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New York Street Meat Video

I ate this yesterday.


Tuk Tuk Boy Thai Food Cart

I went out to Midtown to buy a ticket for a childhood best friend‘s show at Carnegie Hall. Yeah, weird right? I didn’t know until that day he was performing. And why? I don’t really know. I recently found out he’s a famous author, but I didn’t understand why he was performing at Carnegie Hall.

Anyway, I passed by this Thai food cart (Tuk Tuk Boy) on the way back to work. I got the Chicken Pad Thai $7. I had to ask for the hot chili sauce. And it had some Easy Points scan code sticker on the package. I don’t know what that is.

The Pad Thai came out quick and pretty good. All the ingredients were all separated in the box. Like I had to mix it up. It was good.

Tuk Tuk Boy Thai Food Cart – E. 50th St (between 6th & 7th Ave) New York, NY 10019

So that night I went to see my old friend. I contacted him on Twitter. First time we communicated in over two decades.

The show was crazy. Everyone was thirteen years old, female and I think Swedish. And they went crazy when he and his younger brother said anything. It was like the Beatles were playing. It’s weird. Any time I think of his younger brother, I picture a 5 year old kid and I hear that voice in my mind. But they’re all grown up now and apparently successful. I think I’m a little bit jealous. But I guess I do okay.

Even though I didn’t understand one thing at the show (What was going on? Why are people going crazy? What is this show about?) …I do remember him being really smart and forthgoing. So I would’ve imagined it would end up this way.

Soho Halal Cart in front of H&M

I always like the smell of the Halal Cart when I go to Soho after work. This time I was in the area during lunch and there were many carts out. I was trying to find the one I smell at night, but there were three carts parked next to each other. I went with the strongest smelling one, directly in front of H&M (Broadway between Prince & Spring).

Got the Lamb & Chicken over Rice $6. Not so bad. Pretty solid. Nice level spiciness. Great first few bites. But couldn’t really finish it.

I’m not sure if it’s worth me trying the other carts. Although I’ve read good things on Yelp about the one on the corner of Houston and Broadway.

King of Falafel and Shawarma

I went up to Astoria and tried King of Falafel and Shawarma – 2010 Vendy Award Winner. They had their big trophy on display. Not such a bad of a line for lunch time, compared to the popular carts in the city.

I got the Freddy’s Junior (Chicken and Kefta over rice platter). Huge platter for $7. I like the pickles they put in there. Overall a very clean tasting dish. Not overly spicy. I didn’t feel like my butt was going to explode. That would’ve have been a problem, being so far away from home.

King of Falafel and Shawarma – 30th St & Broadway. Astoria Queens, NY 11106

Tacos Morelos Food Cart

Dang. Good taco cart in the East Village across from Bar 2A. Went to two birthday parties there this week. A good opportunity to get a taco.

The cook told me the Barbacoa goat taco was the one to get. I liked it. $2.50. Tender shredded meat. Juices dripping all over my fingers.

Also tried a Tlacoyas. Never heard of this before. Looks like a vegetarian Huarache with beans, sour cream, onions and red & green spicy sauce $2.50. Not bad. I think some of that Barbacoa on it would make it even better. But maybe that makes it a Huarache?

Tacos Morelos cart – Northwest corner of E 2nd St and Ave A. New York City

Fish Balls on a Stick

Got this from the food cart in front of the New York Supermarket parking lot in Elmhurst. I wanted to get the fish balls with noodles, but they were out everything except the balls and ready to close shop. They put some kind of syrupy Asian barbecue sauce on it and I was ready to go. Not really good at all, but I should take into consideration that these were their last scraps and it was only $1. I still ate it all. I don’t know why. I think I felt I would be throwing away perfectly good food and money. Weird how the mind works.

Chinese Food Cart – Broadway (btwn Elmhurst & Whitney Ave) Elmhurst, NY 11373