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Coco’s Famous Deep Fried Lobster (Chicago)

Rusty and I walked around Millennium and Grant Park on our last day in Chicago. Cool bean. Then met up with Ronnie Z for lunch at Coco’s Famous Deep Fried Lobster. I was excited to check it out, because it said it was famous.

I asked for water, but no water. Not even bottled water. I looked at the choices. Only sodas and Arizona Ice Teas. I was so confused. How does a restaurant not have any water …even if I wanted to pay for it? I almost wanted to say something but then saw the sign, “There will be $5 Charge for Whining” on the wall. I suppose it’s supposed to be humorous, but there’s probably a reason why it’s up there.

I ordered the Deep Fried Lobster ($11.25 for the small). Came with fries and a small cup of cole slaw, ketchup and hot sauce. It was pretty good, but I don’t know if it’s better than non-deep fried lobster. The deep frying is pretty much killing it, right? It’s not much different than fried fish chunks, except for the slight shellfish flavor.

Ronnie Z got a small white rice for $2.25. I don’t know who only orders just a small white rice, but this is how it looks at Coco’s (see below). He had one bite and then we left.

All I can think about is “no water.” And according to the signs out front, “No Public Restrooms” and “No Loitering.” …Alright, I’ll stop whining.

Coco’s Famous Deep Fried Lobster – 426 S Clark St (btwn Van Buren & Congress Pky) Chicago, IL 60605


Cafe Coco (Nashville, Tennessee)

Day 8 of the Shonali Tour: We had a pretty cool in-store performance at Grimey’s Record Store. I tried out more of my headbanging. Then we had to run to The End for our show with another band that brought in a huge Ampeg SVT rig and a guitar tech on hand to string guitars during their set. Unfortunately only one person came to see our show. But cool, because it was the bass player of Superdrag. Jeff coincidentally had a picture of him meeting that band back in the 90’s in Florida on his phone.

In the meantime, a few of us ran to get food at Cafe Coco. Totally a college hangout. The waitress asked for my ID for my beer, which isn’t unusual, but I was about 15 years older than everyone there.

I got the Lucia Panini (ham, tomato, spinach, swiss cheese and pesto) and the French Canadian Fries (cheese and gravy fries …sorta like Poutine). Both surprisingly good, especially the fries.

Cafe Coco – 210 Louise Ave. Nashville, TN 37203

I look like I’m in a Mark Bass magazine ad.
 Cafe Coco (Nashville, Tennessee)

The Munch Truck’s Fish and Chips

Yesterday, I came across the Munch Truck in my hood at Park Ave between 26th & 27th St. It was a massive food truck with a flat screen TV playing The Mummy with Brendan Fraser and speakers blasting out The Monster Mash. I ordered the “special” –Fish & Chips $6. The guy was already smiling at me, proud to show me the fish fillet he had in his hand that he just dipped into the light seasoned breading juice. Fuck yeah!

The fish did look prettier before I told him to drop on the tartar and hot sauce (which sorta melded into a hot wing sauce). But sloppy is pretty too sometimes. It was a nice cooked piece of fish. Definitely ranks up there for one of the best freshly fried fish I’ve had from a food truck or cart. Very lightly breaded and white plumps of meat inside.

2 Bros Pizza Plus’ Fish & Chips

First time I’ve seen fried fish at 2 Bros Pizza Plus. I picked it up with fries at only $4. Solid meal at a low price. No tartar sauce though. Still I’m constantly impressed with 2 Bros Pizza …well except for their pizza.

2 Bros. Pizza Plus – 601 6th Ave (btwn 17th & 18th St) NYC 10010

01 Fish and Chips 2 Bros Pizza Plus 2 Bros Pizza Plus Fish & Chips

Burger King – King Kolossalz Fries

Here’s Burger King’s (branded) King Kolossalz Fries from my grocer’s freezer ($1.99). I thought it was a toy at first. Microwaveable, yet still crispy because of the silver crisper interior lining of the box. Big cut crinkle fries, unlike anything at a Burger King. I think I like this better than regular BK fries, but that doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s good.

Remember years ago, when Burger King came out with “new fries”? I remember being disappointed. Yes, it stayed crisp, but it didn’t tasted right. I like the good ol’ days of hot soggy salty McDonald’s fries. My aunt will feed them to me with ketchup and I’d accidentally bite her fingers. Sadly, I don’t think McDonald’s makes them that way anymore. I wonder. Do people really want crisp fries or they only think they do?

Lillie’s $10 Burger & Beer Lunch Special

Walked around with Matt & Sam and ran into a $10 Burger & Beer lunch special at Lillie’s. I’ve seen this place before and was always too intimidated by how fancy it looks, but we took a chance. I ordered my burger medium-rare, Matt had his rare. The cute waitress asked if she should just bring out the cow live. That’s the kind of playful waitress flirting that makes a man feel attractive. I bet so many guys walk away thinking she’s into them.

The burger was okay and came with plenty of fries. With a Stella, it’s a pretty good burger & beer deal. You don’t even have to get a burger. You can get a Grilled Ham & Cheese like Sam.

Lillie’s Victorian Bar & Restaurant – 13 E 17th St (btwn 5th Ave & W Union Sq) New York, NY 10003

White Castle’s Sweet Potato Fries

There’s a sign up for White Castle Sweet Potato Fries. Dang, that’s a lotta calories. Pretty decent sweet potato fries. They gave me some Sweet Cinnamon Dipping sauce that was gross. I got used to it though and started to like it. But by that time it was like eating dessert à la Taco Bell’s Cinnamon Twists.

Checkers’ Fully Loaded Fries

After the Ramen and Friends baby shower, I just had to stop by Checkers in Brooklyn Heights to relive my college days riding my bike home with a 99cent Spicy Chicken Sandwich. It isn’t 99cents anymore, at least at this New York location. I suppose it’s understandable, since I’m thinking back 8 years ago in Gainesville, Florida. At $2.69, it’s not as memorable as it was back then or at the Atlanta airport, when we missed our plane because I couldn’t find the Chic-fil-A.

What was memorable was the Fully Loaded Fries. Checkers seasoned fries with cheddar cheese, bacon and ranch dressing. Hot dang. This is one big pile of awesome-mess. I think it ended up tasting like a Wendy’s baked potato with the same fixings. Makes sense.

Checkers – 111 Court St (btwn Schermerhorn & State St) Brooklyn, NY 11201