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The Best Things I Ate in 2011

Dang. I know it’s already March 2012. But here’s what I really liked in 2011.

Barzola’s Seafood Soup: Amazing creamy broth and I like the Ecuadorian Disco Diner look.

Stir It Up’s Jerk Chicken: This and their homemade Ginger Beer were very yummy.

Rock Shop: Some of the best food at a rock club venue in NYC. Burgers, Fries and Wings. Performing bands get 50% off!

Brooklyn Taco Company: I was skeptical of the hipster tacos and that their name had “Brooklyn” in it …but it was really really good. I feel like I opened up my mind in 2011.

Kiflu’s African Food Truck: I wish this Financial District truck was in my work area.

Tappo Thin Crust Pizza: Good lunch special deal. Also good Happy Hour specials (although that’s usually before I get out of work).

Matouk’s Calypso Sauce: “Caribbean thick hot sauce. Sweet and super spicy.”

The Islands’ Jerk Chicken: I love Jerk!

Rafiqi’s Halal Street Cart (on 6th Ave & 20th St): This makes the list, because I ate so much of it in 2011. This particular Rafiq’s taste better than most other Rafiqi’s carts I’ve tried. However, lately it’s been more hit or miss. I do like the Philly Cheese Beef platter. Get your food with the Green Sauce!

De Hot Pot’s Doubles: Curried chickpeas between roti bread “…whatever sauces the guy put on it was amazing. A small little packet full of flavor.”

Lodge General Store’s Couchsachraga Sandwich: It doesn’t look like anything special, but it was quite a perfectly crafted sandwich. “I brought it back to my friends and offered them some, but secretly I wanted it all to myself.”

Corner Star Corner’s True Grit: I made the sandwich poster for them. I was surprisingly impressed how good it was. I think they were too. I mean the sandwich. But I guess the poster too.

Tangra Masala Indian-Style Chinese: Good choice for a Ramen and Friends dinner. “Tangra Masala was filling and made me sweat.”

SCRATCHbread sandwich: “Crunchy bits of roast pork and skin. Greasy as hell, but I think that was the bread that was making my fingers oily.”

Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans: The biggest can of baked beans I’ve ever seen. It was cool to chill with some bros and thrown this on top of a fire.  …Later, I did find a 7-pound can and threw it on a fire!

Wall Street Bath & Spa88’s Pelmeni dumplings: These are delicious if you’re drunk and happen to walk into a downtown Russian spa.

Jimmy’s Diner’s Fried Chicken & Waffles: All you gotta do is look at this photo.

Lokal’s Pan Roasted Cod with Mashed Potatoes: “Oh My Cod!” –Janet

The Brooklyn Star’s Fried Pork Chop“Huge. I didn’t know a pork chop could be so big.”

Jamaican Dutchy’s Cow Foot Stew: “…mostly gelatinous gloopy gloppy tendon and skin …It was good.”

Shonali’s Parents made us Indian food (Nashville): Home-cooking …made from a real home!

Eats (Atlanta): I went here because the cute girl at the hotel front desk suggested it.

Cafe Soul’s $1.99 Pork Chop Sandwich (Skippers, VA): “It was bigger than my face.”

Mulholland’s Late Night Sandwich: “Dang this was tasty mess of a sandwich.”

St. Anselm’s Lamb Saddle: “Having a bite on the fatty end was some of the best meat I’ve ever put in my mouth.”

Oyster Roast at the Food Film Festival: This was amazing. Some of the best oysters I’ve ever had. The Food Film Festivals is actually calling for entries this year. Check it out if you got something cool to show.

Sik Gaek Korean Restaurant: I need to go back for the live octopus and moving lobster cut in half.

The Shamrock Club’s Italian Beef Sandwich (Chicago): I assume there’s better places to get an Italian Beef Sandwich, but this was the best thing I ate in Chicago.

After looking over the past year, there was a ton of awesome stuff that didn’t make this huge ass list. I see I did have a lot of fun. Sometimes I forget. I’m very grateful to have shared it with you guys.

I asked Tio Wally and David Dondero about their favorite meal they wrote about on Me So Hungry. I’m very grateful to have them on-board.

David Dondero: “The Steak and Eggs at the Dixie Grill in Wilmington. They get the top prize for best breakfast i’ve had. I thought they were tied with the Roadhouse in Talkeetna, Alaska but the Roadhouse blew it by not serving their famous sour dough pancakes on weekdays. It’s pancake batter.. you gotta make that shit everyday if it’s the best thing you got. They don’t so i give my best to the Dixie Grill. They make the steak and eggs every day. No questions.”

Tio Wally: “It would have to be Nona Mia in Asheville, North Carolina because the food is just so damn awesome. Moreover, it’s a really comfortable place to eat … or just be. Great food, great service, great, great place.”


Best Things I Ate in 2010

I just looked back at my 2010 posts. I can’t believe all the shit I ate. Here are some of the best.

Best Lunch Sandwich: Johny’s Melissa Munchie. All sandwiches should have onion rings and/or french fries stuffed in it.

Best Fried Chicken: There was a lot of new fried chicken this year (Hill Country Chicken, the new Pies N Thighs). All super good, but the Commodore edges them out just a bit for their super flaky skin and honey butter/hot sauce to dip with. Also they have the Hot Fish Sandwich you can eat on the side.

Best Food Cart: Veronica’s Kitchen in the Financial District. If only this cart was in my work-hood. The best and spiciest Jerk Chicken and Goat Roti. The hot sauce on the side is awesome.

Best Mexican: Plaza Mexico Dona Zita’s Pork Torta Sandwich at Coney Island’s Midway. This thing is so big and topped with tender roast pork pernil, avocados, and Oaxaca Cheese. Now I’m not sure if this place still exists or it’s fate (with all the Coney Island drama these past years.) Here’s hoping for another summer Torta.

Honorable Mention: Zaragoza Deli Tacos. Tongue Tacos!

Best Punjabi Food: Punjabi Deli. Cheap, quick, opens late!

Best Seafood: I loved the boiled crawfish at Franky & Johnny’s, but these Charbroiled Oysters at Drago’s are some next level shit. Tastes like a good steak. There’s so much awesome food in New Orleans. The Popeye’s is really good there.

Best Burger: Heartland Brewery’s HB Burger. So juicy and flavorful. Matt likes his meat raw and they made it just right.

Best Deal: Wah Fung No. 1 Fast Food’s Roast pork over Rice. Only $2.50 for this mound round of rebound.

Honorable Mention: 2 Bros Pizza Plus’ $2 Jerk Chicken (leg+thigh) and $1 pizzas …I ate so many Jerk Chicken and Veggie Rice lunches ($3) this year.

Best Offal: Cheng Du Tian Fu’s Beef Tripe with Hot Pepper Sauce in the Flushing Golden Mall Food Stalls. I never imagined tripe could taste so good. It was a much different experience from the one I had from the Grand & Bowery Chinese cart.

Best Buffet: DhaBa’s Indian Lunch Buffet. Great meat and veggie selection and definitely one of the better tasting spots in Curry Hill.

Best Pizza: Best Pizza’s Grandma Slice. Yes. The best pizza is served at a place called Best Pizza. I did have Di Fara’s only a few days before this. Sure, Di Fara’s has the best traditional Brooklyn slice.  But Best Pizza takes slices to the 21st century.

Best Ramen & Friends Dinner: Taste Good Malaysian Cuisine in Elmhurst, Queens. Thank you Yoshie for taking us here.

Best Homemade Cooking: Rusty’s Turkey Bacon Turtle Burger! More for show than taste.

Best Chinese: Lan Zhou’s Pork Bone Handpulled Noodle Soup. The guy hand-pulls your noodles out in the open. Dinner and a show.

Best Drunk Food: Carmine’s Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. Makes you feel as bad as waking up to a bunch of White Castle boxes next to your bed.

Best Vegetarian: Meskerem’s Ethiopian Vegetarian Combo. So good, you won’t notice there’s no meat.

Honorable Mention: 4 Course Vegan Underground Brooklyn Dinner. I really liked how spicy the food was.

Best New RestaurantM. Wells in Long Island City, Queens. A lot of eccentric food made fancy in an old-style diner. Sweatbreads Sandwich and Escargots & Bone Marrow. Yes, please.

Best Overall Thing I Ate: Grand Bo Ky’s Beef Belly Noodle Soup. Booyah!

Thank you for reading my food blog. Let’s do more next year!