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Khyber Pass – Afghani Restaurant

We went to Khyber Pass, one of my favorite East Village restaurants that I never ever go to. It’s surprisingly never crowded at this place. I don’t know why. The food is great.

I ordered the special of the day Mahicha Palow (Lamb Shank) $18. It came with two big shanks. Very tender meat. I love the Harissa spicy sauce on the table to go with it.

Vegetable soup came with the entree. There was a dollop of sour cream in it. I liked it.

Justin got the Mantoo dumplings $11. Dang, these were good. Why doesn’t anyone eat here?

I remember leaving a large umbrella there years ago. I came back a week later and they still had it. I think one of the chefs was using it. But they still had it!

Their sign used to say “Afghani Restaurant” a long time ago. I wonder if they took that down because tourists are scared of terrorists?

Justin told the waitress she had a cute smile. I think I was a little drunk.  But that doesn’t really explain anything.

Khyber Pass Restaurant – 34 St. Marks Pl (btwn 3rd Ave & Astor Pl) New York, NY 10003


Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant

I ordered the lunch special Mantoo (steamed beef dumplings; topped with yogurt and meat sauce) $9.95 and a Doogh (salty yogurt drink) $2.50. It came with a small side salad. The dumplings were definitely comfort food. I felt like I was eating food prepared by a friend’s ethnic mother. The Doogh drink was powerfully salty and sour, which summarized my whole meal –as both the dumplings and salad had plenty of soured yogurt on it. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed my lunch, but I could go without so much sour. The bread (soft on the inside and crisp on the outside) helped balance it out.

I asked for a table next to the window so I can take better photos and people watch while I ate. I turned around at the end of my meal and realized I was missing out on the ambiance of the restaurant inside. Afghani folk decor (with a framed photo of the National Geographic Afghan girl) and older couples dining who look like they met on

Somehow I ended up being charged $17.90 for my meal. I felt so stupid because I wasn’t sure if my math was wrong or if I was just stupid. In the end, I tipped more. I always seem to do that. Like when it takes extra long in a cab because of traffic or when the cabbie starts yelling at me or when the cab gets into a wreck –I end up tipping them more. I’m probably encouraging their behavior. Anyway, this sour yogurt …this is what Osama is eating?

Bamiyan Afghan Restaurant – 358 3rd Ave (@ 26th St) New York 10016