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Lonestar Empire Smoked Meats

It’s Internet Week in NY –a conference/festival of industry panels and classes. It’s been pretty good so far. I took a class on how to pimp my dating profile and sat through a bunch of panels relating to the music industry in the digital age.

In the cafe, there was AsiaDog, Lonestar Empire, Panade Puffs & Pastries and Robicelli’s. I got the Smoked Brisket and Texas-style Potato Salad. A little pricey at $10, but pretty good meat there. I only got one slightly fatty piece that I really liked. How do I ask for just the fatty slices?

After I finished lunch, I walked into Mayor Bloomberg answering questions next door. Then I surprisingly saw my friend Chris Weingarten on one of the music panels. I also ran into a girl I went on a OkCupid date with. I know. Surprisingly, someone went on a date with me when my dating profile was so shitty. My profile pic is me hanging out with Scooby Doo and Shaggy at Universal Studios. I’m fortunate that my work let me take the time to come. I’m getting a lot of value out of it.

A couple more days left at Internet Week. You can also watch it streaming live or past events for free on LiveStream. You might see my big head in the way of the camera.

Lonestar Empire Smoked Meats & Catering –
Internet Week NY –



The Hog Pit’s Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

Before band practice, I killed some time at The Hog Pit –watched some Knicks and ordered the Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich ($14). The menu doesn’t seem too cheap, but dang …pretty darn good sandwich. I didn’t think you could put a Chicken Fried Steak between more breading, but Texas Toast does work nice. However, I think this needs a bigger cup of white gravy …maybe two or three.

Also, the place was quite bumpin’. There was a drunk after-work office party and groups of hipsters girls that I felt I could more relate to. …I think I just called myself a cute hipster girl. Dang.

The Hog Pit – 37 W 26th St (btwn Broadway & Madison Ave) New York, NY 10010

Tio Wally Eats America: Ole Hickory Bar-B-Que Express

I’m happy to have Tio Wally (long-time Me So Hungry reader) aboard to send in his eating adventures from across America. Here he is in Portia, Arkansas.

Greetings from Portia, Arkansas
N 36° 05.246’ W 091° 04.178’ Elev. 270 ft.

The adage “If something is too good to be true, it probably is” is generally spot on. However, there are rare and, in this case, spectacular exceptions.

I was driving north out of Jonesboro, Arkansas on US 63 one evening and saw an intriguing sign. It read: BBQ, 5 BBQs ONLY $5.99. Naturally, I was curious as hell, not only as to what a “BBQ” is, but what do you get five of for 6 bucks? Unfortunately, by then I was on a narrow WPA-era two-lane bridge and couldn’t turn around.

(As you probably can’t imagine, turning a 40-ton land yacht around isn’t quite as easy as, say, a puny-assed car. In fact, until you’ve had to do it you’ll never fully appreciate what it actually involves. But take my word for it: It’s much, much easier said than done.)

Nevertheless, I made a mental note that the next time I went by the place I would stop. I had to know.

Well, I was on the same stretch of highway headed south and was able to stop at Ole Hickory Bar-B-Que Express and find out. And, boy, am I glad I did.

The “BBQ” turned out to be barbecued pork sandwiches. The pork is smoked Boston Butt, chopped and served on a grill-warmed hamburger bun, with a little barbecue sauce and, if you want, cole slaw on it. And to be succinct: These bastards are freakin’ awesome!

The lady chops the meat as the sandwiches are ordered, so it remains really moist. At first I thought it didn’t have enough barbecue sauce on it but, as I took another bite, it hit me: This is exactly how barbecue should taste, with the flavor of the hickory smoke wafting through without being covered up by sauce. Moreover, the sandwiches have about in inch of the scrumptious meat generously piled up. Freakin’ awesome, I says.

According to the menu board, these little gems normally sell for $1.99. At that price they are still a steal. But jeez Louise, a bag of ‘em for $6.51 after tax?! That’s not a steal — that’s akin to a dine-and-dash, if not an out-and-out robbery!

But Ole Hickory Bar-B-Que Express really needs to put a warning label on these things, reading: DO NOT EAT OUR BBQ WHILE OPERATING LARGE MOVING OBJECTS. Seriously. I dropped a teensy little piece of that awesome chopped pork on my lap and … thankfully, no one was injured or killed during the ultimately successful search for the morsel. It was delicious.

And so we roll.

Ole Hickory Bar-B-Que Express, 308 W. Front St. (US 63), Portia, Arkansas

Tio Wally pilots the 75-foot, 40-ton(max) land yacht SS Me So Hungry. He reports on road food from around the country whenever parking and InterTube connections permit.

Chicago q – BBQ in Chicago

I had taken a long nice nap after the Chicago Food Film Festival award ceremony. So hungover from the previous night’s oyster party, but I recovered. I think I kinda forgot that I won such a prestigious award that very day …only because of I’m so used to the fast pace fleeting statuses on Facebook and Twitter. Now that I think about it, I’m very grateful and it was fitting that I went out to celebrate with Rusty and Ronnie Z that night.

I was looking on the Yelp app and decided on Chicago q, which happened to be right below Ronnie Z’s apartment …although I secretly wanted to try the Cheesecake Factory. Chicago q was so unassuming on the outside. I didn’t realize it was a restaurant or opened. Inside there were people and it looked kinda like a Dixie Steamboat.

Chicago BBQ …not too bad. The highlights were definitely the complimentary homemade pickles and potato chips. Also the food came out super fast. My platter of Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork and Cole Slaw came out literally two minutes after I ordered. The meat was okay. I do like the variety of sauces. A ton of food. The pulled pork sandwich I saw on another table looked monstrous.

Chicago q – 1160 N Dearborn St (btwn Elm St & Division) Chicago, IL 60610

Sticky Fingers (Charleston, South Carolina)

I’ve posted snippets from the road, but now I’m ready to share our full-on adventures and photos from our Shonali Bhowmik 100 Oak’s Revival tour down South…

Day 4: Shonali’s good old friend Jeff (and coincidentally Jill’s cousin) hosted us in Charleston at his big house. I slept on the window ledge …that’s how big it was. The next morning he pulled out some simple ingredients (bread, turkey slices, cheese and a bean salad) so we can make sandwiches. I really forgot how good a simple sandwich could be.

Later we walked around in downtown Charleston. It’s beautiful there. I’m glad the hurricane didn’t hit. A lot of cute Carolina girls. Shonali told me I should talk to the gelato cart girl. I think Shonali was trying to get me arrested because she was probably 15.

We then hit up Sticky Fingers BBQ (which Jeff used to own). I’ve always heard about this place. I got two shots of Firefly Sweet Tea Bourbon and one of the Blue Plate Specials (under $10 all day) …that’s a good deal. As recommended by our waiter, I went with the dry rub on my ribs. Probably for the best since all the sauces are on the table.

I love the idea of the Habanero and Tennessee Whiskey sauces, but I think my favorite was the Carolina Classic mustard.

Sticky Fingers – 235 Meeting Street. Charleston, SC 29401

They had this painting of Stephen Colbert.

Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ (Charleston, South Carolina)

I’ve posted snippets from the road, but now I’m ready to share our full-on adventures and photos from our Shonali Bhowmik 100 Oak’s Revival tour down South…

Day 3: We made our way to Charleston and loaded into the Tin Roof. I heard there was a BBQ place next door from Jeff’s local friends –Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ. I knew we were going to soundcheck real soon, so I got a small Brunswick Stew real quick. Pretty solid. Coincidentally when I got back to the Tin Roof bar, they were having a screening party for the Heat Seekers Food Network show that showcased Home Team BBQ’s Death Relish Salsa over Nachos. I shoulda got that. Dang.

Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ – 1205 Ashley River Road. Charleston, SC 29407

Ember Room Opening Night Party

Here are photos from the grand opening party at Ember Room, a new American-Asian Barbecue restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. The oven with the spinning grill was awesome. Glad they put that out in front where people can see it. I’m not sure how the menu will be, but whatever they gave me to eat was pretty awesome.

The menu at the Ember Room was created by celebrity chefs, Todd English and Ian Chalermkittichai. I remember Todd English way back when he was the Iron Chef American on Iron Chef USA, the first American adaptation of Iron Chef on the UPNstarring William Shatner as the chairman. This version didn’t last long though. Only two episodes were produced according to Wikipedia. I wish they moved Shatner over to the Food Network’s version. He was a badass chairman. FYI, the current chairman is not the real nephew of original Japanese chairman, Takeshi Kaga. It’s all a terrible lie.

Anyway, I remember Todd English being the alpha male all-American Iron Chef. I think he flipped a spatula or something and the audience went nuts. There’s a photo of him on the Ember Room website. I’m not sure, but is that duck face?

Ember Room – 647 9th Ave (btwn 45th & 46th St) New York, NY 10036

By Myself, All You Can Rib and Beer @ Hill Country?

It was supposed to be a Dudes Night Out, right before Thursday Night Online UNO on the Playstation 3. The had an all you can eat pork rib, a couple sides and all you can drink beer deal for $29. That’s a great deal, considering Hill Country is kinda pricey. Unfortunately the other dudes were too slow. The day they went to buy their ticket, the deal was sold out. To be fair, the site did say there was 6 days remaining to get the deal with no indication of a cap.

Okay, no problem. My friends still wanted to eat with me since I bought my ticket. Brahs stick together. The only problem was Hill Country wouldn’t let me sit with them. Everyone at the table had to have the deal. Wait, so I’m going to try to stuff my face and drink as much as I can in two hours by myself, staring at a wall? What a shitty deal. I have a closet I can do that in any time I want.

I know a lot of restaurants have this rule for all you can eat specials and tasting menus, but what about exceptions? The deal is sold out. My friends have no option to get it. Even if they did, what about vegetarians or people who don’t drink? What if someone was pork-free Muslim? You’re telling him he has to eat pig ribs if he wants to sit with his friends? The funny thing is I’m bringing a bunch of extra people who are ordering off the regular menu and going to end up spending more than I am. We can’t sit together?

I know. The problem is the potential sharing my all you can ribs and beer. Thanks for making me feel like a criminal before I even come in. I remember when I was a teenager and went to Godfather’s pizza with my friend Bill Brown. He got the pizza buffet. I got just a salad buffet. I finished quickly and Bill Brown wanted to use my plate for his discarded pizza crusts. The next time we came back a month later, I wanted the pizza buffet this time. The cashier lady said, “Okay, but I’m going to charge you twice because you ate pizza last time.” What? They never saw me eat pizza, because I didn’t. They accused me because of leftover crusts on my plate. How about giving your patrons the benefit of the doubt. Treat them like customers, not crooks.

Anyway, I know I am bitching over all you can rib and beer. Stupid. I tried to make the best out of it and go during the Jets/Patriots game this past Sunday, so I didn’t have to stare at a wall for two hours. I sat there for a while before someone realized I was there. Tables after me were getting their order taken. But I understand. It’s hard to notice a single guy at a table alone, because why would anyone go there alone for an all you can eat deal? I’m sure they thought I was waiting for my friends. They started me out with cole slaw, sweet potato mash, corn bread and one and a half ribs. It’s okay, the second time they gave me seven ribs. Although the guy who brought it out didn’t look so happy when he realized it was just me. I felt I got justice there.

So yeah, I guess it was still a good deal. Just get your friends to buy their tickets early. Or wait until they buy before you buy yours. But maybe they’d get stuck going alone. Shit. There’s an interesting deal right now on the Thrillist for a steak, a cocktail and a lap dance at the Scores strip club – $50. That’s a really good deal. Their steak got a good review from the NY Times. I suppose a lap dance isn’t so bad if I had to do it alone.

Hill Country Barbecue – 30 W 26th St (btwn Broadway & 6th Ave) New York, NY 10010