Stopped by after to work to check out the Make Music NY metal show under the BQE. It was like Heavy Metal Parking Lot and Rusty and I were Beavis and Butthead. I didn’t realize there were Brooklyn metal bands. They were really good. Wizardry pulled out some double kick drums and a crazy stretched out fingered chord where the index finger slides up. Never seen that before.

On my way back home, I ordered the Godfather sandwich at the new Angelina Deli & Trattoria. New, but run by old school Brooklyn Italians. The sandwich wasn’t as gluttonous as the one from Graham Ave Deli, but more like if your mom made it for you. Clean cut and much less oily.

There’s some good looking food photos inside the menu. Not sure why they put that paper plate of fries on the back. That’s about all the shit talk I can say. I think Charlie the dog runs this place and he’ll probably bite my leg off.

Angelina Deli & Trattoria – 749 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Graham & Humboldt) Brooklyn, NY 11211 (CLOSED)

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  1. sarah

    wow. I think I’ve walked past that place every day for the past 5 years and never seen it open. Sandwich looks tasty though.


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