One of my bosses just told me last night that he saw Shamrock Shakes at two different McDonald’s in the city. I went to see if he was pulling my leg. It’s true. They’re there! …6th Ave between 22nd & 21st Street, Manhattan.

Every year, we always wonder where we can find Shamrock Shakes. Now they’re back almost everywhere I see. I guess it’s like the McRib. They’re bringing back those rare McDonald’s items that people are always searching for. Why not? Although it’s interesting that I haven’t seen any promotion for this.

I haven’t had a Shamrock Shake since in maybe 28 years. It’s weird saying that. I thought it was going to taste like green flavor. It’s more like mint and the cream on top makes it almost like a sherbert. But all together, it’s almost like Chocolate Chip Mint Sherbert Shake.

550 calories for a small shake. I think it said a large is over 1,000. I also ordered 20 McNuggets (over 900 calories, plus sauces). I don’t think I’ve eaten like this in 28 years.

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