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Cibao Restaurant

We went to Cibao where I got that Cuban sandwich years ago. I feel like prices went up. Sandwiches are probably the best deal at around $6-8.

The Shrimp Cantonese was interesting. I wouldn’t thought they would have something like that on the menu. But it was surprisingly pretty good.

I got into a fight with Justin about whether to use flash or not on my camera. I used to be a proponent of non-flash food photos, but now I do a lot of flashing. I like the way it makes the photo look like an American Apparel ad. Also I don’t need to think and change settings and worry about the people waiting to eat the food. Plus it’s a lot sharper.

I took both flash and no flash. Okay in this case after I photoshopped them, no-flash turned out okay I guess. Sometimes you never know though. It wasn’t bright inside the restaurant and the original untouched images do look shitty.

I mean look how awesome these photos of Grilled Cheese I took at Subject bar earlier in the night…

07 Grilled Cheese - Subject Bar

I definitely couldn’t have gotten this shot without a flash. It would have been all blurry.

08 Grilled Cheese - Subject Bar

Cibao – 72 Clinton St (@ Rivington St) New York 10002


Dining in at Latin American Restaurant

I haven’t been here in a while since I cut the carbs. But I was ready to eat some rice with Sam and Chris here at Latin American Restaurant (which I’ve written about many times).

We actually ate inside, which I’ve never done because it’s so close to work and I’m scared to used the metal utensils. It wasn’t that scary. The water maybe. But  food was still good. Oxtail Stew is nice and tender and good mixed up with the rice with beans and hot sauce.

Chris’ iPhone 4S camera did pretty good in the low light. I was impressed.

Latin American Restaurant – 29 W 26th St (btwn 6th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10010


Mom’s Kitchen Too – Oxtail Stew!

A new Dominican spot opened up where Good Feathers used to be and next to the corner where they busted the drug ring caught on Google Street View. Unfortunately, they painted over the awesome cartoon chicken mural. But inside, it looks so much nicer than before.

There was good looking Dominican food in steam trays up front for you to see. Rotisserie and Fried Chicken off to the side. The guy also said there’s a lot of food they can make in the kitchen too.

I got the Oxtail Stew lunch special $7. It was a nice heavy platter with rice and beans. I added sweet plantains for $1 extra.

The Oxtail was tender and seasoned well. I didn’t need to add hot sauce for flavor. Actually when I did that, it made it worse. Good as is.

The plantains were moist and sweet. A lot of times, they come dry at other places, so I tend not to order them. But these were perfect.

I can’t wait to go here again. I want to try the Roast Pork next. Also the Rotisserie Chicken (Polla a la Brasa) is a pretty good deal. On the menu: $2 for 1/4, $3.50 for 1/2 and $7 for a whole. Fried Chicken $1 for a drumstick and $1.50 for a thigh.

Mom’s Kitchen Too (or Mama’s Kitchen Too or La Cocina De Mama Too) – 251 Jackson St. Brooklyn, NY

El Emperador Elias Restaurant

I went to pick up a package from the Williamsburg post office and got lured into this this Dominican/Latino restaurant with the $3.95 lunch special sign with free soda. The lunch special food looked decent from the steam trays. But instead, I sat down to get a proper meal. The food was a lot more expensive on the dine-in menu, but that was okay. I really got into watching Andrew W.K. videos on my phone while on tour …and Andrew W.K. says spend your money.

I got the Mofongo with Fried Beef (Dominican Style) $11.95. It came with Chicken Soup. That was good. It had butternut squash in it. The Mofongo and Fried Beef took a long time to get to me. All the while, I saw a ton of people come and go for the lunch special take-out.

Monfongo was alright. Best use of the sauce on the side for the dried mashed plantains and chewy chunks of beef. Maybe should have gone with the lunch special, but there’s no turning back. I would’ve stood there for thirty minutes trying to decide what to eat like I normally do. Sometimes you just gotta go for it.

El Emperador Elias Restaurant – 274 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Oxtail and Roast Pork at El Castillo De Jagua

Anthony and I were out for a Boyz Night Out. Only thing was that we couldn’t remember what we were supposed to do. Wondered around the lower east side and after two beers, gave in for food at El Castillo De Jagua (see Mofongo and Sancocho soup).

Ordered the roast pork and oxtail stew. Bread was loaded with slaps of butter. The heavy food really got to us. We had one more beer and watched Dave play at Cakeshop. In bed by 11. Boyz Night out in NYC …some wild shit.

El Castillo De Jagua – 113 Rivington St (@ Essex St) New York 10002

El Brillante Restaurant’s Chicken Soup

Exploring down the Avenue of Puerto Rico in Brooklyn. There’s a colorful little Dominican restaurant with blaring mariachi/polka music. I tried the chicken soup. Thick & chunky. Really tasty. $4 with rice. Bring the ear plugs.

El Brillante Restaurant – 159 Graham Ave (btw Johnson Ave & Meserole St) New York, NY 11206
01 El Brillante Restaurant
02 El Brillante Chicken Soup

Dominican Bakery: Empanada

Rusty and I went down to Grand St. to check out the sneakers and the Charles Bronson t-shirts …I think I know what I’m getting Russ for his b-day. We got chicken empanadas from the Dominican Bakery. I thought it was a 99cent toy store.

Dominican Bakery – 800 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11211

El Castillo De Jagua – Mofongo, Ghosts & Tacos

Dinner at this Dominican restaurant in the lower east side, El Castillo De Jagua. I ordered the Mofongo (mashed plantains with pork skin and dipping sauce). The sauce was tomato based with shredded pork meat and potatoes. It was pretty much a soup in itself. I also had the Sancocho soup (a Spanish stew/soup with nice pork chunks). Great affordable food. I’ve read the Cuban sandwich is pretty baddass.

Then off the Living Room to catch my next-door neighbors in Ghost Gamblers and to meet up with friends, which we then got some tacos at San Loco. Me So Full.

El Castillo De Jagua – 113 Rivington St (@ Essex St) New York 10002