I made this a few months back, so don’t think I just ate expired meat if you look at the label. This would be perfect for this crazy cold week. Warm stewed meat soup with ramen noodles. Comforting.

I took my stewed beef shin recipe and added ham hocks …because it was cheap and I was curious. A can of vegetable broth, a nice cut of beef shin with the bone, two cuts of ham hock and a can of collard greens (drained) into a pot. It got really tight and I should have thought this through more. You should use a bigger pot than I did or it will bubble right up through top. Season with salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder, Accent (MSG) and┬ábalsamic┬ávinegar. I let it cook for about 3 1/2 – 4 hours on low on the stove top.

The meat was super tender. I had a side of ramen noodles which dipped well in the rich broth if you season it right. I couldn’t decide if I liked the beef shin or the ham hock more. Probably the beef shin because of all the meat you get on it. It comes clean off the bone and you get a good amount of marrow (that didn’t boil off this time. I kept it at low from the start).

Yeah, this would be good this chilly week. I’m interested in trying it in the crock pot.

pixel Stewed Beef Shin & Ham Hock Soup