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The Anchored Inn

Went over to Sam Jayne’s old place to check out the aftermath of Scumfest, the scummiest music fest in Brooklyn. Do you have what it takes?

02 Scumfest aftermath

That was a crazy two-night party. Anyway, we headed over to The Anchored Inn for some food. Really cool bar with black velvet paintings all over in an area that seems so desolate.

06 Chili Lime Roasted Peanuts - The Anchored Inn

Had some really good food there. Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, Brussel Sprouts, Chili-Lime Roasted Peanuts, Beef Chili. I love this place. I wish I knew about this place when I lived a little closer.

The Anchored Inn – 57 Waterbury St (btwn Scholes & Meserole St) Brooklyn, NY 11206


Eastwick’s Slow Braised Short Ribs Hush

I really like Eastwick’s Slow Braised Short Ribs Hush (roasted potatoes, sunny side eggs and salsa verdé) for brunch. I’ve had it twice. It always seems to look different though, including the ones I’ve seen other people get. But good nonetheless.

It might look gross with all the juice hanging out at the bottom of the plate …or at the corner if the table is slanted. But dang, that juice is supposed to be sopped up with the bread and it taste so buttery good.

Brunch is $14 and comes with a Bloody Mary or Mimosa and Coffee or Tea. The Bloody Mary is nice and spicy with a salted rim. I like my Bloody Mary salted!

Eastwick – 112 Graham Ave (@ Mckibbin St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Pollos USA’s Big Plates

Pollos USA has big plates of food for pretty cheap. $10 or $13 plates. They mostly all include meat, rice, beans and an egg. I got the #9 $10 plate (Carne Asada) –steak with chicharrón and plantains. It’s not bad for the price. A lot better than I expected. I love the Picante green hot sauce. It’s similar to Sophie’s green sauce. Dine-in and you can have as much green sauce as you want!

Pollos USA – 108 Graham Ave (between Mckibbin & Seigel St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Sweet Science

We checked out Sweet Science a little while back as a pre-theater dinner before Then She Fell in East Williamsburg. It’s a newish place. Pretty big space for the area.

My friends hated it. They had the burger with the fried egg and pinapple, kale salad, and black-eyed peas. I had the fried chicken which I thought was pretty good. The breading was crispy and dense. I had no problem. But for some reason they were pissed off. I think it all started with the wine being a little funky and it took a little nudging to have them swap it out. I think that’s what made them hate this place from there on out. No turning back. Hey, I had beer. I didn’t notice.

Maybe that’s something a lot of restaurants can learn. The customer is always right. Don’t argue. From what I gather, it seems like people can love a place, but then have one bad experience and then refuse to ever come back. I see it on Yelp all the time.

Again, I had no problem. I liked my fried chicken. Although now I see I didn’t get the fries that the menu said was included. What’s up with that? Shit. Now I’m getting pissed off.

Sweet Science – 135 Graham Ave (btwn Boerum St & Johnson Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Oh and the play (Then She Fell) was awesome. It’s an interactive play kind of like Sleep No More, but more interactive and intimate. They only take 15 audience members at a time. It’s based on Lewis Carroll and Alice and Wonderland. It’s creepy. I was having a conversation with Alice about my romantic history, while brushing her hair. It was awesome. As of right now, it’s going on through October 27th. Worth it.

Xi’an Famous Foods Brooklyn

Weird. Xi’an Famous Foods just opened up a storefront kind of close to where I live in East Williamsburg. But what’s weird is that in the middle of nowhere. So far from the train and mostly just among warehouses.

Seriously, this is the Google Maps street view…

Well after talking to the guy there, it makes actually makes sense since it is the location of their central kitchen. They make almost all the stuff there (sauces, meats, noodles) before shipping them off to their restaurants. And the location does make sense since it’s close to the highway. Might as well add a storefront since they are making food there anyway. And there are people that live close enough …like me.

Today is their grand opening and they are giving out free burgers or noodle dish if you go to their Facebook page. If you catch this quick enough and willing to trudge through the snow, you can still print out the coupon. Todd told me about it since he lives even closer and said he was going to go right when it opened …and they would hang his coupon on the wall like a first dollar bill. Anyway I beat him and was the first person there, but he and Elissa came after. No line because of the blizzard. People soon came in after us, but we already hogged the three stools at the counter. I feel bad all those people had to eat their food in the snow.

The food was good as usual. Maybe spicier? It had a lot of kick.

Xi’an Famous Foods – 86 Beadel St. Brooklyn, NY 11222

There was a big CPR poster on the wall. Is it weird that the people in the drawings look Asian? Maybe they just look at Asian because we’re in an Asian restaurant.

I do hope they hang my coupon on the wall.

A.K.A. Bar Restaurant

I walked by this place one day. I think it’s sort of new in the East Williamsburg area –A.K.A. Bar Restaurant. It looks more like a bar in there. They got a full bar up with some top shelf liquor. I saw a sign for $3 beer and $5 lunch special.

It’s weird. The printed menu is mostly stuff like Tacos, Burritos and Burgers …I think to pull in the white people. But dang, I really feel like they should focus on the stuff not on the menu …the stuff that’s their lunch special –Roast Pork, Beef Stew, Roast Chicken. White people like that stuff.

$5 lunch special with rice and beans. I remember when Latino places near my work would have $5 lunch specials, but now they’re more like $8. I guess it makes sense that this is $5 though, since it’s not near my work.

I ordered the Roast Pork. Pretty good stuff. Although, it was sliced more like ham than what I usually think of as Roast Pork –stringy, pulled apart meat. Still pretty good. I really liked the rice and beans and the hot sauce.

$5 a pretty good deal. $3 Bud, cool.

A.K.A. Bar Restaurant – 759 Grand St (btwn Graham Ave & Humboldt St)\Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pedro’s II (East Williamsburg)

There’s a new restaurant where the short-lived Alien Cafe used to be right off the Grand St L stop –Pedro’s II Dumbo …but in East Williamsburg. Dang, this is that Mexican restaurant in Dumbo that sticks out like it’s the only restaurant in the area, at least back in the day from my memory of walking around Dumbo off the York stop.

I remember eating here in Dumbo with an old girlfriend and her friends. A live DVD of Shakira was playing on the TV and my girlfriend was making fun of her. I don’t know why, but I got really upset. I remember talking to my friend later that night about how I feel like breaking up with her because of that. I didn’t realize Shakira was such a touchy subject in my life. I actually don’t know much about her. But now you know not to bad-mouth Shakira in front of me.

Anyway, I stopped into this new Pedro’s in Williamsburg for brunch. I wanted some Mexican breakfast. I saw the sign outside for the Huevos Rancheros with Mimosa for $11 and ordered that. It’s actually about the same price any time of the day for that combo. If I knew that, I’d probably try a burrito or tortas, since that sounded heartier for the price.

No regrets though. Although, the Huevos Ranchos looked a little skimpy on the plate. I couldn’t tell there was a corn tortilla underneath that fried egg. But mixed all together with the beans and the hot sauce in the small Corona bottle, it tasted pretty good. I enjoyed it. Mimosa was tasty!

I’d come back again. Probably for the Happy Hour $3 beer (4-8pm). The waitress was nice. They had college basketball on TV. No Shakira.

Pedro’s II – 812 Grand St (btwn Bushwick Ave & Humboldt) Brooklyn, NY 11211

El Comal Deli and Grill

I got a comment here the other day from Evan:

Hey. You need to go to El Comal on Orient and Metropolitan. Seriously. Amazing. Mexican Food cooked to order in the back. So cheap. Also, they need our business. I don’t want them to go away. Been there two months and I don’t see a lot of people. We need more food in the Orient, maspeth, olive triangle. Support the hood! Get people going there.

I’ve seen this place. I thought it was just a regular bodega. It was shortly a 99cent store pretty recently.

I told Todd about this and he went there yesterday. He confirmed that the tacos are good.

I went here today with Rusty and Dave Dondero. The bodega is large. Spacious, but not a whole lot of products. They have steam tray tables meant for some kind of buffet, but they are empty. There’s a shelf of tortilla shells, cheese, salsas and raw meat you can buy to make tacos at home. And then the grill is in the back.

They make all sorts of things, Mexican food (tacos, enchiladas, sopes, tortas) to breakfasts platters and sandwiches.

I ordered three tacos for myself ($2.50 each). I got a carne asada (beef), carnitas (pork) and lengua (tongue). They all came out looking the same, but did taste different. I think what was the carne asada was the best. But all really good. Very authentic Mexican style tacos.

If only this place sold beer and stayed open later. I’ll be back.

El Comal Deli and Grill – 817 Metropolitan (between Bushwick Ave/Woodpoint and Orient), Brooklyn NY 11121