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Williams & Bailey’s Chicken & Waffle

Sam and I went to this bar nearby, Williams & Bailey, to watch Jeremy Lin and the Knicks on Valentine’s Day the other night. A couple of HDTV screens, happy hour and bar food. Right on.

I got the Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Waffles ($10). Pretty good. The onion gravy was like homemade style using grease and flour. It went really nice when mixing it all up with the syrup.

Sam got the Spinach Artichoke Dip. Cheesy and stringy. We both got caught on the same piece of stringy cheese. It was almost like Lady & the Tramp with the spaghetti noodle.

They also had a 3 Tacos for $5 during happy hour deal. Maybe Taco Tuesdays. Looked like a good deal. The happy hour was also $3 drafts and wells until 8. There’s also a $3 cheap beer draft all the time.

When I came back from the restroom, Sam had already paid. The bartender probably thought we were on a Valentine’s date.

Williams & Bailey – 507 Grand St (btwn Union Ave & Lorimer) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Exciting basketball game. Jeremy Lin blew it up at the end. Sam and I knew it was Tebow time when it got down to it. I feel like I’m in Linbow. Me So Hungry, time for Linner. Shaqueef O’Neil. I told the bartender that we were rooting for the Asian guy. She probably already knew that.

Jeremy%20Lin%20Dreamcast%20NBA%202K Williams & Baileys Chicken & Waffle

On another note, I think I created Jeremy Lin in NBA 2K1 over 10 years ago. I plugged in my old Sega Dreamcast to check. I think he came out of the video game like Mannequin. I’m like a young Anthony Michael Hall.


One Stop Beer Shop

A new bar opened up down the scary street from me. It’s in the same spot that Boneshakers coffee shop used to be.

Met Todd & Elisa there. They have a big list of beers I’ve never heard of and growlers to go. Nice looking place.

They kept giving us complimentary popcorn with seasoning on top. I think we had 6 bowls.

They also have food you can buy, like pulled pork sandwiches and grilled cheese. I got the latter. Tasted good with the fancy mayo sauce …but doesn’t everything?

One Stop Beer Shop – 134 Kingsland Ave (btwn Beadel & Lombardy St) Brooklyn, NY 11222

Italian Beef Sandwich @ The Shamrock Club (Chicago)

Rusty and I stopped in for a beer at the local pub in Downtown Chicago near our hotel for a second time. Both times were early in the day. There were a few people drinking at 11am.

I ordered the Italian Beef Sandwich that I noticed advertised everywhere in Chicago. Never heard of it before. The sandwich is like a cross between a French Dipped Sandwich and a Philly Cheesesteak. The lady pulled out the sliced beef from a pot sitting on the grill, juices dripping …which made the bread nice and soft. Awesome flavor.

This was seriously the best thing I ate in Chicago …and I don’t think this bar is exactly known for their food. The sandwich with fries and a beer came out to $7 – special of the day. Someone seriously needs to bring the Italian Beef to NYC.

The Shamrock Club – 210 W Kinzie St (btwn Franklin & Wells St) Chicago, IL 60610

The Tap & Grill Clambar at Rockaway Beach

The weather’s been great for us to check out Rockaway Beach. First stop was to get a beer of course. And that first bar we past was The Tap & Grill. It’s Rockaway’s oldest clambar since 1934. Some cool old pics on their site.

I ordered some fish tacos. Glad I did. The Rockaway Taco line around the corner was nuts. I just want to eat, not buggin out waiting. Fish tacos were great. Fish was like the kind you’d get if you ordered fish & chips. Cod I believe. The ceviche-style salsa punched up the flavor.

Rockaway Beach was cool. Not crowded and stinky like Coney Island and closer than Long Beach. Huge recycle bins you can lock your kid in and a prison-style concrete picnic yard.

Grabbed another beer on the way back to the train at the divier Rockaway Beach Inn. The bartender there said Rockaway Tacos are “out of this world.” I started to regret not trying them.

Everyone was really nice in Rockaway …at both bars. Even the lady wearing double denim (jeans and jacket) with the black eye. I can’t wait to come back.

The Tap & Grill Clambar – 97-20 Rockaway Beach Blvd. Rockaway Beach, NY 11693

The Rock Shop

We played at the Rock Shop in Park Slope this past Sunday. They generously gave us 50% off the food bill. I didn’t know what to expect for a sports/rock bar, but we were surprised that the food was pretty good. I was so stuffed on burgers, fries and wings. Thank you.

After we played with our friends The Bam Bams (Baltimore) and Jenny & the Holzers, we got some beers upstairs and put extensions in my hair. I think Shonali forgot that I fucked up and didn’t play for a whole song.

The Rock Shop – 249 4th Ave (btwn President St & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Bud Light Tube

We got this huge Bud Light Tube at Mulholland’s (see Chili & Cheese Waffle Fries). Only $20 during college and NFL games. That’s a deal. Helps drown out the Gators sorrow.

Mulholland’s – 312 Grand St (btw Havemeyer & Roebling St) Brooklyn 11211
01 Bud Light Tube Bud Light Tube

On a related note, I recorded this stupid cover. Perhaps inspired by the Beatles + iTunes ads?

Honeychiles’ Cajun Food

After the Gainesville class photo, a few of us went to Honeychiles’ at the Charleston bar where they used to have free pizza. Now it’s Cajun food. Reggie Watts was dead on when he tweeted, “Quote of the day-“The pizza’s all gone and some punk rock guys opened a cajun restaurant”. Cajun food is popping up everywhere in Williamsburg (Tchoup Shop at d.b.a. and Goods Food truck). Cajun is the new Bedford.

Small Jambalaya ($5), Boiled Peanuts ($3) and Smoked Cheddar ‘N Green Onion Hush Puppies ($3). I was disappointed to see that the Jambalaya was plain white rice topped with the jambalaya stew, rather than it cooked all together. It seemed more like a gumbo over rice than a jambalaya. Either way, it was meaty and fantastic. The boiled peanuts were great. Tasted like there was a bit of coffee grinds added to the boil. The corn bread was also good.

There was a couple next to us going to town with the Scallop (Seafood of the Day) Po’boy and a French Fries & Gravy Po’boy. I’m not sure that French Fry sandwich looked good, but it is definitely up my alley ($5).

All in all good food while watching the out of town bands loading in their huge vans and trailers’ worth of gear. I’ve never seen so much equipment in NY. No ones gonna be able to fit down there to watch them play with all them Marshall stacks.

Honeychiles’ (at the Charleston) – 174 Bedford Ave (btwn N 7th & N 8th St) Brooklyn 11211

Mother’s Tilapia Fish Sandwich

Rusty and I have been spending a lot of time at Mother’s bar lately for an after-work Gaffel or three. I always see people eat there and finally took my shot at the Tilapia  Fish Sandwich. Dang, it’s good. Maybe needs a little more of that fancy sauce, but it’s a nicely cooked & seasoned piece of fish. And yes, farm raised tilapia is bad for you …apparently worse than bacon (see this article). But I would be happy to order a bacon sandwich just as well, so I know what I’m getting into. I could really taste the delicious heart clogging oils coating the flaky clumps of fish and it was heaven …which might not be too far off eating the way I do.

Mother’s Bar – 347 Graham Ave (btwn Conselyea & Metropolitan) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tilapia Sandwich Mothers Brooklyn Mothers Tilapia Fish Sandwich