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Best BBQ & Foot Massage Commercial Eva! (via Serious Eats)


Chinese Pigs in a Blanket

Today is National Pigs in a Blanket Day! This is a hotdog scallion bun from Double Crispy in Chinatown.

Double Crispy Bakery – 230 Grand Street. New York, NY 10013chinese-pigs-in-blanket-hotdog-scallion-bun

Domino’s BreadBowl Pasta – Triple Carbo Load!

Domino’s Pizza now has the new Bread Bowl Pasta. It’s pasta in a bread bowl, duh. Carb on carb, so I got the Chicken Carbonara. The actual product looks flatter than the ads. You can say it falls a little flat. Bhahahaahwwaaaaa. Basically it’s like a pizza with some pasta on it.

There’s a lot of negative comments just on the idea of the Bread Bowl Pasta. But I think it’s awesome. When I was little, I invented the Spaghetti Sandwich –spaghetti and meatballs between garlic bread.  I also created the Tator Tot Po’ Boy.

Dominos – $1 off ordering online …One bad thing is that I didn’t know where I was picking it up until after I ordered. Had to walk 30mins. And then some old man wanted to punch the Domino’s employee in the face because he didn’t want to make change for his parking meter.

FLNL Sweet Potato Wedges

Jody cooked up some tasty Sweet Potato Wedges (like giant steak fries) at the Dragon’s Claw party. I would love to have them again with some hot sauce and ketchup!

here goes: preheat overn to 425
– 4-5 good looking sweet potatoes, olive oil, italian seasonings (or whatever you desire) salt, pepper, and patience…

wash well, cut into large wedges,  spread onto baking sheet, combine the olive oil, salt n pepper, and seasonings into small bowl, use paintbrush to lather over wedges as much as possible, stick in the oven for about 10 minutes, pull them out and flip, lightly re-season and stick back in the over for about 10-12 more minutes and your done.  good luck.

Recipe from Jody’s Flannel Blog (courtesy of christina c. penley, italy) – FLNL Fancy for Flannel


Ramen & Friends: Sheng Wang

Hand pulled noodles with Ramen and Friends. The broth buns were sweet dessert like dough balls with peanuts bits inside. No one dared to chug the syrup. I got the beef bone peeled noodles. I think I should have gotten the pork bone hand pulled noodles. They were shooting a Nicholas Cage movie (maybe The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?) on the street outside, so it was tricky to get in. I wonder if they compensate the businesses when they shoot movies. It did seem like a slow hand pulled noodle night. Apparently we were in the way of the drunk extra or the extra acting drunk when we were standing around on the sidewalk taking pics. I hope he was an actor.

Sheng Wang – 27 Eldridge St (btw Canal & Division St) New York, NY 10002
Ramen and Friends cross post

Margon Cuban Sandwich

Will knows where the good Cuban sandwiches are in Midtown. $5.50. The place was packed. We took it to Bryant Park –sipping on Pellegrino and woofing it down. It was awesome.

Margon Restaurant – 136 W 46th St (btw 6th & 7th Ave) New York 10036

The Dragon’s Claw Premiere

Rob finished his animated video for my band Justice of the Unicorns and it is amazing. We had a grill out at Jody & Christa’s to screen it in full High Def. It was a lot of fun. I brought mini Japanese crab snacks and black bean Gorilla Boogers from Sunrise Mart. I ate quite a few of those crabs (they’re like salty/sweet crackers), not because I really enjoyed them but because I was amazed that you can eat them …especially the claws.

Update: Sam Shady says they sell these Gorilla Boogers – sweetened black beans in Japanese Zoos

The awesome Dragon’s Claw video by Robert Bruce

White Castle Pulled Pork Sliders

Two fast food posts in a row! Whoop Whoop! White Castle Pulled Pork Sliders. It’s kinda like Trader Joe’s BBQ pulled pork in a tub …which ain’t really good, but pretty good for White Castle at 99cent. See ad and see real sandwich …like this cool photo article on ad vs reality fast food sandwiches.