The weather isn’t going to hold up much longer for outdoor seating at Tabla’s Bread Bar. Possibly a week left. I got the prix fixe lunch. Is it “pre-fee” or “pre-fix?” I feel like I’m always corrected either way I say it. I had the waiter help me decide amongst the choices …ended up with the Cripsy Pork Terrine, Rosemary Naan,┬áBraised Short Ribs of Beef (with tumeric mashed potatoes, spiced shoestring potatoes) and the Vanilla Bean Kulfi dessert. The pork terrine was a like a fried patty of pulled pork –juicy on the inside with a little bit of joyous pork fat. The short ribs were right up my alley -tender meat between two layers of potatoes. They gave me a spoon that looked like a little shovel with sawtooth edges for my dessert. It helped dig away into the stiff kulfi, which is like a creamy Indian ice cream. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to eat with that spoon, but I did.

The table next to me had their naan bread fly off the table from the wind. The lady said, “Was that the Flying Naan?!” I don’t think anyone got it at first, probably because of her poor delivery. I almost turned around and said, “I think that one flew over our heads” …but it would have been ten minutes too late.

Tabla – 11 Madison Ave (@ 25th St) New York 10010
01 Crispy Pork Terrine - Tabla
02 Braised Short Ribs of Beef tumeric mashed potatoes spiced shoestring potatoes - Tabla
03 Vanilla Bean Kulfi - Tabla

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