbs!

I’m not sure how it was almost $10 this time. It was $6 last time a year ago. How did it go up almost $4? I need to get back on my slow-carb diet anyway. I literally can’t afford to eat more carbs.

Terry’s Gourmet Deli – 575 6th Ave (@ W 16th St) New York, NY 10011


Apna Punjab Restaurant

I’ve been waiting for this place to open up for a while …I guess because I’m missing the hole in the wall Indian spots around the Curry Hill area. They’ve all become trendy. Well Apna Punjab is a little hole spot. Not a whole lot of selection compared to say Chadni or La.Sani. I got the Goat Curry with Chicken Biryani ($8). I don’t think that’s a common combination, but he gave it to me anyway. I think a meat and veggie over regular rice is $7.

The meat was tender. Maybe dry overall, but the green sauce helped that. The flavors were good though. The Biryani was flavorful with spices and dates. Much better than the Biryani I got from a street cart a week before, which I swear was the same exact thing as halal chicken over rice with maybe ground pepper for an extra dollar more than chicken over rice.

In the end, I feel like Jerry Seinfeld wanting to help Babu succeed. I want the little guy to win. But dang, it’s hard to give an endorsement. $8 lunch at a tiny hole and with so many good Pakistani restaurants a few blocks away. That being said, I feel like a very very bad man. … The food is good enough though. If it was next door to my office, I would eat there again.

[update: I just found their business card in my back pocket. They are open 24hours 7days a week. I’ll give them an extra star for that]

Apna Punjab Restaurant & Grill – 203 E 25th St. (btwn 3rd & 2nd Ave) New York 10010

Homemade Goat Curry Dinner

Yasmin traded me a goat curry dinner for teaching her how to use a MicroKorg keyboard. Cool. So I waited around and about an hour later get a text that says to let her know when I get there because the buzzer is broken. What?! I thought she was coming to my place.

She reheated the Goat Curry and soupy goat Paya her dad made for Bakra Eid (Goat Day) and made the cabbage & onions and aromatic rice. It was really good. Lot of tricky bones to suck on.

Her dad sent a picture of the very goat we ate before he killed it. The email said to take a look at it and let him know what she thinks.

…I say he looks pretty happy and good tasting.

Chandni’s Goat Liver

This time I got Goat Liver and Eggplant from Chandni …the place where I happened to eat in front of 200 Muslim men praying towards me. It was similar to calf liver in texture and density. What’s great is that there’s no bones! …one of the few meat dishes there that doesn’t. I’d be scared if there were.

Chandni – 11 W 29th St (btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10001

Flatiron Lunch: Latin American Restaurant

My review for this week: link

Curry Goat Roti

Got the urge for curry goat roti after trying a co-workers’ a while back and recently seeing it on one of my fav food blogs. Really tasty. I have half of it left for tomorrow’s lunch. Can’t wait to go to work.

Terry’s Gourmet Foods575 6th Ave (@ 16th St ) New York 10011