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Godiva’s Year of the Horse Chocolates

When I was a kid, I remember Godiva being the real fancy shit at the candy counter at Sears. I think I got my mom a Godiva bar for mother’s day or something. It was a big deal, because she loves Godiva chocolates.

Now I’m wondering if Godiva is some kind of popular Asian/Chinese thing …because I was invited to their corporate headquarters for a tasting of their new chocolate by a publicist that focuses on Asian Americans. Plus most of the media and bloggers there were Asian. Also the new chocolate is a limited edition Chinese New Year “Year of the Horse” collection. Last year, they apparently made a Mooncake one.

I got there late and missed the presentation. So I didn’t know what was going on. I drank quite a few of the Godiva chocolate martinis to catch up and had some of the new chocolates –Dark Caramel Pear, Milk Cherry Almond, White Pineapple Macadamia. Pretty fancy stuff.

Their office is really nice. It has a soft serve machine with Godiva chocolate in it. I’ve never used a soft serve machine before and I didn’t realize you had to pull the handle down all the way. It looked really funny watching little squirts and splats hit my cup.

I could have sworn there were a few couples on dates at this event. They were sitting at the small tables and it totally looked like they were on a date. I think I’ve been doing this food blogging thing all wrong. I need start bringing some Tinder dates with me.

I just looked at the gift bag they gave me. It had a bunch of Godiva branded red envelopes that you’re supposed to fill with money (lai see) and hand out to kids for Chinese New Year for good luck. I think I’m going to send my mom the box of Year of the Horse chocolates. She’d be thrilled …because it’s Godiva and she’s Asian.


Cacao Noel Chocolate Truffles

Someone brought these Noel Chocolate Truffles to Bonnie’s Hanukkah party. Dang, these were really good. I usually don’t eat sweets, but dang. I liked these. Very rich and Tasty.

The party had a lot of drinking. I remember Justin threw our fake rat in the air and a girl freaked out. Then he through a smaller toy mouse at her and she freaked out. I thought I could diffuse the situation by throwing one of those Jewish Chocolate Coins at her. But she freaked out and ran out of the apartment. She didn’t even get her jacket. Dang, I feel so gelty.

Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America 2012

Last night, Dessert Professional honored the Top 10  Pastry Chefs in America across the street from my office.

Top 10 Pastry Chefs in America – 2012

Nathaniel Reid – Norman Love Confections, Naples FL
Jean-Marie Auboine -
 Jean-Marie Auboine Chocolatier, Las Vegas, NV
Chris Hanmer – 
The School of Pastry Design, Las Vegas, NV
Sally Camacho – 
WP24, Los Angeles, CA  
Craig Harzewski – 
Naha, Chicago, IL 
Sandro Micheli -
 Daniel, NYC
Marc Aumont – 
The Modern, NYC
Christina Tosi – Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC
Damien Herrgott – Bos ie Tea Parlor, NYC
Angela Pinkerton – Eleven Madison Park, NYC

2012 Hall of Fame Honoree: Marcel Desaulniers, Mad About Chocolate.

Some really good stuff. My favorites were the Chocolate Beignets and the Pork Buns. I ate too many sweets. I think I got diabetes last night.

Yorkie Chocolate is NOT for Girls!

Bonnie gave me this Yorkie Chocolate bar that says “it’s not for girls!” I don’t know why. All it is is milk chocolate. I let Bonnie eat some anyway.

Japanese Baskin Robbins Chocolate Candy

Sam gave me a pack of this Baskin Robbins chocolate he found at an Asian grocery. It’s made by Fujiya LOOK. The flavors are strawberry cheesecake, jamoca coffee, orange sherbet and vanilla. I thought they all tasted like nougat. Sam says the package recommends putting it in the fridge to chill. I put it in the freezer. More is better?

I don’t know what it says, but the Japanese Baskin Robbins site looks fun. They need to bring that green tea waffle cone over here.

Chocolate & I, New York – Food For Art. Art for Thought.

Last night, I was invited to the press party for the week-long Chocolate & I, New York event presented by Migration of Senses. I lured by the promise of drinks and I get to eat chocolate? Well there were no chocolates for me to eat, no vender booths that I expected. There was an art exhibit.

And here I was a little confused. Some art made sense as far as food goes, like the candy dot paintings and the chocolate dripping piece. Some didn’t, like the LED wind blowing lights and the digital shadows that poked each other. They were all interesting and pretty cool, but I didn’t know what it had to do this food blogger. So I got my hands on some Tanteo chocolate-infused tequila and Brooklyn Brewery’s Black Chocolate Stout, then proceeded to pet a music-playing box to calm it down. I spoke with the artist, Elim Cheng, about it and asked what it had to do with chocolate. She said it had to do with the feeling of what chocolate does to you. In this case, comforts you. In that moment, I think I got it. It could have been tequila though.

As for the drinks, the tequila and beer did have a chocolate taste to them. However it was more reminiscent of chocolate scratch n sniff –a faux chocolate taste. They were decent drinks. But since texture is such a big factor in what chocolate is to me, I missed it here.

There are different themed chocolate tastings each night this week, ranging from $25-65.  All sound intriguing. I wish I could have witness one of them. The art exhibition is free to view.

Check the Chocolate & I, New York website for more info and schedule of events.