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Terakawa Ramen

After Sam gave me that Japanese Ramen Magazine, I needed to eat some. We went to the nearest ramen place near our work, Terakawa Ramen. My first time there. Not the most amazing ramen, but decent and a lot of food for the $11 lunch special (ramen with half chicken curry or gyoza dumplings). So stuffed. Did the job!

Terakawa Ramen – 18 Lexington Ave (btwb 22nd & 23rd St) New York, NY 10010


Ultimate Ramen Magazine

Sam brought me back this Japanese Ultimate Ramen Magazine from his trip to Tokyo. On the cover is Ramenman from the original Kinnikuman manga.  It’s basically a directory of all the ramen joints in Tokyo. It includes a free towel and coupons to each ramen shop. It’s really cool browsing through it, even though I don’t understand nor eat it.

Noodle Village

Yes! Yoshie set up a Chinese New Year dinner for Ramen and Friends. I think I was the only Chinese person, so I had to represent. I really wanted try some interesting stuff like the Pig liver, kidneys and stomach over noodles. No one really wanted to help me try. So I just got the Beef Brisket and Tendons Lo Mein. Really good tender beef chunks, but I didn’t see any tendons. Maybe a turnip. But I do believe the beef was cut next to the tendons and stomach.

I did manage to talk Trish into getting the Pig Hocks over noodles. She walked in late and didn’t know what it was. I didn’t really tell her.

Overall a good cheap meal. I liked the soup dumplings.

At the end, Richard asks me if I want to go meet sixty single Jewish ladies right now. So I jumped in a cab with him and ended up at this speed dating event –Date My Jewish Friend. Wow, I didn’t know was going on, but I thought I was really awesome. Two and half years of studying pickup really prepped me at yelling at 60 girls in a loud bar for 3 minutes each.

At one point, I went to the bathroom and overheard two girls laughing that all the guys were total douche bags. I was wondering if they were talking about me. When I came back, I found out that they were our next table and I was drinking the tequila that the guys in front of us tried to buy them. I really thought someone handed me a free drink. I wonder if that counts as a neg.

Noodle Village – 13 Mott St (Btwn Bowery & Bayard St) New York, NY 10013

Plump Dumpling

These photos come from one of those blizzard nights we had and for some reason I was out and about in the city. It was really coming down (hard to see in the photo) and I plopped myself into Plump Dumpling to eat and get out of the snow. I remember going to Plump Dumpling years ago when it was around the corner. This new place is bigger with a much bigger menu.

I got the curry soup dumplings. It almost tasted like I wanted it to, but I was just glad to be inside somewhere warm.

Plump Dumpling – 174 2nd Ave (btwn 11th & 12th St) New York, NY 10003

I Really Like Rafiqi’s on Six!

I’ve always been hesitant to go to a Rafiqi’s Halal Street Cart. I always think of them as the chain… the McDonald’s of NY Street Carts. But after walking around for an hour in the cold rain, I decided to get the Rafiqi’s (on Avenue of America’s/6th Ave between W 19th & 20th St) lamb & chicken over rice $5.50. I got a little bit of all the toppings (corn, cheese, olives, green peppers, onions) …all free, same price. And of course the green hot sauce everyone in front of me was asking extra of. Dang. This one meal was great! Reminded me of the $8 Chicken Bowl in Gainesville, Florida. I don’t think they exist any more, but it was that good.

I had it again a couple days later with just chicken over rice $4.75. I never get just chicken. I always think it’s too bland. But these guys do it good.

And just today, I tried the Rafiqi’s on Park Ave and 24th. It looked like the same food. Same Toppings, same price, but unfortunately not the same flavor. Dang, not all Rafiqi’s are equal. But here’s to the one on 6th Ave and 19th St! Green sauce it!

Other thoughts: Halal with cheese? Is that illegal?

Ember Room Opening Night Party

Here are photos from the grand opening party at Ember Room, a new American-Asian Barbecue restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. The oven with the spinning grill was awesome. Glad they put that out in front where people can see it. I’m not sure how the menu will be, but whatever they gave me to eat was pretty awesome.

The menu at the Ember Room was created by celebrity chefs, Todd English and Ian Chalermkittichai. I remember Todd English way back when he was the Iron Chef American on Iron Chef USA, the first American adaptation of Iron Chef on the UPNstarring William Shatner as the chairman. This version didn’t last long though. Only two episodes were produced according to Wikipedia. I wish they moved Shatner over to the Food Network’s version. He was a badass chairman. FYI, the current chairman is not the real nephew of original Japanese chairman, Takeshi Kaga. It’s all a terrible lie.

Anyway, I remember Todd English being the alpha male all-American Iron Chef. I think he flipped a spatula or something and the audience went nuts. There’s a photo of him on the Ember Room website. I’m not sure, but is that duck face?

Ember Room – 647 9th Ave (btwn 45th & 46th St) New York, NY 10036

Gourmet Palace Pakistani & Indian Restaurant

A brand new Pakistani & Indian Restaurant! …on an already competitive street right smack between Chandni and La.Sani and above a Muslim temple. The space is big and wide open. The food is out in steam trays like the other restaurants –ready to be pointed, picked and microwaved.

The food tasted really good. Flavors were spot on and spicy. The chicken chunks were tricky with them tricky bones. I think I had a part of a spine. But I like them bones that way. $6 for my plate.

It’s definitely tougher now to decide where to eat on that short 29th Street block. I will come back for more. Plus table condiments now apparently include prescription pills (see last photo).

Gourmet Palace – 13 W 29th St (btwn Broadway & 5th Ave) New York, NY 10001

Pork Torta from the 6th Ave 28th St Taco Cart

The weather’s been nuts lately, but there’s street vendor still out cooking it up. I got a pork torta sandwich from the lil taco cart man on 6th Ave between 28th & 29th St. I watched him grill up my pork, mayo the bread, scooped fresh avacado, etc. Another man tugged his food cart by and stopped to chat with the lil taco man. The guy looked drunk or homeless. He asked, “Mucho dinero?” The taco man responded, “Mucho frio!” Yeah it was mucho frio.

The pork was cripsy and tasted like a cross between bacon, Scrapple and maybe chicken? It was good greasy mess for $5. My office chair has never seen so much pork.