I took this easy recipe from Cooks.com. Seasoned the ribs with salt and pepper and stuck them into the broiler for about 10 minutes on each side to brown (per this other similar recipe). I did have the blue dotted rack in there. But I figure it wasn’t worth $4 to take a chance on it. Even if I cooked it, I’d probably avoid it in the end. It just didn’t look appetizing so I threw it out. Thank you guys for commenting and leaving advice on my last post about it. Now other people and Google will have an idea.

I layered the bottom of the crock pot with sliced onions and some Jack Daniels Barbecue Sauce, which smells like McRibs/McNuggets BBQ sauce. Then put the whole rack of ribs entact in there. Poured the rest of the BBQ sauce and some whole potatoes. Added some salt to potatoes. Turned it on Low and let it cook for 10 hours.

Now this is the part I find tricky. If I want to do 10 hour slow cooked meats for a weekend lunch, I have to set it around 2am to have it ready for noon. Or if I want a weekend dinner time meal, I have to get my lazy drunk ass up around 8-9am? It’s get tricky. Maybe it’s best for weekdays and set it before leaving to work for dinner. However, I’d be afraid that something would happen and the place would burn down if I’m not there. But is it better to not be home and having it burn down …or while you sleep? The crock pot is psyching me out.

I had Bonnie turn off the crock pot in the morning. That helped a lot. When I came upstairs, the whole place smelled like McRibs which was quite awesome. I checked it out. The thick BBQ sauce turned thin and liquid-y, probably because of the fat cooking off. The meat was falling apart off the rib bones. It wasn’t going to be like eating traditional ribs, but more like a stewed barbecue sauce ribs you might find at a Family Homestyle Buffet. It was really good. The potatoes were soft, but the skin was a little tough. Add more salt to that and maybe some butter would be good. Made some cole slaw on the side (green and red cabbage, carrots, salt, pepper, vinegar and mayo). My first time mixing it and it tasted pretty good. I probably put too much white wine vinegar, but it gave it a nice citrus-y taste. Russ and I got stuffed and we barely dented the ribs. Hooray for crock pot cooked non-blue dotted ribs!

02 Crock Pot Babecue Ribs Falling Apart

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