Had the Vegetarian combo for lunch at Meskerem for $7.50. It was delicious. When they brought the bread out, I thought it was a napkin. It soaked up the sloppy sauced food well. This is a great deal considering most every Ethiopian restaurant, you’re going to pay for variety combos outside of lunch. Actually studying Menupages, I couldn’t find any of them with lunch specials with the exception of Meskerem. I don’t understand why Ethiopian food is so expensive. Didn’t we grow up thinking they’re all poor? Anyway their food is awesome.

Meskerem – 124 Macdougal St (btw W 3rd St & Minetta Ln) New York 10012
01 Meskerem Ethiopian Restaurant02 Meskerem Vegeterian Combo03 Meskerem Ethiopian Bread

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Jason Lam

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  1. Tio Wally

    J: I wish you would describe what the little piles of stuff on that trippy looking bread are. I’m not familiar with Ethiopian cuisine. In fact, I first heard of Ethiopian restaurants when an Ethiopian famine was all over the news in the ’70s or ’80s. I thought it (an Ethiopian restaurant) was a joke. That was back when the late comedian Sam Kinison was screaming “Don’t send them food: Send them luggage and U-hauls. There’s no food there. It’s a desert!!”

  2. chinolam

    @Tio… Yeah, let me see copy and paste the menu description of the veggie combination here…

    -miser asher-split lentils dipped with ginger, garlic, onions, olive oil and curry then cooked to perfection (mild)
    -Shro Wat – powdered and highly seasoned chickpeas in berbere sauce
    – Vegetable #1 sauteed fresh string beans, carrots and onions with tomato sauce.
    – Vegetable #2 fresh cabbage, potatoes and carrots sauteed with garlic, ginger and curry.

    I’ve had Ethiopian meat dishes before. Those are really good too.

  3. George

    If you ever feel like trying to make Ethiopian at home, I want to mention that we just kicked off a funding campaign for our company – Small Small (buysmallsmall.com) – which is DC company focused on bringing delicious Ethiopian spices and sauces to the US. With every sale, we give to NGOs teaching modern ag in the source region. We’re starting with berbere and a sauce inspired by awaze: http://bit.ly/WSXk5W. Thanks for your consideration!

    -George (george@buysmallsmall.com)


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