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Fritzl’s Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich

Now that I live in Bushwick, I can have one of the best burgers ever at Fritzl’s. However, I chose the “Palace” Fried Chicken Sandwich instead –Homemade chicken patty (brined breast and thigh) with lettuce and mayo on a roll $9. That sounds really good and it was.

01 Fritzls Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich Fritzls Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich

I assume it’s modeled after Palace Fried Chicken restaurants that’s around New York. This tasted like a really good Burger King Chicken Sandwich …or a Palace Fried Chicken Sandwich. Instead of a ground/mashed up formed frozen patty, it’s real bits of chicken formed into a crispy hockey puck.

You know what I think makes it taste especially good is the mayo and shredded lettuce. Something about that makes it taste good. I think SNL was right on target when they made this skit about a new fake KFC item called KFC Shredders –a bag of lettuce where you put mayo and then shake.

Then I remember McDonald’s soon followed and made something very similar called Salad Shakers, where you shake up the lettuce and dressing in a sundae cup. Or maybe SNL was making fun of McDonald’s, but I remember the timing was the other way around.

Fritzl’s Lunch Box – 173 Irving Ave (btwn Stanhope St & Stockholm St in Bushwick) Brooklyn, NY 11237


Nha Trang One and Shred For Your Life 2014

I headed out to check out the Shred For Your Life guitar competition last night at Santos Party House. But before, I had a bite to eat at Nha Tran One Vietnamese nearby. I remember going with my coworkers here years ago and really dug the fried frog legs.

01 Canh Chua Ca hot sour fish soup Nha Trang One Nha Trang One and Shred For Your Life 2014

This time, I got the Canh Chua Ca (Hot & Sour Fish soup). Pretty big for the small order $9.50. It had a lot of salmon in it. Very good tasting. Although I couldn’t finish it, because I also got an order of spring rolls. I love how they give you the lettuce and mint to wrap them up with.

05 Shred For Your Life 2014 Guitar Competition Nha Trang One and Shred For Your Life 2014

Then over to the Shred For Your Life. It has all the majesty and showmanship of an air guitar competition, but with real guitars. There was a guy with a horse head and a guy dressed like an ancient Chinese god playing this tiny toy guitar –and he ripped it. I was rooting for him. But the winner was really really good. He plays in the band, the Giraffes.

Before the competition, I ran into an old friend so I walked over to him. Then I realized that Zooey Deschanel was standing next to us and I was like “Oh, isn’t that that actress?” And he acted like he didn’t know who she was. Acted like he never saw Elf. I couldn’t believe it. It was like he trying to play it too cool. I’m not sure he even turned to look at her when I asked. He had to know who I was talking about. Now I get what “SMH” means.

Then when I left the show and walked to the subway stop, I realized that I was on the wrong side of the street for the uptown train. So I started running across the street because the traffic light was about to turn. Then I realized Zooey Deschanel was right in front of me and it looked like I was about to chase her …and I think her friend turned around and his eyes got big when he saw me. Then I tried to play it cool, by acting like I didn’t know who she was and started walking in another direction.

Nha Trang One – 87 Baxter St (btwn Bayard & Walker St) New York 10013

Shred For Your Life photos courtesy of Mia Juhng

Tio Wally Eats America: Lumberjacks Restaurant

I’m happy to have Tio Wally (long-time Me So Hungry reader) aboard to send in his eating adventures from across America. Here he is in Redding, California.

Tio%20Wally%20Eats%20America%20truck2 Tio Wally Eats America: Lumberjacks Restaurant

Greetings from Redding, California
N 40° 34.246’ W 122° 21.7406’ Elev. 541 feet

The yacht developed engine issues. In motorhead-speak: the tension adjuster failed, causing the serpentine (fan) belt to fray within an inch of its life. As a result my evil twin Skippy and I got to enjoy another motel adventure. Thankfully it’s quite a bit warmer — 70°+ — this time.

The last time we were dry docked we stayed in a funky motel that we rather enjoyed. It was New Year’s Eve and quite festive. This time not so much.

(If you’d like a chuckle, click on “festive,” scroll down to the comments section and read the time-delayed shit storm the post unleashed. One of the commenters actually implied I could get shot! Shot! But doggone it, Clem, you jus’ gots ta admit them thar Kemmererites is some darn nice folk.)

Suffice to say the motel, which shall remain nameless (Redding-South Motel 6), was not the Waldorf-Astoria. While it lacked the charm of, say, the Antlers in Kemmerer, it did have some interesting features, like the world’s most thought-out bottle opener and super-duper ultra-high-speed internet, among other memorable amenities.

During the ride to the motel the cabbie, Roadrunner Keith, told me about a nearby restaurant he had breakfasted at once. He said he thought it was over-priced … until his plate came. That sounded pretty good so we went and had breakfast for dinner.

03 Redding lumberjack Tio Wally Eats America: Lumberjacks Restaurant

Lumberjacks appeared to be a theme restaurant. Despite the log-construction decor and assorted saws and saw blades displayed along the walls, not to mention the over-caricatured French-Canadian mini-Paul Bunyan statue greeting you at the front door with an cocked-and-ready axe in his hand — Yikes!! — I couldn’t really discern exactly what the theme was. It’s very subtle. After very little thought I decided it must be an homage to the 1968-70 ABC teebee series Here Come the Brides.

Lumberjacks Restaurant bills itself as “Where the BIG BOYS eat!” After hearing what Roadrunner Keith had to say, I had to order the same breakfast he’d had: the Country Smoked Ham breakfast, a bone-in ham steak, two eggs, hash browns and toast ($9.49). I also got a side of country gravy that pretty much sucked.

13 Redding plate Tio Wally Eats America: Lumberjacks Restaurant

The ham steak was nearly a half-inch thick and covered about half of the 15” oval plate. It was sweet, somewhat smokey, and not the least bit salty. Indeed, it may well be one of the best ham steaks I’ve ever had. The slightly over-cooked eggs (I ordered over-easy) and hash browns were passable. A redeeming factor, however, was that they had assorted Smucker’s jellies and orange marmalade for my sourdough toast.

They have some interesting things on the menu, like banana-nut bread French Toast (“Our banana nut Loaf sliced and dipped in our French Toast batter”, $7.99). I had a dream about it that night wherein the waitress kept telling me that I had to really like banana-nut bread because, once I got it, I would be stuck with it. I’m still not sure if the dream was frightening or not, but it woke me up.

They also had some really nice looking pies and cakes, which I never did find on the menu. One of them was a gargantuan, truly colossal chocolate cake that I thought I’d get a slice of to go.

A slice of the behemoth, served with two scoops of ice cream and related sugar delivery systems, cost $8, according to the waitress. But what if you only want a slice of it? “We can only sell it with the rest of the stuff,” the waitress explained. WTF? How stupid is that? So I pleaded and cajoled, eventually dropping myself prone on the pine-colored carpet kicking and screaming “I just want a slice!”. Sorry, she said.

Although the cake looked great, I had to wonder: Who in their right mind would order a dessert that would outrival the giant meal they just ate? Not me. Or Skippy.

And so we roll.

Lumberjacks Restaurant, 501 E. Cypress, Redding, California
and eight other locations scattered throughout north-central California and one in Las Vegas, Nevada

Tio Wally pilots the 75-foot, 40-ton(max) land yacht SS Me So Hungry. He reports on road food from around the country whenever parking and InterTube connections permit.

Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Lunch Special

01 Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Feast Combination Bunna Cafe Ethiopian Lunch Special

I ordered the big Feast Combination lunch special ($12) at Bunna Cafe and when it came out, the girls sitting next to me were like “that’s as big as ours” and they were two people. They thought they got jipped. I didn’t respond to them because I was nervous. Then they asked the server why my order was so big compared to theirs. She said it was because I ordered the Feast and not just the lunch combination. I guess that makes sense.

Then I thought I heard the next guy to sit down next to me order the Feast. But his plate was so much smaller.

Okay, here’s what I think might have happened:
1) Maybe that’s just the size of the Feast. So get that. It’s a much better deal. A lot more food.
2) Maybe the chef made a platter for two by mistake. And since it would be more wasteful to throw it away and make another plate for one, they just gave me that.
3) Maybe they saw me taking photos of the menu and assumed I was food bloggging. So better make a good impression.

Anyway it was good food. Bunna Cafe is vegan however. I did miss the meat more than I thought I would. But it was still good.

I ate here because I just had a tooth extraction and was only supposed to eat soft food. But a stalk of the beets when straight into my gum hole.

Bunna Cafe – 1084 Flushing Ave (b/t Varick Ave & Knickerbocker Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11237

80th Anniversary of the Bloody Mary

Did you know it was the 80th Anniversary of the Bloody Mary? I didn’t. I always just assumed it had always existed since the dawn of mankind. And I didn’t know it was invented in New York. I didn’t know any of this until I went to Madame Geneva for a Bloody Marys hosted by Absolut. They showed us how to make a traditional Bloody Mary and then top it with Saxon and Parole’s famous DYI Bloody Mary Bar , which could get out of hand.

Absolut Bloody Mary 80th Anniversary of the Bloody Mary

They also served us this year’s winner of the Chopped Best Bloody Mary from the NYC Food & Wine Festival. It was good. Here’s the recipe.


By David Wakefield


1.5 parts ABSOLUT Cilantro
.5 parts Sriracha
.75 parts dill pickle juice
.5 parts Creole Style Hot sauce
1 pinch ground mustard
2 pinches Creole seasoning
1 pinch Celery Salt
1 dash worcestershire sauce
4 parts Bloody Mary Mix


On a 6″ bamboo skewer:
2 Mini Boudin Balls (hot out of the fryer)
2 red Thai Chili pepper (Birdseye Chili)
and 2 cocktail onions
1 Lime Wheel
1 piece pickled okra
Laid across the mouth of the Glass

Other Garnish:
Glass rimmed with Creole Seasoning
1 Celery Stalk (top intact)

Tio Wally Eats America: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I’m happy to have Tio Wally (long-time Me So Hungry reader) aboard to send in his eating adventures from across America. Here he is in Richland, Washington.

Tio%20Wally%20Eats%20America%20truck2 Tio Wally Eats America: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

Greetings from Richland, Washington
GPS 46.258787, -119.310578 Elev. 518 feet

A recent YouGov survey found Burger King and Five Guys Burgers and Fries tied for “Best Burger.” Am I missing something? Methinks the BK crowd has never been to a Five Guys.

My daughter once described Five Guys as “The Subway of … wait, that’s a bad comparison. They’re the Quiznos … no, wait. You get to choose whatever you want on your burger. So they’re kind of like Chipotle but it’s burgers instead of burritos. They’re my favorite.”

With that in mind I went and met Five Guys and their burgers. And they are awesome. A little pricey but awesome. I loved it so much I had to go back again — I was actually jonesin’ for a FGs burger and I’m not a burger guy — with the kids (daughter, son-in-law and grandson) in tow for another fix.

05 Five Guys fixins Tio Wally Eats America: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

She nailed the quintessence of the place with the selection aspect. There are 15 different options to put on your burger. It could conceivably take you some time to decide exactly what you want. That may be why FGs provides free salted in-the-shell peanuts to fiddle with while you figure it out. I thought that was a great touch because, well, I really like places classy enough to have peanut shells on the floor.

Once you opt your options your burger is made to order. When your burger is finished they put it on a square piece of aluminum foil (a wee bit of aluminium wrap if you’re from the Commonwealth), fold it diagonally corner-to-corner, then corner-to-corner again, give it a spin and, voilà, your burger is encased in what now roughly resembles a metal cylinder worthy of the prop shop for Plan 9 From Outer Space.

13 Five Guys burger Tio Wally Eats America: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

I ordered a regular Cheeseburger ($6.49), with mustard, ketchup, mayo, tomato, onion and grilled mushrooms. The older kids ordered Little Bacon Cheeseburgers ($5.79) with various fixins, and regular drinks ($2.19) they got from a high-tech sugar-water dispenser. We also got a regular order of fries ($3.49).

When ordering at Five Guys one needs to know basic things. For example, a regular burger is a double burger; the “little” is a single patty. And a regular size fry will feed three adults.

08 Five Guys potaoo sack Tio Wally Eats America: Five Guys Burgers and Fries

The fries are great. Skin-on, fried in peanut oil. That they’re served in a paper bag is a nice touch as it soaks up any excess oil. Five Guys may take great pride in their fries. They are great! They even have a sign on the wall informing you where that day’s spuds came from. (The aforementioned survey had McDouches, er, McDonalds fries at number one. Baffling.) And the kids did something I’d never seen before. They added malt vinegar to the little cup of ketchup to cut the sweetness. Brilliant, I thought. And incredibly tasty! Ah, the wonders of ketchup.

The burgers are, I think, nonpareil. All the toppings are free, the burgers are cooked to perfection, the veggies are fresh, ripe, and they have grilled mushrooms — Grilled Mushrooms! It’s impossible to go wrong. But I did, of course. I forgot to ask them to grill the bun. I suspect they would do that for me. Next time.

My son-in-law eats FGs burgers with a knife and fork. He says they’re messy. There could be a reason he thinks this but I dunno. My Punkin’ on the other hand holds her burger with two hands, just like dear old dad. Of course, to be fair, her beard is removable.

I’ve had many burgers in my life, including Back Yard Burgers, which are very similar to Five Guys’, and In•N•Out Burgers. I like FGs burgers better; I’d like them more if they were about a dollar cheaper. I’m still baffled that Five Guys tied with Burger King in the survey; third place for burgers, after Wendy’s(?), was In•N•Out Burgers).

While I may think Five Guys has a better burger than Burger King, the thick, creamy, malty goodness of an In•N•Out milkshake (not rated) was noticeably missing. Oh well.

And so we roll.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries, 2671 Queensgate, Richland, Washington
and 1,000+ locations throughout the United States and Commonwealth member states, like Canada, eh, and the United Kingdom.

Tio Wally pilots the 75-foot, 40-ton(max) land yacht SS Me So Hungry. He reports on road food from around the country whenever parking and InterTube connections permit.

Montana’s Trail House

I just moved to Bushwick, Brooklyn. It’s one of Vogue Magazine’s top 15 Coolest Neighborhoods in the World. And yeah, it is cool. I live off the Jefferson stop. They call it Jefftown. And I feel like all the girls here are like Uma Thurman.

Anyway, I live pretty close to Montana’s Trail House. I’ve had a couple of beers there before, while waiting for my appointments at Nooklyn realty next door. Seems like a cool place.

This time I had dinner. Ordered the Root Beer Braised Brisket ($22) with Anson Mills Rice Grits, Mustard Greens, Horseradish. Super tender meat. Tasted almost Oriental for some reason. Like some super tender meat I grew up with. Really good.

Also tried their Switchels, which is homemade fermented apple cider, formerly used medicinally. It’s really good sipping alongside a shot of whiskey.

Montana’s Trail House – 445 Troutman St (@ Saint Nicholas Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11237

White Castle in Williamsburg Brooklyn closed

It’s an end of an era. The White Castle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn closed. I remember taking my old girlfriend there for their candle-lit table service Valentine’s Day –waiting twenty minutes for our table, while watching the crackheads walking straight up to the counter to order their food. I remember when I first moved to NYC twelve years ago, they had bullet proof glass at the ordering counter. Then at some point, when the area was becoming more gentrified, they took down the bullet proof glass and renovated the restaurant. Then soon after, they apparently got held up and then you couldn’t order inside after midnight. I remember my friends and I hailing a taxi to go through the drive-thru for us. Then at some point the neighborhood got even more gentrified and then it was back to 24-hour service inside. White Castle is one of those places you can depend on getting something to eat when you’re really drunk super late at night, but then you’d regret it when you find the slider boxes in your bedroom in the morning.

An end of an era.

White Castle Closed White Castle in Williamsburg Brooklyn closed