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Restaurant Abidjan – West African Cuisine

I met up with Justin near Woodhull Hospital (at the corner of East Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy) for brunch –Ventured out to try someplace new. Here’s a scary looking dentists office we passed …for children.

We ended up walking Southeast along the JMZ line. A few taco places that looked interesting to me. We almost walked into a divey dark bar for Eggs Benedict, but took a chance at a few more blocks. Whoa, what is Abidjan? …a West African restaurants with a big photo menu taped to the window. A lot of good looking stuff and cheap. $3 Spaghetti Sandwich? Dang.

I didn’t order the Spaghetti Sandwich. In fact, I’m not sure if everything on that window menu is available all the time. There’s a shorter menu on the table. It looks like rather than getting a single entree, you also have to get a side for a single larger price. But actually, it’s still the same price if they were separate, but now a combo. (See photo #6. I’m not that good at explaining shit.) Still pretty cheap prices.

Our server, who I assume is also the chef, brought us our own gallon jug of water. And from the sign on the window, the water is specially Kangen ionized and alkalized water. Sounds fancy.

Justin and I split the Peanut Sauce (Chicken Stew) with Foutou (mashed Cassava) $10. The sauce was amazing and chicken so tender. The Foutou has the glutinous/doughy consistency of mochi, but instead of rice, it’s made out of cassava. Justin thought it tasted brothy. Dipped in the Peanut Sauce, the Foutou were like dumplings. Interesting.

We also ordered a Fried Fish with Attieke (Cassava Couscous) $10. A nice sized whole fish –crispy and great with the sauce, oil and onions on the side. The Attieke, also made with cassava, was awesome with the Peanut Sauce.  Looking at the menu, I’m not sure if the couscous is an option with the Peanut Sauce. It should be.

Oh, and the homemade Ginger Juice that the guy makes and bottles himself is amazing. Strong with ginger flavor. Only $2. I bought an extra to take home.

I can’t believe the tables were empty here. It’s so good and nicely good priced. They even have DVDs for sale. I love this restaurant.

Restaurant Abidjan – 1136 Broadway (btwn Dekalb Ave & Kosciuszko St) Brooklyn, NY 11221


How Not to Load a Buffet Plate

Matt Gill and I revisited B&B African restaurant. I love this place. Great flavors. Although I wish it was all you can eat. It’s $6/lb. I want to try everything and I’m the worst at loading my plate. I put the sauces & curries on my plate first, then I decided to put the rice and couscous on top. What an idiot. I don’t even know what I’m eating by now. Matt did better, but I bet he’s paying for that chicken bone.

Pay by the pound buffets are always a game changer. If it was $10 for all you can eat, I’d probably still eat about 1 pound of food and end up eating a lot more of the cheaper curries, vegetables and rice (stuff I rather eat). Pay by the pound wants me to load the plate full of meat and get my money’s worth. So at $10 All-You-Can-Eat, I’d be eating cheaper food and paying $4 more than I would a $6/lb plate. I could just load the pay per pound plate with food I want to eat and it’ll still be $6, but I still rather go for the value. Funny how the decision making works. Reminds me of this Trolley Killing Moral Dillemna that Todd told me about last night.

B&B African-American Restaurant – 165 W 26th St (btwn 6th & 7th Ave) New York, NY 10001

When I was waiting for Matt outside, I had to do a double take at the restaurant across the street. Dang.

Kiflu’s Lunch Truck African Food

I met up with Suraj for lunch in the Financial District to give him his developer’s mobile phone he asked me to buy. I had met him at the Social Media Conference. It did seem a little sketchy to get a message via Twitter asking if I had an American credit card to buy a phone through a site I never heard of for a guy in Singapore that I had only met once. Phishing scams be damned. I did it. I don’t recommend anyone else doing this. I’m a trained fool.

Anyway, he came back into town and we got food from this Halal truck serving up African style Chicken Stew, Beef Stew, Tilapia Fish over rice and with salad and curried vegetables. Each between $5.50-6.50 a tray. I was able to get half chicken and half beef. Really nice flavors. I liked the chicken more because it was tender. The fish looked really good. I wish there were African style Halal carts/trucks up in my work area.

Kiflu’s Lunch Truck – Ann St & Nassau St. (Financial District) New York, NY 10038

Senagalese Summer @ Le Grand Darkar

I had  a good time at the Senagalese Summer event at Le Grand Darkar in Clinton Hill. I surely took advantage of the unlimited sangria. Plenty of fritters. My favorite thing there was the Oven Roasted Dates stuffed with Spiced Lamb and Habanero. It was mad good. Thanks Jenn and Lake Isle Press for the invite.

More coverage at the Examiner by Ultra Clay.

Le Grand Darkar – 285 Grand Ave (btwn Clifton Pl & Lafayette Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11238 B&B African

TGIF! Today’s review on –link

B&B African Revisited

I revisited the B&B African and Caribbean spot with steamed trays lunch buffet at $5.99 a pound. My small box came to $5 filled with a lot of different flavors and curries –perfect for the Fall season rolling around. As you can see I put tiny spoonfuls of different dishes and didn’t even get to all the ones I wanted to taste on the buffet.

I feel ever closer to Lindsay Lohan’s character in Mean Girls. Oh, I just watched Mean Girls. Oh, she’s African in the movie. Oh, my roommate made me watch it.

B&B African Restaurant – 165 W 26th St. (btw 6th & 7th Ave) NYC 10001
01 B&B African Buffet Box to go

Meskerem Ethiopian Cuisine

Had the Vegetarian combo for lunch at Meskerem for $7.50. It was delicious. When they brought the bread out, I thought it was a napkin. It soaked up the sloppy sauced food well. This is a great deal considering most every Ethiopian restaurant, you’re going to pay for variety combos outside of lunch. Actually studying Menupages, I couldn’t find any of them with lunch specials with the exception of Meskerem. I don’t understand why Ethiopian food is so expensive. Didn’t we grow up thinking they’re all poor? Anyway their food is awesome.

Meskerem – 124 Macdougal St (btw W 3rd St & Minetta Ln) New York 10012
01 Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant02 Meskerem Vegeterian Combo03 Meskerem Ethiopian Bread

B&B African & Caribbean Restaurant

Brand new African & Caribbean buffet by the pound with Muslim ladies stirring the sauces in the steam trays. The place doesn’t look as fancy as Chipotle, but the food is really good. A lot of curries, couscous, oxtail, jerk chicken, and vegetarian options. My box was $7. I kept putting on the fish only because I thought it was succulent pulled pork that was just falling apart. Still good though.

B&B Restaurant Corp – 165 W 26th St. (btw 6th & 7th Ave) NYC 10001