I’ve never heard of a Neapolitan-style¬†Margherita pizza so cheap. $5 for a made to order 12″ pie. The crust was great …nice char and left my fingers black. I don’t know about the stuff on top though. The girl at the next table thought it tasted like SpaghettiOs. I don’t know about that, but the sauce was light and pink. After I seasoned it up with salt, garlic powder and red crushed peppers, everything was fine in the world. Still the best deal for that style of pizza I’ve ever seen. Price jumps up about double when you want toppings though.

I was sitting near the front and thought it was funny when some guy plopped down with his own slice from next door in front of me. He wasn’t eating, just texting. But wondered why he didn’t think it was weird that he was bringing his own pizza into the place. I don’t think that guy knew or the owners cared, because it turns out the owners of Totale are also the owners of 2 Bros Pizza (home of the $1 slice) a few doors down. They dominate the market on cheap pizza.

Totale Pizza Napoletana – 36 Saint Marks Pl (btwn 2nd & 3rd Ave) NY 10003 (CLOSED)

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  1. bacondevil

    I was really surprised by this pizza, well worth the $5 for the crust alone. Got it to go and when I got home the crust was probably a lot softer than it would have been if I had eaten it there, but I really enjoyed the taste so I didn’t care. Worth walking through all the kids and yoga people to get to the place.

  2. bacondevil

    Sadly, this place closed a little while ago. I walked by yesterday and saw that it is now a 2 Bros Pizza. I think they should buy up the places in between and make a whole market of cheap 2 Bros food.


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