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Takashi Murakami’s New Exhibit and The Bodega (Bushwick)’s Sausage

The night before Veteran’s Day was pretty eventful. I know I drank a lot, but what I can remember is that I went to the opening reception of Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami’s new exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery. I’ve never seen so many hipsters and Asians in one place since I looked in the mirror.

01 Takashi Murakami NYC 2014 Takashi Murakamis New Exhibit and The Bodega (Bushwick)s Sausage

I love Murakami’s work and this was some awesome stuff. Now I have a question. If it’s free to see his art, how do they make money? Murakami or the gallery? Do they sell this stuff? And who has the space in their NY apartment to hold these gigantic sculptures?

Then I went to Housing Works to check out the Night School: Lowbrow Lectures, where they talked about things like “The Quantum Mechanics of Time Travel in Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure,” “Hello Kitty is a Cat: A Polemic,” “The Ron Swanson of the 18th Century,” and “The Complete History of Cats on the Internet.” I remembered getting pissed off at the guy who made fun of Tim Tebow with an animated GIF of the football bouncing off Tebow’s head to make a point about time travel. What a dick.

Then I headed back to Bushwick and hung out at Cobra Club for quarter of Monday Night Football. Then ended up at The Bodega where there was more football. I got a the Basic German Sausage (Grilled Krainerwurst from Ridgewood’s Karl Ehmer, served on pretzel roll with sauerkraut and chips $8). It was really good. Cam Newton wasn’t.

06 The Basic Sausage The Bodega Bushwick Takashi Murakamis New Exhibit and The Bodega (Bushwick)s Sausage

The Bodega – 24 St Nicholas Ave (@ Troutman St) Brooklyn 11237


Fritzl’s Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich

Now that I live in Bushwick, I can have one of the best burgers ever at Fritzl’s. However, I chose the “Palace” Fried Chicken Sandwich instead –Homemade chicken patty (brined breast and thigh) with lettuce and mayo on a roll $9. That sounds really good and it was.

01 Fritzls Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich Fritzls Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich

I assume it’s modeled after Palace Fried Chicken restaurants that’s around New York. This tasted like a really good Burger King Chicken Sandwich …or a Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich. Instead of a ground/mashed up formed frozen patty, it’s real bits of chicken formed into a crispy hockey puck.

You know what I think makes it taste especially good is the mayo and shredded lettuce. Something about that makes it taste good. I think SNL was right on target when they made this skit about a new fake KFC item called KFC Shredders –a bag of lettuce where you put mayo and then shake.

Then I remember McDonald’s soon followed and made something very similar called Salad Shakers, where you shake up the lettuce and dressing in a sundae cup. Or maybe SNL was making fun of McDonald’s, but I remember the timing was the other way around.

Fritzl’s Lunch Box – 173 Irving Ave (btwn Stanhope St & Stockholm St in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237

Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Lunch Special

01 Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Feast Combination Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Lunch Special

I ordered the big Feast Combination lunch special ($12) at Bunna Cafe and when it came out, the girls sitting next to me were like “that’s as big as ours” and they were two people. They thought they got jipped. I didn’t respond to them because I was nervous. Then they asked the server why my order was so big compared to theirs. She said it was because I ordered the Feast and not just the lunch combination. I guess that makes sense.

Then I thought I heard the next guy to sit down next to me order the Feast. But his plate was so much smaller.

Okay, here’s what I think might have happened:
1) Maybe that’s just the size of the Feast. So get that. It’s a much better deal. A lot more food.
2) Maybe the chef made a platter for two by mistake. And since it would be more wasteful to throw it away and make another plate for one, they just gave me that.
3) Maybe they saw me taking photos of the menu and assumed I was food bloggging. So better make a good impression.

Anyway it was good food. Bunna Cafe is vegan however. I did miss the meat more than I thought I would. But it was still good.

I ate here because I just had a tooth extraction and was only supposed to eat soft food. But a stalk of the beets when straight into my gum hole.

Bunna Cafe – 1084 Flushing Ave (b/t Varick Ave & Knickerbocker Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11237

Montana’s Trail House

I just moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s one of Vogue Magazine’s top 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World. And yeah, it is cool. I live off the Jefferson stop. They call it Jefftown. And I feel like all the girls here are like Uma Thurman.

Anyway, I live pretty close to Montana’s Trail House. I’ve had a couple of beers there before, while waiting for my appointments at Nooklyn realty next door. Seems like a cool place.

This time I had dinner. Ordered the Root Beer Braised Brisket ($22) with Anson Mills Rice Grits, Mustard Greens, Horseradish. Super tender meat. Tasted almost Oriental for some reason. Like some super tender meat I grew up with. Really good.

Also tried their Switchels, which is homemade fermented apple cider, formerly used medicinally. It’s really good sipping alongside a shot of whiskey.

Montana’s Trail House – 445 Troutman St (@ Saint Nicholas Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11237

Northeast Kingdom’s Burger

Northeast Kingdom’s Burger is good. Mushroom Duxelles (what is that?), Tobacco Onion (I don’t know), Vermont Cheddar (this is cheese) $15. Good burger!

Northeast Kingdom – 18 Wyckoff Ave (btwn Jefferson & Troutman St) Brooklyn, NY 11237

Fritzl’s Cheeseburger is the Best Burger

So a lot of people have been saying Fritzl’s is one of the best new burgers. And I thought I had the best burger already at The Grand Bar and Grill. So we went to Fritzl’s and yeah, it is the best burger. I think the meat is just salty enough. There’s some kind of relish and brown oozing sauce. All together, it makes the best burger. Only thing though, it might be a little too rich. Like I felt like I ate a stick of butter afterwards.

01 Cheeseburger Fritzl%E2%80%99s Fritzls Cheeseburger is the Best Burger

I gotta say $9 for the burger. $1 extra for cheese. Add $3 for a side. Definitely worth it, compared to other places if you want the best burger.

The Creamed Collards were just okay. Too grainy and powerdery cheesy for my tastes.

Fritzl’s Lunch Box – 173 Irving Ave (btwn Stanhope St & Stockholm St in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237

Pollos USA’s Big Plates

Pollos USA has big plates of food for pretty cheap. $10 or $13 plates. They mostly all include meat, rice, beans and an egg. I got the #9 $10 plate (Carne Asada) –steak with chicharrón and plantains. It’s not bad for the price. A lot better than I expected. I love the Picante green hot sauce. It’s similar to Sophie’s green sauce. Dine-in and you can have as much green sauce as you want!

Pollos USA – 108 Graham Ave (between Mckibbin & Seigel St) Brooklyn, NY 11206

Goodbye Blue Monday

We had a show with our friends Leamers (from Montreal) at Goodbye Blue Monday the other night in Bushwick. I remember walking by this place with Justin one time for brunch. We walked in and it was a pretty dingy bar. It seemed weird to eat brunch there in a dark place on such a nice sunny day. That’s when we kept walking and ended up at this awesome West African restaurant. But now that’s it’s cold and night time, it’s makes better sense to eat here.

I split a Burger and Fries (with Salad) with Anthony. I was stacked tall. Pretty decent burger. Not bad at all. I’m not scared to eat here anymore.

There was a stand-up comedy show that preceded us. One guy looked like Eli Manning.

Goodbye Blue Monday – 1087 Broadway (btwn Lawton & Dodworth St) Brooklyn, NY 11221