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Bhut Jolokia Chili Test Video

Todd just sent me this video. My mom always asks me why I food blog, why I play rock shows, why I don’t have a girlfriend? I ask why this guy did this.


Lomzynianka Polish Restaurant

Checked this Polish place off my list of must eats one late night with Jody and Christa. I think we got in right before they were shutting down the kitchen. The food doesn’t look as impressive as the other Polish restaurant, Krolewskie Jadlo, up the block with the armored knights –but was still good and comforting in a more home-cooked way.  Whereas the other place with the knights is like The Other Boleyn Girl, Lomzynianka is like Capturing the Friedman’s …before it’s get too disturbing.

Lomzynianka Polish Restaurant – 646 Manhattan Ave (btwn Bedford & Norman Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

Tedone Latticini’s Fresh Mozarella & Prosciutto

Decided to finally hit the old Italian mozzarella and meat shop on Metropolitan while its still around. It’s like how that older man, I met in my first food blog post, told me to go see Les Paul before it’s too late. Sadly I never got to see him perform …fortunately I learned my lesson. The famous 90 year old lady (great NYTimes audio interview/slideshow) was in there just like all the times I would walk by and look through the window. Another man was slicing prosciutto and handing us slices to taste. I asked if I can take a photo and the lady made a joke if her hair was presentable. Well, looks as good as mine. I think I can understand the Mozzarella Lady’s long youthful life. Just like Les Paul, she has a purpose for getting up to make the mozzarella everyday –to bring us happiness. And we depend on her for that.

The two people before me had grabbed bread from across the street at Napoli Bakery and brought them back for them to slice prosciutto and mozzarella directly onto, topped with marinated eggplant. Those costs $9, but looked fantastic, fresh and real Brooklyn Italian. I grabbed my 1/4 lb prosciutto ($4) and ball of the hand-made fresh mozzarella ($6) and went across the street to grab some bread at Napoli ($0.60) to make my own sandwich. Plenty of mozzarella left over, but not for long.

Speaking of Italian food shops on Metropolitan …we walked by our beloved Mario & Sons Meat Market, where they had a sign “We have Baby Lambs, Baby Goats & Rabbits for Easter.” Rusty thought they were actually live animals that you’d give your kids as pets for Easter. I had to remind him that it’s a meat market. I felt like I killed the Easter Bunny telling him that.

Tedone Latticini – 597 Metropolitan Ave (btwn Leonard & Lorimer St) Brooklyn, NY 11211 (Closed Sundays)
Napoli Bakery – 616 Metropolitan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

Veggie Grill Packet

Amazing weather up here in NY finally. At the moment, we’re grilling up these little packets of vegetables my friends Ryan and Meghan showed me years ago. Just foil packets of mushrooms, peppers, onions, etc with salt, pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Close them up and throw them on the grill alongside your meats. So easy for some steamed delicious veg.

Poor Dora the Explorer Cake

Saw this birthday cake in the window of a Mexican bakery on Grand St in Brooklyn today. I think it scared Rusty. Tebaya

This is where I ate this monster katsu sandwich –link

Friday Fish from 18th St & 6th Ave Halal Street Cart

Last week, I found another street food cart that has a Friday fish special ($5). It doesn’t look as nice as the last one I had from another halal cart, but this was better prepared/cooked. The spicy rice here was actually spicy. I was sweating balls.

Located on the South East corner of 18th St and 6th Ave. Manhattan, New York.

Ai Ootsuka – “Ramen 3 Minute Cooking” Concert Video

Japanese pop star singing about ramen. The song is three minutes long. So when it’s over, your noodles are done cooking. Thanks for the link, Sam.