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Eastwood’s Israeli Scotch Egg

Last week, I was at Eastwood to drink for Sarah’s bday. They had a pickup/ordering window in the bar. I got the fried fish, which I thought was good.

Then when I was leaving, Sarah’s was urging me to get the Israeli Scotch Egg. A hard boiled wrapped in a falafel with tahini sauce on the side. I took it home. It was interesting. I’m sure it would have been good if I ate it when it was hot. I’m learning all the time.

Eastwood – 221 E Broadway (btwn Clinton & Montgomery) New York, NY 10002

01 Eastwood Scotch Eggs


Kimchi Fried Rice?

I made Kimchi Fried Rice by mixing Kimchi and Fried Rice. How-to video coming soon!