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Quiznos – Throwing a Torpedo Down My Hall

I played the Quizno Torpedo video game and they gave me a coupon for a free Torpedo after buying Torpedo combo. I was so pumped to get two Torpedos and then realized the coupon expired the day before. Still a good deal at $4 especially with all you can eat horseradish sauce and jalapenos.


Shepherd’s Bao

Another Chinese steam bun invention using Rusty’s mashed potatoes and ground turkey recipe.


Cafe Los Arcos

Tried this Mexican restaurant over in Bushwick. Todd had the pork taco. I had the chicken mole burrito. I thought it was alright. Then Texas hold em at Sam’s. I did alright.

Cafe Los Arcos – 225A Bushwick Ave (btw Johnson & Montrose Ave) Brooklyn 11206

Bushwick’s Got Talent! Just proving to the world I’m not Korean Abdul-Jabbar.

Hsin Wong

So I’ve read that the Big Wong of the old days had moved to Hsin Wong around the corner a few years back. It’s interesting how you can learn what is relatively trivial info on the Internet and it will be there for years to come. Like how people 20 years from now can learn that I thought I had Tourrettes when I thirteen because I had a winking facial tick and I swore a lot. I got beef, squid and pork congee with a fried cruller. I enjoyed it. It wasn’t as crowded as Big Wong which I like too. When I was eating, they carted a huge roasted carcass of pork from the back to the front window. It was pretty awesome. I eventually got a pound of roast pork to take to Heather & Jeff’s potluck baby shower.

Hsin Wong Restaurant – 72 Bayard St (@ Mott St) New York 10013

Lunch Box of the Day

The Chinese lady at Taste Good that reminds me of one of my aunts said she saw my pics of their food. She uses the Internet? Is she reading this now? She thanked me and seemed to give me extra curry gravy. You know what you get with an attitude of gratitude… more pics and gravy!

Taste Good Chinese Restaurant – 18 W 25th St. New York, NY 10010

Curry chicken & potatoes, bitter melon w/ pork belly and veggies w/ glass noodles over rice

Jill’s Birthday Brunch

Right next door. Easy peasy. A lot of fun in the wreck room, but we forgot to hit the pet spa.

hit “play again” at the end for conclusion!

Egg McBao

I used a Chinese steam bun to make myself an Egga Mega Muffin. It worked!

If you were wondering, I’ve been getting my steam buns from Double Crispy in Chinatown. Eight big plain buns in a bag for $2.50
Double Crispy Bakery – 230 Grand St New York, NY 10013


El Sombrero

Went to the New Moon art exhibition (interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac) at this cool designer toy shop, My Plastic Heart …to see Emilio‘s piece. Then over to El Sombrero for Mexican. We all got something different, but as you can see they all look pretty much the same. It’s cool. I like it that way –sloppy.

El Sombrero Restaurant – 108 Stanton St (@ Ludlow St) New York 10002