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Archives for May 2010

5th Avenue Street Fair 2010

Both my bands (Tigers and Monkeys & Justice of the Unicorns) joined Strega to play at the 5th Ave Street Fair in Park Slope yesterday at Bar Reis. Had a great time. Ate my MozzArepa (corn arepa with mozzarella cheese in the middle). It’s one of those things that look really awesome and taste good for the first few bites, but then you gotta pass it off to a friend …I mean share. That’s what I did.

Met a new friend, Nimesh, who had his first oyster there and even had his first brunch earlier that day. And it’s not like he just moved to the States, he’s from New Jersey. Funny guy.

I think one the best things I saw at the fair besides tube socks was Chip Shop’s huge fish and chips for $6. I also got a deep fried mac n cheese. It tasted like gooey mac n cheese with fried batter on top. Why’s it gotta be fried? I guess why not.

Near the end of the day, Adam and I roamed around for some food and we came across some Peruvian chicken that Coco Roco was trying to get rid of, $3 end of the day special! I didn’t hear what the girl said and decided to look at some ribs I saw earlier down the street. Adam must’ve thought I was crazy to pass it up, but maybe he trusted me as the food blogger. We ran back to grab those last two $3 chickens. The green and orange sauces they have are awesome. When are people going to bottle these for me?

Ran into a lot of friends. Ate good food. Left a drum stool in front of S’Nice and had to walk all the way back to get it. Slammed a beer at Great Lakes. Came home pooped from all the grill smoke and beer. My coughs sound like I’m dying right now.

Also ran into photographer, Stefano Giovannini. Check out his rad photos at http://stefpix.com/
JOTU%205th%20Ave%20Street%20Fair 5th Avenue Street Fair 2010


Ramen Kuidouraku

Went out with Ramen and Friends to try out the new Ramen Kuidouraku, which used to be a Ramen Setagaya. The place pretty much looks the same and they used part of the front window sign –the “Ramen” part. Unfortunately, I can’t say it taste the same. If anything, I recommend throwing in more fatty pork and maybe less corn. Something about corn in a bowl of milky brown soup looks backwards if it’s about to go in me.

Ramen Kuidouraku – 141 1st Ave (btwn St Marks and 9th St) New York, NY 10003
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Puebla Mexican Food & Coffee Shop

Sam and I stopped in at Puebla Mexican Food & Coffee Shop to fill our stomachs before karaoke at Mike & Annali’s b-day. I got the Cactus Burrito and he got the Shrimp Tacos. Both going for $7.50. Does that sound like a lot for tacos at such a place? I saw a used cup of green hot sauce on the counter that looked good and so I asked for some hot sauce when my burrito came out. The lady said it already has hot sauce in it. That was weird exchange. Well I can’t say it was really spicy like I wanted, but I could taste some spice. If there’s anything I learned that night it’s to learn BBD’s Poison for next karaoke and to just grab that used hot sauce next time. But it could have been p-p-poison… shit.

Puebla Mexican Food & Coffee Shop – 47 1st Ave (btwn 2nd & 3rd St) New York, NY 10003

Flushing Golden Mall Food Stall Adventure

Headed out to Flushing to finally try the Golden Mall everyone always blogs about. The last time I tried to find it, I didn’t have an iPhone to tell me where to go and what I should eat. I still don’t have an iPhone, so it’s smart to go with Brian and Jimmy, who can speak Chinese really well and even read what’s on the menu. Although they now have a lot of English writing everywhere, probably because of all the blogging folks, so don’t be too scared.

First off, the place is amazing. Nothing I’ve really seen before. A bunch of tiny food stalls down in a basement all cramped together, making regional dishes that look exotic. This here is the food blogger’s wet dream.

We started off with Liang Pi Cold Skin Noodles ($4) and Savory Cumin Lamb Burger ($2.50) at Xi’an Famous Foods. The lamb burger is just as tasty as the newer Manhattan location. The Lian Pi Cold Skin Noodles have a great flavor, but why is it cold? I can imagine it tasting better hot.

Then we walked around and into the first stall, Cheng Du Tian Fu, specializing in Sichuan. Brian asked the lady what their best dishes were. She recommended the Beef Tripe with Hot Pepper Sauce and the Dumplings with Chili Sauce. Then she told us to go ahead and sit over at the Lanzhou Handmade Noodle stall where we were going to get some noodles and she’ll bring it over to us. We noticed a lot of people doing that –taking things from different stalls and enjoying them at any table.

I’m not a huge fan of beef tripe, but this was the best tripe ever. Thinly slice and so tender. I’d order this again. Then the dumplings came over and that was the most awesome dumplings in the world. There was some garlic butter on top, like the stuff they put on garlic knots at pizzerias. So good. I want to eat that now.

We also got a bowl of Mutton Handpulled Noodles from Lanzhou and some veggies from a neighboring stall. They were decent. As I was watching the guy hand pull our noodle, I realized that the way he was doing it is just making one super long noodle in our bowl. That’s interesting. You could really go to town with a giant slurp. Jimmy and I almost did Lady and the Tramp.

The plum drink was hardcore. Really strong. Couldn’t drink more than a few sips, but interesting enough to try.

Funny enough, we ran into Todd and Sirin there. But I guess it makes sense. New York is a big city, small world. So I guess that makes Flushing, Big Trouble in Little China.

Golden Mall – 41-28 Main St. Flushing, NY 11355

$1 slice at 2 Bros Pizza Plus

The jerk chicken at 2 Bros Pizza Plus has quickly become my regular go-to lunch as of late. Only $2 for a quarter dark meat, this has to be the best chicken deal in the Flatiron area …or even city. 2 Bros for Life!

This time I tried their $1 pizza slice with Shonali, that every high school kid there devouring. It’s not great pizza, but good enough for most situations. I saw three pizzas come out of the oven, sliced up and sold immediately while we were in line. That’s how fresh you get it. I would say it’s worth more like a $2 NYC slice. Here’s a interesting NYTimes article about the $1 pizza slices of New York and how they do it.

2 Bros. Pizza Plus – 601 6th Ave (btwn 17th & 18th St.) NYC 10010

Almost forgot Chimichurri

I meant to bring home cilantro, but instead mistakenly got parsley.  I was thinking dang, only thing we can use it for now is garnish like at Denny’s. Then Rusty reminded me about chimichurri sauce. Not sure it was as good as the last time I made it, but it worked well with the Krasdale instant stuffing, interestingly enough. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade.

01 Chimichurri sauce Almost forgot Chimichurri

Deep Fried Hard Boiled Egg

Every time I only notice the Deep Fried Hard Boiled Eggs at Jimmy’s after I’ve selected my four items over rice. This time I saw it right before I was picking my last one –just in time. Sadly, it’s not all that great as a deep fried hard boiled egg sounds. The outer fried layer is similar to fried tofu texture, which I don’t like. Maybe if it was battered or breaded, then fried like chicken. I would eat that. Then I can wonder which came first, the fried chicken or the fried egg? …I’m stupid.

…Oh yeah, I guess my idea would be like this Caribbean-style Yukon Egg Ball I’ve eaten in Jamaica, Queens.

Mother’s Day Dim Sum

I joined Shonali and her mother for dim sum today at East Market Restaurant, where we’ve had many Chinese New Years dim sums. The place is still good, cheap and easy to get a table. They have new princess purple sleeves on all the chairs. I gotta call my mom now. Maybe she can translate the Chinese writing in the last photo. I wonder what that guy did to get his picture on the wall. Then maybe I should do the same thing. Free advertising!

East Market Restaurant –  75 East Broadway (next to the playground, underneath the Manhattan Bridge on the Market St. side), New York 10002

…I wonder what they sell for 99cents
13%20New%20BJ%2099cents%20 %20NYC Mothers Day Dim Sum