My sister was in town and took me out to dinner of my choice. Since her hotel was in the Meatpacking District, I was thinking of The Spotted Pig or Bill’s Burger. Somehow I went with Spice Market. I always assumed this was another Spice Indian restaurant, but it’s actually Fusion –inspired by street food of Asia. Looking at the menu, I wouldn’t say it’s really street food. I liked the Mussels. The Fried Squid Salad isn’t really a salad. The Beef Short Ribs was a big chunk of very tender pull apart braised meat. The restaurant looks pretty nice inside. I just don’t know if the food tasted as flavorful as what I would expect for a place called Spice Market, but I guess it makes sense for their clientele.

Spice Market – 403 W 13th St (btwn 9th Ave & Washington St) New York, NY 10014

At the Standard hotel, where my sister was staying, there’s this amazing video art display that scrolls as you ride the elevator. I want an elevator now.

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