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Carmine’s Pizzeria Back Room

Rusty ended up taking Todd and I out for pizza at Carmine’s to celebrate life and be grateful for what we have. He treated us to the back room where there’s table service. We’ve never been back there. It was nice. Lots of baseball memorabilia.

They gave us complimentary bruschetta (toasted bread with tomato salsa) …delicious. Then we had a sampler platter of fried calamari, mozzarella sticks and chicken fingers. We were already full by then. But Todd and I had ordered these huge ass plates of Veal Parmigiana ($10.50). I could only eat half. My leftovers filled a whole takeout container. Rusty’s personal cheese pizza was awesome. Freshly made to order. Only $6. Good size.

So this is how the mob eats? Being in the back room, I really felt like I was part of the family.

Carmine’s Pizzeria – 346 Graham Ave (btwn Conselyea & Metropolitan) Brooklyn, NY 11211


Chock Full o’Nuts – The Original Nutted Cheese Sandwich

Before being a coffee brand, they used to have Chock Full o’Nuts lunch counters all around NYC dating as far back as the 1920’s. This is their first lunch counter/diner in about 30 years.

Sam got breakfast and I got their signature Nutted Cheese Sandwich (date nut bread & cream cheese). It tasted like what you would think date nut bread and cream cheese taste like. A simple sandwich. Makes you realize how much lunch portions have grown from back in the day.

A big plate of fries is only $2 more with a sandwich. Although that simple Nutted Cheese Sandwich is a whopping $6. Used to be a nickle for a nutted cheese sandwich and a coffee. Inflation.

Chock Full o’Nuts – 25 West 23rd St (btwn 5th Ave & Broadway) New York, NY 10010

The Rock Shop

We played at the Rock Shop in Park Slope this past Sunday. They generously gave us 50% off the food bill. I didn’t know what to expect for a sports/rock bar, but we were surprised that the food was pretty good. I was so stuffed on burgers, fries and wings. Thank you.

After we played with our friends The Bam Bams (Baltimore) and Jenny & the Holzers, we got some beers upstairs and put extensions in my hair. I think Shonali forgot that I fucked up and didn’t play for a whole song.

The Rock Shop – 249 4th Ave (btwn President St & 5th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11215

Mia Zee Halal Cart’s Chicken Biryani

This is that street cart Chicken Biryani I was talking about before. See, looks just like Chicken over Rice. Maybe it is mixed up and has ground pepper on it. This was $6. I think Chicken over Rice is $5. Taste decent for Chicken over Rice though, but maybe just order Chicken over Rice? …5th Ave and 25th St.

Barzola’s Seafood Soup!

Rusty and I had lunch at this sorta hidden Ecuadorian restaurant on a residential street in East Williamsburg/Bushwick. Lot’s of mirrors on the walls and big flat screens with hot Latino chicks dancing on the beach, ala MTV’s The Grind with Eric Nies.

I got the large Seafood Soup ($12). Amazing beautiful orange broth with squid, clams, mussels, half a crab, shrimp and big fish chunks that are almost like chicken. I can’t really say the meat in there is too great, especially the crab. It’s probably because it’s been over-cooking in the soup for so long …but that probably helped create that awesome broth. It was still a big bowl of deliciousness. I felt so good afterward.

Rusty got a big giant burger. He liked it and the atmosphere. The table hot sauce is killer. I couldn’t stop taking photos of my soup. I couldn’t stop looking at the TV.

Barzola Restaurant – 197 Meserole St (btwn Humboldt & Bushwick Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11206
Yelp reviewers rave about their ceviche.

Apna Punjab Restaurant

I’ve been waiting for this place to open up for a while …I guess because I’m missing the hole in the wall Indian spots around the Curry Hill area. They’ve all become trendy. Well Apna Punjab is a little hole spot. Not a whole lot of selection compared to say Chadni or La.Sani. I got the Goat Curry with Chicken Biryani ($8). I don’t think that’s a common combination, but he gave it to me anyway. I think a meat and veggie over regular rice is $7.

The meat was tender. Maybe dry overall, but the green sauce helped that. The flavors were good though. The Biryani was flavorful with spices and dates. Much better than the Biryani I got from a street cart a week before, which I swear was the same exact thing as halal chicken over rice with maybe ground pepper for an extra dollar more than chicken over rice.

In the end, I feel like Jerry Seinfeld wanting to help Babu succeed. I want the little guy to win. But dang, it’s hard to give an endorsement. $8 lunch at a tiny hole and with so many good Pakistani restaurants a few blocks away. That being said, I feel like a very very bad man. … The food is good enough though. If it was next door to my office, I would eat there again.

[update: I just found their business card in my back pocket. They are open 24hours 7days a week. I’ll give them an extra star for that]

Apna Punjab Restaurant & Grill – 203 E 25th St. (btwn 3rd & 2nd Ave) New York 10010

Motorino Brooklyn Brunch

Uncle Marce took me out for pizza brunch. I really like Motorino’s egg pizza. It’s great. Good price. $11 with a virgin bloody mary or orange juice ($3 extra for vodka). I just looked at the menus online and noticed the East Village one goes for $14 and I don’t think it comes with a drink. So go Brooklyn!

Motorino – 319 Graham Ave (btw Ainslie & Devoe St) Brooklyn, NY 11211

We shot some quick promo videos for Marcellus’ CD release party next week at Bowery Electric (free, Wed March 9th, 8pm). The CD is out on the Modest Mouse singer’s label, Glacial Pace Recordings.

Filmed at Motorino Brooklyn…

Japanese Dried Fish Snacks

Shane brought me back these Japanese Dried Fish Snacks from Japan. Actually he didn’t know what they were when he got them and I didn’t know what they were when I ate them. One is Wasabi-Nori, which I assume is wasabi-flavored seaweed. The other had a picture of grilled Eel on the package. Both tasted very similar. Very fishy, sweet and soy sauce flavored. Not brittle like a cracker, but very chewy.

Sam translated the package to me. Both are made from fish. The Wasabi-Nori package has the cartoon saying “Up your nose” (like how wasabi burns up your nose) and “Mmm-chewy-munch-munch”.

It’s kinda like Fish Fruit Roll-Ups.