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HIT Deli & Korean Food

This tiny deli is inside a building. I guess most are in New York, but I mean you have to go inside the building and down a hall to get to it. The thing that interests me is that they have Korean food. So I gave it a try.

I got the most expensive meal – Bulgogi Deopbap Beef Box $12. The other Korean boxes are cheaper at around $9. It came in a hefty platter sectioned off neatly –with potatoes, cellophane noodles, salad, rice and the Korean sliced marinated beef.

The food was alright. Looked pretty, but didn’t impress me. It got me stuffed though. The soup was too salty, but I’m not sure if it’s one of those things that you pour over the rice? I don’t know. That makes more sense.

The people were nice in there. They seem to have regulars like this old guy who apparently gets coffee all the time. In my photo, it looks like he doesn’t have a head. No photoshop.

HIT Deli & Korean Food – 150 W 28th St (btwn 6th & 7th Ave) New York, NY 10001


Easy Beef Rump Roast Recipe

This was easiest rump roast recipe I did today…

1) Brown the rump roast in a pan on all sides –salt, pepper, Adobo seasoning (optional)

2) Place in crock pot with a bottom layer of sliced onions.

3) Pour a bottle of Lawry’s steak sauce marinade over it. (I bet it’ll be good with other steak sauces too)

4) Cook 4 hours on high and 3 hours on low …probably would be ready in less time.

Super tender and tasty!


El Sabor Del Taco Truck’s Stewed Beef Carne Guisada

There was a sign on the (El Carrito Rojo) El Sabor Del Taco Truck that said “Stewed Chicken/Beef Carne Guisada $5. I asked what is “guisada?” The guy asked the other guy and he said “stewed beef”. This here is a platter of the stewed beef guisada with fried plantains, pinto beans, rice and salad. The beef is the same meat they put in your taco or torta, but not cut up. I had two hefty giant steak chunks. One as big as a chipmunk and the other a gerbil. It was tough. I got a work out eating it. The plantains were starchy and cold. The rice and beans were good. I don’t know if my judgement is all relative within the platter, but I could eat just a plate of that.

As far as giant chipmunk sized beef chunks, you get bang for you buck …meat for you munk. Chicken could be the way to go though.

El Sabor Del Taco Truck – W. 19th St. & Ave of Americas NYC
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Omaha Steaks’ Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon

My sister sent me a holiday package from Omaha Steaks. To be honest, I was little skeptical when I saw it. Frozen meat? Bacon wrapping a good piece of tenderloin …why do you go and do that? Why send me this meat when I have amazing local meat shops in my neighborhood (i.e. Mario & Sons on Metropolitan in Brooklyn)? So I was hesitant to make use. But in this freezing weather where the snow is blasting sideways, this was the perfect opportunity to stay inside, cook some of this up and watch football.

I followed the broiled directions after seasoning with a little bit of sea salt and pepper. My first time broiling a steak. I couldn’t figure out if the broiler should be on the hi or lo setting, as it didn’t say in the cooking instructions. Are most broilers set to one setting? I think it should be on hi for my stove after messing around with it. So around 5-6 mins on each side in the broiler for medium-rare. I didn’t side sear it to crisp up the bacon like it instructed as optional. Left it a little soft, but that was fine with me. Next time I’ll pan-sear the top and bottom of the steak before I put in the broiler –for color and sealing in the juices …or just pan it all the way.

As the filet mignon was cooking, I popped in a couple of Omaha Steaks’ Potatoes au Gratin in the microwave for 3 mins, per instructions. They were frozen ball shaped before, then turns into a popped glob after the nook. I threw them in the broiler to crisp them up for a few mins with the steaks. Perhaps better to bake them in the oven as in the alternate instructions, but that’s about a 25-30mins process. I think the microwave->broiler way was fine.

So what did I think? The Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon: Pretty good. I didn’t put too much salt to begin with, but the saltiness of the bacon adequately flavored the meat. The Potatoes au Gratin were really good. It’s like a fried ball of seasoned mashed potatoes. Overall I can’t say the steak is better than what I can get at my butcher, but not bad for a frozen gift package. I still got a way to go. There’s more of the steaks and potatoes, along with a bunch of burgers, beef lasagna and a cheesecake. Now I don’t feel so bad about the Omaha Steaks packages I’ve sent my family in the past.

Omaha Steaks website

Trader Joe’s Cabernet Beef Pot Roast

I cooked up a Trader Joe’s Cabernet Beef Pot Roast in the crock pot for the SEC championship game. I woke up 5am to do this and it had better be worth it. First I browned the pre-marinated pot roast on a skillet with some olive oil. Then layered the bottom of the crock pot with sliced onions (I hear this is good so the meat isn’t directly touching the surface of the crock pot and it avoids it from sitting in the fat while it cooks). Dropped in the pot roast and surrounded it by potatoes and carrots and added a 1/2 cup of water. Left it on the LOW setting and promised that I wouldn’t touch it until 5pm. I went back to bed smelling like cooked seasoned meat (from when I browned it). It was good.

Game time came and I broke my promise. I opened it up about an hour and half early. Well Russ first opened the lid, then I said screw it. The meat just fell apart to the touch and there was so much juice from it breaking down. It’s weird thinking how most of it is water, including us. Everyone praised the pot roast and I took the credit. They didn’t have to know Trader Joe’s and the crock pot did most of the work.

As far as breaking my crock pot promise, it was sad seeing Tebow break his as well. Russ added an amendment to the Promise (see photo). You can’t blame Tebow. We now know he is human. I did feel like blaming ourselves throughout the game though. Maybe it was because I didn’t cook the lucky bacon that they were losing. There was also a five minute discussion on how the cardboard Promise on our wall was bad luck. I think I yelled at Russ for something he did that was unlucky –as if he was the reason Alabama scored.

I suppose we all learned lessons from this game. Maybe our superstition can’t affect something that is happening hundreds of miles away. Maybe there is no reason to beat ourselves up. It’s just a game. We are the same now as we were before. And while Coach Meyers taught Carlos Dunlap a lesson in responsibility by suspending him, perhaps Meyers learned the lesson that he’s supposed to win, not teach lessons. The ultimate lesson: God taught Tebow a lesson in humility. Go Gators!

…maybe it was the open umbrellas in the hallway.

Stewed Beef Shin

My first attempt at stewing. I used a cut of beef shin ($2.24), can of vegetable broth, can of chopped collard greens, a little balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder and MSG. I brought it to a quick boil, then set it low to simmer for about 2 1/2 hours. The meat fell apart, the bone marrow stewed into the broth, which was rich and would work well to dip cold ramen noodles into. Overall it reminded me of Turtle soup at Congee Village House …the same soup I’m thinking my parents made for my sisters and me growing up but never told us it was turtle. Hm. Maybe it was stewed beef shin. I think the leftovers are going to be even better tomorrow when I let it simmer for another hour or so.