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Buzzkill of JELLY Pool Party Williamsburg Waterfront

Why is that I haven’t heard of the JELLY Pool Parties this summer at the Williamsburg Waterfront until last night? I’d like to think I was in the know of these things. Maybe because I try not to read Gothamist or BrooklynVegan anymore because of the constant tragic stories and negative comments bringing me down? Well I was sure to glad to hear about the Pool Parties either way, because I’ve loved them in the previous years at McCarren Pool and it looks like they have a solid lineup this season. A lot of fun just hanging out drinking and watching bands outdoors. Something to do every Sunday. This year they are doing it at the Williamsburg Waterfront at N. 8th and Kent. Russ and I walked right in since we didn’t have any bags. Yeah, don’t plan on bringing any bags unless you want to wait in a line. What are you guys trying to sneak in anyway? They’ll make you throw it out.  So we were just enjoying ourselves drinking, being outdoors, watching people and listening to some band. Then we go to get a second beer. I see Rusty with his 2nd beer ticket in his hand. The beer lady seemed to be flirting with him because of his wallet with dollar bills printed all over it. I get my beer and walk away. I saw him struggling for 5mins looking in his pockets. I go back to help him. He’s looking for his beer ticket. Then the lady turned with an attitude and told him where the beer ticket line was. So what we think happened was he gave her the beer ticket when ordering and she came back and asked for the drink ticket again. Russ forgot that he gave it to her. Then Buzzkill ensues. Everything became annoying after that. It was annoying that you couldn’t go to the food booths if you have a beer. It was annoying you couldn’t go out to see the band if you had a beer. It was annoying people kept yelling at you to exit the beer area only 10 feet away even if you’re not exiting. The band became more annoying than it already was. Total buzzkill. Anyway as far as food goes, they had Fette Sau barbeque and mini pancake puffs which I couldn’t get close enough because I had a beer. Paul McKenna, please help me out. I feel “meh” like a BrooklynVegan comment.

Lessons learned today:
1. Don’t bring a bag. Sneak your flask in your drawers.
2. Think again about bringing your bike. It was hard for my friends to find a place to lock theirs up.
3. Check out the food before getting a beer
4. Wait for the beer before giving your ticket
5. Don’t bring reading material or your mp3 like people in the photo below, weirdo. Live in the moment.
6. Don’t eat too many zeppoles before coming to the show.
7. Enjoy yourself.

Here’s the lineup I copied and pasted:

July 12th
Mission of Burma
Fucked Up
Jemina Pearl of Be your Own Pet

July 19th
Dirty Projectors
Magnolia Electric Company
White Denim

July 26th
And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead
The Black Lips
Grupo Fantasmo

August 2nd
Round Robin show w/ Deerhunter, No Age and Dan Deacon

August 9th
Simian Mobile Disco (DJ set)
Fiery Furnaces
Dark Meat
The Netherlands

August 16th
Del tha Funky Homosapien
Kenan Bell

August 23rd
Girl Talk
Max Tundra
Wiz Khalifa

August 30th
Grizzly Bear
Beach House

Jelly Pool Party Williamsburg Waterfront 7-12-2009


Caracas Arepas in Williamsburg

Justice of the Unicorns at Caracas for pre-show arepas. I thought I’d prefer the original Caracas in the East Village, but was glad to see the two girls (owners/chefs) that were featured on the Bobby Flay Throwdown. Made me feel at ease that I was getting the best of Caracas. I somehow ordered the Guasacaca & Chips saying “Guac and Cheese”. Luckily they knew I was a drunk and brought out the right thing I meant. Fried plantain chips with guac and that awesome sauce they have on the table was a perfect match. We also got Yoyos (fried sweet plantain balls stuffed with white cheese) which tasted like soft fluffy french toast balls. I got the special arepa with pork, avacado slices and chimichurri sauce. I kept squirting that sauce all over everything. So good. I thought we were going to finish the whole bottle.

Caracas Arepa Bar – 291 Grand Street (btw Roebling & Havemeyer) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Mister Softee

Dave and Roland enjoy a summertime treat. Mister Softee soft serve cones dipped with sprinkles and nuts. I think one of my first songs was about Mister Softee. I don’t remember how it went. All I can hear in my head is their jingle. Or maybe that is really them driving around after 10pm in Brooklyn. It’s 10pm, do you know where you’re children are?

Midtownlunch’s Street Meat Palooza 2

Check out this round up Midtown’s Street Meat Lamb & Chicken over Rice combo platters. I gladly got to participate as a judge. I never thought I’d eat so much street meat in one sitting. It was awesome. I did end up liking the one with the rubber cardboard piece a lot. I wonder if it’s because I knew it was in there? I don’t know how much rubber cardboard adds to the flavor. Thanks Zach!

Midtownlunch Street Meat Palooza 2

Cibao Cuban Sandwich

Check out this funky little Cuban restaurant in the Lower East Side. I ordered the Cuban sandwich ($4.50) from the lady behind the counter. Then she said something in Spanish to her co-worker and they both laughed. Good thing they make the sandwich right in front of you. I split it with Shonali. It was really good. She got a round joint bone in hers. That’s how you know it’s the real deal. I wonder if that’s what the ladies were laughing at.

Cibao Restaurant – 72 Clinton St (@ Rivington St) New York 10002

01 Cibao Restaurant02 Cibao Cuban Sandwich

Yogee Restaurant – Congee

I don’t know if I’m turning into a wuss or my stomach’s taken its toll, but I’m having a harder time trying sketchy hole in the walls. So after an hour of walking around Chinatown, I settled on Yogee Restaurant that looked nice and clean. Is that fancy for me? I got the Hong Kong style congee (juk: rice porridge). I think there was pork liver, tripe and maybe some squid? Pretty filling. Coated my stomach like paper mache –so I can jump back on the horse for sketchier restaurants and more questionable food.

Yogee Restaurant – 85 Chrystie St (btw Grand & Hester St) New York 10002
01 Hong Kong style Congee juk02 fried dough cruller

Shots from 4th of July

Erb Thai

Taking a suggestion from my chowder surfer friend Ben, tried out Erb Thai in Greenpoint with Jody and Christa. I really liked the food. The curry duck had grapes in it and was tasty. I love Thom Kha soup. I guess you don’t need to have DJs and techno music to have a Thai restaurant in Brooklyn.

Erb Thai Restaurant – 681 Manhattan Ave (btw Norman & Bedford Ave) Brooklyn 11222