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EMA and Minca Ramen

I met up with David who I met a few days ago at the 4Knots Music Festival. He got me into see EMA at Mercury Lounge tonight for her first NY concert. She’s got a lot of buzz going and the place was packed for this early evening show. She was pretty good, like a 90’s Alternative Rock combination of Portishead, Nirvana, Courtney Love, Sonic Youth and The Blow.

Then David, friends and I went for beer and Minca Ramen. Got the Toroniku Pork Belly Ramen. Three big blocks of delicious Pork Belly in my bowl. So good and big. I could only eat half. I’m working on my Captain America/Chris Evans figure, so half was plenty.

Minca – 536 E 5th St (btwn Avenue A & B) New York, NY 10009

On the way back home, I saw this guy Ben Simon play the craziest guitar (Guitar2D2) that he built himself. It sounded interesting (more so live than in this video).

I thought I learned a good lesson tonight that I was hoping to share with you guys —If the L train is running on one track during late-night construction, you might as well jump on even if it’s going the other way (and ride it back, securing a spot and standing in AC) …Because nothing sucks more than being on a packed platform and being the only one (seriously, the only person) to not get on the train. Lesson learned –I got on the next train going the opposite way 30mins later. There was even a cute girl that I was hoping to see on my way back and she’d be like “Whoa! How’d you do that? Let’s make out.” All was great, until I saw the another train going back into Brooklyn while I was still on the 8th Ave bound train at Union Square. So I got off at 6th Ave and waited another half hour on the sweaty hot platform to go back to Brooklyn. It took me 2 hours to get home only 4 stops away.

I’m trying to think what lesson I learned in all this. There’s always a lesson to learn in all of life’s struggles according to the self-help and development audio tapes I’ve been listening to these past 4 years. I couldn’t think of any lesson I learned out of this. It was just bullshit. I can’t believe the L train instantly fucked up all these years living optimistic and happy. FML …I get it.

Fuck everything, I decided I’m going to eat a balut.


Dokebi Korean Bar & Grill

Met up with Todd and Elissa at Dokebi Bar & Grill, hoping they were serving brunch, because it sounds interesting –Hot Stone Pork & Grits, KimChee Fried Rice Omelet… But no luck. We got lunch specials –Korean Tacos, Cold Soba and myself, the Beef Brisket Stew …which was alright, but maybe shouldn’t have gotten hot spicy stew on such a hot steamy day. One day I will have a Korean Taco myself and see why people stand in long lines.

I got a Taiwan Beer and like the look of the can. I haven’t had a can with such a small hole (or regular size hole) in a long time. It’s all about the wide lip or Vortex these days …maximizing optimal refreshment.

I suppose Dokebi is decent Korean for Williamsburg …what you’d expect. I’d try to go for brunch.

Dokebi Bar & Grill – 199 Grand St (btwn Bedford Ave & N 1st St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Vegetarian Sandwich Signs

Here are the vegetarian sandwich signs I made for Golden Star Corner (Metropolitan and Humboldt, Brooklyn).

This one everyone thought was just wrong because it said “Vagetarian Sandwich” and the wrap is kinda shaped as such.

So I moved the “a” or @ symbol over. They put this one up in the window, but soon took it down after all the people buying lottery tickets laughed at it. I guess they thought Mary Kate or Ashley Olsen is funny? I don’t know which one she is.

This one they tried and it seems successful. They’ve been selling a few of them a day.

I made this one just in case people were offended by the Shake Weights.

Click here to see the True Grit and Jamaican Me Hungry signs I’ve made for them. The True Grit does well, but people laughed at the Jamaican Me Hungry.

The Halal Guys at 52nd St & 6th Ave

I was walking around Midtown looking for a late lunch at around 3:30. Dang, that line at 53rd St & 6th Ave is super long even between normal meal times. Then I saw the same Halal Guys cart a short block South on 52nd St. The same umbrellas, the same yellow bags, the same T-shirts advertising 53rd St –but this one had no line.

I got a heavy platter of Chicken and Lamb over Rice ($6). It all looked the same and seemed to taste the same or similar from what I remember and from the Midtownlunch Street Meat Paloozas. Although it was super spicy, because I asked him to add more hot sauce after it looked like he only squirted a little on my food.

Well now that I’ve learned that not all Rafiqi’s are the same, I still can’t imagine that everyone in that long ass 53rd St line has compared them both and decided it was worth the wait. Makes me wonder about businesses that try to expand. The demand is definitely there, but the demand doesn’t want to walk a short block away.

4Knots Music Festival and RED Restaurant

I went back to the South Street Seaport the next day for the 4Knots Music Festival. Davilla 666 is one of the best live bands I’ve seen in a while. They are like the Puerto Rican Black Lips. Singing in Spanish makes it awesome.

Shonali got me on a boat that was handing out Jimmy Buffet beer, called Land Shark. I didn’t know Jimmy Buffet had a beer. Would be the perfect beer to serve at my restaurant concept, Jimmy Buffet’s Homestyle Buffet.

We were trying to pick a place to eat. I only knew of the Russian Bath House restaurant I went to the previous night. I’ve always thought the restaurants at the South Street Seaport looked pretty nice, although touristy. We ended up at RED Mexican restaurant. Yep, the food and drinks were very touristy. The flavors were very tomato-y. I felt very much at home …in Orlando.

RED – 19 Fulton St (btwn Front & Water St) New York 10038


Russian Restaurant in Wall Street Bath & Spa88

Last night, I went to see Asobi Seksu and The Radio Dept. play at the South Street Seaport. There was a Maker’s Mark vending machine that I tried to put money into, but instead a photographer took a picture of me looking confused and stupid. So I got a large cheap styrofoam cup of beer at Simply Seafood (3rd floor the mall food court). $4.16 plus tax for 32oz of Bud and Light. $6 for fancier beers. Best deal to beer up during a concert there.

On my second large beer, I started to get drunk hungry and called Rusty to start cooking me some turkey burgers. But when I got off the phone, I saw a sign for Russian food at a Russian bath house and spa and a super hot Russian girl walking out. So I walked in. I had to walk up down, around and up to get to the restaurant. I passed rich Russian men hanging out in white robes in the lounge. The restaurant was small and empty. A flat-screen TV with Vladimir Putin on it …later a late night variety talk show where there were girls with big boobs and fake lips.

I ordered the Siberian Pelmini “Moscow Style” ($13.95) and a seltzer. The Moscow Style means the dumplings are fried with cheese, cream and mushrooms. Awesome. They were delicious. Crispy dumplings and the bread on the side was good to soak up that cheesy cream sauce.

The super hot Russian girl walked back in. I think she was fighting with my waitress or maybe just talking really loud. She seemed to work there.

On my way out, I went to pee, but someone was in the restroom for a long time. When he finally came out, he saw me and went back into the restroom and locked it. After ten seconds he came back out and we both smiled at each other. I don’t know why he did that, but it the toilet was safe.

They have a good lunch deal –soup, salad and main course for $11.95. I would definitely hit that if I worked in the area. My pelmini dumplings were surprisingly good and quick to come out.

Wall Street Bath & Spa88 – 88 Fulton St (btwn Gold St & William St) New York, NY 10038

Rafiqi’s New Beef Options

I’ve been noticing that most of the Rafiqi’s Halal carts now have “New Beef Options” … Philly Steak sandwiches, pita wraps and platters. I got the Beef Rice Platter ($5.50). The guy pulled out a couple of thin rectangle slices of Philly Steak-style of raw beef and slapped it on the griddle. Cooking and chopping it up, asking if I want onions and cheese –yes, please.

The Philly Steak platter was surprisingly delicious. Of course, top it with white and the green hot sauce.

I only trust the Rafiqi’s on 6th Ave between 19th & 20th St, Manhattan to make this. I’ve been trying other Rafiqi’s that have been popping up in the area recently and they don’t compare. Even though it appears to be the same ingredients and toppings, the salad just taste better and the meat is cooked right at 6th. I’ve also spent hours walking around trying to find a Rafiqi’s that hasn’t raised their prices yet. There are a few out there, but then I realize I’m just trying to save 50cents.

Chicken House’s Banh Mi Sandwich

The Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich is huge ass at Chicken House. It takes a long time to make though. The guy gave me a menu and told me to call ahead next time.

I got the Pork Roll and Pate sandwich ($5). Those white steamed slices that look like tofu are the Vietnamese pork roll. They also put thick cuts of fatty ham. Not much in terms of pate richness or pickle tangy-ness. But the biggest Banh Mi I’ve ever seen. The bread scratched up the roof of my mouth. Bah Me!

The Chicken House is small and cramped. Everyone seemed to get their fried chicken and fish pretty quickly. The guy hanging in front asked if I was going to put his picture on Facebook.

Chicken House – 270 W 36th St (btwn 7th & 8th Ave) New York 10018